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The following links contain downloadable parts of an outstanding video on the Gerson Therapy from Watch it and be forever transformed.

Once on the website, click on the link ‘The Gerson Miracle Movie’ and watch this 11 part movie for FREE.

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23 thoughts on “The Gerson Therapy Movie – Heal EVERY Disease!

  1. I heard the Gerson therapy was incredibly hard work to maintain over a long period of time. I expect it works wonders, but I don’t think I’d have the time or money to devote to it. 🙁

    Thanks for the link, anyway, Maya. 🙂

  2. I am personally quite fascinated w/ the Gerson Therapy, Maya. As I mentioned in the thread in Chatty Shack ( ), if anyone in my family were to require cancer treatment, I would certainly consider this and investigate it more carefully.

    My comments from the other thread (for others who may not have read that thread; Maya, you can skip to below this quote):

    Also, Maya’s ideas as always are wonderful ones. I had come across the Gerson Therapy about 1/2 a year ago in some readings. Dr. Max Gerson, M.D., came up w/ this trtmnt over 60 yrs ago (it’s been suppressed by the general medical establishment since … details of which will become apparent if you read up on it). I’ll tell you that if anyone in my family comes down w/ cancer, I will most certainly pursue at minimum getting information from the Gerson people. I’ve never contacted the Gerson Institute myself, but here are some snip-its from their website:

    [quote]The Gerson Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to the alternative treatment of degenerative disease.

    Founded by Charlotte Gerson in 1977, it is the only source for information on the true, unmodified, proven Gerson Therapy.

    We are here to provide you with caring, ethical guidance, as you make important decisions about your health.

    The Gerson Therapy is a powerful, natural treatment that boosts your body’s own immune system to heal cancer, arthritis, heart disease, allergies, and many other degenerative diseases. One aspect of the Gerson Therapy that sets it apart from most other treatment methods is its all-encompassing nature. An abundance of nutrients from thirteen fresh, organic juices are consumed every day, providing your body with a superdose of enzymes, minerals and nutrients. These substances then break down diseased tissue in the body, while enemas aid in eliminating the lifelong buildup of toxins from the liver.

    … Over 200 articles in respected medical literature, and thousands of people cured of their “incurable” diseases document the Gerson Therapy’s effectiveness. The Gerson Therapy is one of the few treatments to have a 60 year history of success. …

    There is a free online 90 minute award-winning documentary which details more about the therapy ( ).

    Please don’t dismiss this as being hokie-pokie. I’ve read of a number of success stories w/ this treatment, and there are reportedly a number of well-documented cases. It’s definitely a leap of faith though (I don’t know that it’s a cure-all, but it can’t hurt to follow the nutritional plan). The Institute is in San Diego, but they have affiliated clinics all over that provide the trtmnts (I believe the main one is in Mexico) which they would provide info on request by contacting the San Diego office. Tel: (619) 1-685-5353 and 1-888-4-GERSON (the 888 toll-free # may be in U.S. only).[/quote]

    The concept is not outlandish. Our bodies and immune systems fight off abnormal cells every day. If left unchecked, these cells could grow and replicate and get out of control, essentially becoming cancerous. That is what happens, as a matter of fact. So, if equipped w/ the healthiest, most detoxified body and strongest immune system, it doesn’t seem bizarre that a group of abnormal cells could be fought off and eliminated.

    Maya, it’s so amazing that in your line of work of kinesiology you have the opportunity to meet people who have actually been healed by the method. I had done an online search of medical journals and came across some that theorized how the therapy might work. Though I’m sure the effects of the wonderful nutrition are multi-factorial, the most interesting article I came across is an article (“A medical application of the Ling association-induction hypothesis: the high potassium, low sodium diet of the Gerson cancer therapy.” Physiol Chem Phys. 1978;10(5):465-8.) which theorized the low sodium/high potassium content as important for cancer cell reversal:

    Recent studies from the laboratory of Ling indicate that high potassium, low sodium environments can partially return damaged cell proteins to their normal undamaged configuration. Therefore, the damage in other tissues, induced by toxins and breakdown products from the cancer, is probably partly repaired by the Gerson therapy through this mechanism.

    They are not attempting to explain it all, but this is one mechanism by which the Gerson Therapy might work. As you can tell, Maya, despite not having any personal experience w/ this (i.e. not w/ myself, friends, family, or acquaintances), I feel rather passionate about it. There is a sense of intuition about this therapy that it just makes sense. Best I know, it works (you can testify to that better, from what you said in the other thread).

    Thanks again for bringing up the topic. I so want to pick your brain, girl! It’s funny that I’m coming across a number of things over time which you not only know about, but have experience w/ (even if it’s not necessarily personal experience, but through outside knowledge of it).

    Cheers, Roxy.

  3. Oh, just saw your post, Paul (looks like we were replying simultaneously).

    Yes, I’m sure it is very difficult to maintain. It’s certainly a way of life for some, including Dr. Gerson’s own daughter (who started the Gerson Institute) and her cohorts. If we could all maintain that lifestyle, there would be many fewer illnesses in the world. It may not be realistic to attempt it, esp. for a problem like acne. However, there is much to be learned from the lifestyle. And certainly, if one is in dire straights w/ illness, it’s worth undertaking, IMHO.

    Also, it’s good to be aware of it. I think Maya (in her own words, correct me if I’m wrong) doing regular juicing, enemas, and cleansing, e.g., is a good example of how we can incorporate some of the concepts into our lives. An ounce of prevention …


  4. I heard the Gerson therapy was incredibly hard work to maintain over a long period of time. I expect it works wonders, but I don’t think I’d have the time or money to devote to it. 🙁

    I think if you had a serious illness Paul, then you’d be happy to devote time and all your money to do it, if the natural way was your way.

  5. Hi Roxy

    I’m so glad your intuition resonates with this therapy. Mine does too.

    These 3 people who cured their cancer using Gerson therapy told me it was very hard work .. but so worth it. As I remember it, the had to do something like 5-6 coffee enemas a day PLUS drink 10 + glasses of fresh juice. It is something to do with high content potassium and enzymes.

    They did have partners/parents that supported them through this process though .. I mean, someone had to juice .. it’s hard work juicing and then cleaning the juicer!

    Well, I kind of do a very mini version of the GT 😀 I do 2 coffee enemas a week plus drink 2 glasses of fresh pressed vege juices a day .. hopefully that is better than having private health insurance.

    BTW, apologies for adding the film link AFTER you had already done so on Heather’s thread .. somehow I missed that! Impressive video though huh?

    Have a great day Roxy!


    From The Cancer Chronicles #6 and #7
    © Autumn 1990 by Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D.

    This is a two-part story on the history of the coffee enema.It has been reprinted often around the world. –Ed.


    The most controversial alternative procedures has to be the coffee enema. Along with other detoxification routines, the coffee enema is a central part of both the Gerson and the Kelley programs. It is always good for a laugh: “with milk or sugar?” This bizarre-sounding treatment can also be used to scare people away from alternatives in general. No quackbusting article these days is complete without a reference to “enemas made from roasted coffee beans.” So what’s the story? Is the coffee enema crackpot faddism or is there some rationale behind this procedure?

    An enema is “a fluid injected into the rectum for the purpose of clearing out the bowel, or of administering drugs or food.” The word itself comes from the Greek en-hienai, meaning to “send or inject into.” The enema has been called “one of the oldest medical procedures still in use today.” Tribal women in Africa, and elsewhere, routinely use it on their children. The earliest medical text in existence, the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus, (1,500 B.C.) mentions it. Millennia before, the Pharaoh had a “guardian of the anus,” a special doctor one of whose purposes was to administer the royal enema.

    The Greeks wrote of the fabled cleanliness of the Egyptians, which included the internal cleansing of their systems through emetics and enemas. They employed these on three consecutive days every month said Herodotus (II.77) or at intervals of three or four days, according to the later historian Diodorus. The Egyptians explained to their visitors that they did this because they “believed that diseases were engendered by superfluities of the food”, a modern-sounding theory!

    Enemas were known in ancient Sumeria, Babylonia, India, Greece and China. American Indians independently invented it, using a syringe made of an animal bladder and a hollow leg bone. Pre-Columbian South Americans fashioned latex into the first rubber enema bags and tubes. In fact, there is hardly a region of the world where people did not discover or adapt the enema. It is more ubiquitous than the wheel. Enemas are found in world literature from Aristophanes to Shakespeare, Gulliver Travels to Peyton Place.

    In pre-revolutionary France a daily enema after dinner was de rigueur. It was not only considered indispensable for health but practiced for good complexion as well. Louis XIV is said to have taken over 2,000 in his lifetime.Could this have been the source of the Sun King’s sunny disposition? For centuries, enemas were a routine home remedy. Then, within living memory, the routine use of enemas died out. The main times that doctors employ them nowadays is before or after surgery and childbirth. Difficult and potentially dangerous barium enemas before colonic X rays are of course still a favorite of allopathic doctors.

    But why coffee? This bean has an interesting history. It was imported in Arabia in the early 1500’s by the Sufi religious mystics, who used it to fight drowsiness while praying. It was especially prized for its medicinal qualities, in both the Near East and Europe. No one knows when the first daring soul filled the enema bag with a quart of java. What is known is that the coffee enema appeared at least as early as 1917 and was found in the prestigious Merck Manual until 1972. In the 1920s German scientists found that a caffeine solution could open the bile ducts and stimulate the production of bile in the liver of experimental animals.

    Dr. Max Gerson used this clinically as part of a general detoxification regimen, first for tuberculosis, then cancer. Caffeine, he postulated, will travel up the hemorrhoidal to the portal vein and thence to the liver itself. Gerson noted some remarkable effects of this procedure. For instance, patients could dispense with all pain-killers once on the enemas. Many people have noted the paradoxical calming effect of coffee enemas. And while coffee enemas can relieve constipation, Gerson cautioned:

    “Patients have to know that the coffee enemas are not given for the function of the intestines but for the stimulation of the liver.”

    Coffee enemas were an established part of medical practice when Dr. Max Gerson introduced them into cancer therapy in the 1930s. Basing himself on German laboratory work, Gerson believed that caffeine could stimulate the liver and gall bladder to discharge bile. He felt this process could contribute to the health of the cancer patient.

    Although the coffee enema has been heaped with scorn, there has been some independent scientific work that gives credence to this concept. In 1981, for instance, Dr. Lee Wattenberg and his colleagues were able to show that substances found in coffee—kahweol and cafestol palmitate—promote the activity of a key enzyme system, glutathione S-transferase, above the norm. This system detoxifies a vast array of electrophiles from the bloodstream and, according to Gar Hildenbrand of the Gerson Institute, “must be regarded as an important mechanism for carcinogen detoxification.” This enzyme group is responsible for neutralizing free radicals, harmful chemicals now commonly implicated in the initiation of cancer. In mice, for example, these systems are enhanced 600 percent in the liver and 700 percent in the bowel when coffee beans are added to the mice’s diet.

    Dr. Peter Lechner, who is investigating the Gerson method at the Landeskrankenhaus of Graz, Austria, has reported that “coffee enemas have a definite effect on the colon which can be observed with an endoscope.” F.W. Cope (1977) has postulated the existence of a “tissue damage syndrome.” When cells are challenged by poison, oxygen deprivation, malnutrition or a physical trauma they lose potassium, take on sodium and chloride, and swell up with excess water.

    Another scientist (Ling) has suggested that water in a normal cell is contained in an “ice-like” structure. Being alive requires not just the right chemicals but the right chemical structure. Cells normally have a preference for potassium over sodium but when a cell is damaged it begins to prefer sodium. This craving results in a damaged ability of cells to repair themselves and to utilize energy. Further, damaged cells produce toxins; around tumors are zones of “wounded” but still non-malignant tissue, swollen with salt and water.

    Gerson believed it axiomatic that cancer could not exist in normal metabolism. He pointed to the fact that scientists often had to damage an animal’s thyroid and adrenals just to get a transplanted tumor to “take.” He directed his efforts toward creating normal metabolism in the tissue surrounding a tumor.

    It is the liver and small bowel which neutralize the most common tissue toxins: polyamines, ammonia, toxic-bound nitrogen, and electrophiles. These detoxification systems are probably enhanced by the coffee enema. Physiological Chemistry and Physics has stated that “caffeine enemas cause dilation of bile ducts, which facilitates excretion of toxic cancer breakdown products by the liver and dialysis of toxic products across the colonic wall.”

    In addition, theophylline and theobromine (two other chemicals in coffee) dilate blood vessels and counter inflammation of the gut; the palmitates enhance the enzyme system responsible for the removal of toxic free radicals from the serum; and the fluid of the enema then stimulates the visceral nervous system to promote peristalsis and the transit of diluted toxic bile from the duodenum and out the rectum.

    Since the enema is generally held for 15 minutes, and all the blood in the body passes through the liver every three minutes, “these enemas represent a form of dialysis of blood across the gut wall” (Healing Newsletter, #13, May-June, 1986).

    Prejudice against coffee enemas continues, however. Although this data was made available to Office of Technology Assessment it was largely ignored in their box on the procedure. They dismissively state “there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that coffee enemas detoxify the blood or liver.”

    No medical procedure is without risk and OTA is quick to point out alleged dangers of the coffee enemas. For instance, they cite one doctor’s opinion that coffee “taken by this route is a strong stimulant and can be at least as addictive as coffee taken regularly by mouth.” This may indeed be true. Yet one wonders where the data is on this, and whether OTA would issue a similar warning about the perils of coffee drinking.

    Another potential danger, they say, is physical damage to the rectum—”fatal bowel perforation and necrosis” which have been associated with “various other types of enema.” The risk of perforation comes from the insertion device used. At the Gerson clinic, for instance, they use a short nozzle which couldn’t inflict much harm; Gonzalez uses a soft rubber colon tube. In neither case would this caveat seem to apply. On thin evidence, OTA also suggests enemas can cause colitis.

    The agency also cites the case of the two Seattle women who died following excessive enema use. Their deaths were attributed to fluid and electrolyte abnormalities. One took 10 to 12 coffee enemas in a single night and then continued at a rate of one per hour. The other took four daily. As OTA points out, “in both cases, the enemas were taken much more frequently than is recommended in the Gerson treatment.”

    In general, coffee enemas are an important tool for physicians who try to detoxify the body. This is not to say they are a panacea. They certainly require much more research. But coffee enemas are serious business: their potential should be explored by good research—not mined for cheap shots at alternative medicine or derisively dismissed as yet another crackpot fad.

  7. Hi Roxy

    I’m so glad your intuition resonates with this therapy. Mine does too.

    These 3 people who cured their cancer using Gerson therapy told me it was very hard work .. but so worth it. As I remember it, the had to do something like 5-6 coffee enemas a day PLUS drink 10 + glasses of fresh juice. It is something to do with high content potassium and enzymes.

    They did have partners/parents that supported them through this process though .. I mean, someone had to juice .. it’s hard work juicing and then cleaning the juicer!

    Well, I kind of do a very mini version of the GT 😀 I do 2 coffee enemas a week plus drink 2 glasses of fresh pressed vege juices a day .. hopefully that is better than having private health insurance.

    BTW, apologies for adding the film link AFTER you had already done so on Heather’s thread .. somehow I missed that! Impressive video though huh?

    Have a great day Roxy!

    How long did these people that you spoke to feel they had had to maintain this regime inorder to recover from the cancer?

    Also, wouldn’t doing 6 enemas a day deplete the gut flora without allowing any time for them to replenish?

    Sorry for the questions that could probably be answered on google – I just find the google information somewhat overwhelming.:oops:

    I do think the whole concept is extremely interesting, and you’re right Maya, that I would undoubtedly feel different about the time/money thing if a close relative was suffering from a life-threatening disease.

  8. So, inspired by this thread, I went into my bathroom and found the enema bag I bought last year and never used, whipped up some organic coffee and gave it a shot, so to speak. And my humble opinion…..

    What they don’t tell you about coffee enemas – you feel amazing afterwards. I jumped up and cleaned the whole house – felt positive, energized, refreshed. It may have been the caffeine… but it didn’t quite feel the same as when you drink a strong cup of coffee. It felt like I’d just woken up from a long, solid nap, or like I had just finished working out. I love it. Totally worth the mild discomfort, totally worth the initial squeamishness.

    A question for Maya – is it okay to do one every day? Two in one day? I’ll go look on curezone right now – maybe they answer is on there.

    Anyway, thanks for the posts – reading about the history of enemas really tipped the scale for me and made me try it. :tu

  9. How long did these people that you spoke to feel they had had to maintain this regime inorder to recover from the cancer?

    Also, wouldn’t doing 6 enemas a day deplete the gut flora without allowing any time for them to replenish?

    Under 6 months.

    Maybe yes and maybe no. There are different theories around. One that says that good bacteria naturally grow in a clean, well oxygenated bowel. I guess the vege juices help create that good oxygen envirnment and don’t feed the nasties. You can always take probiotics!

  10. A question for Maya – is it okay to do one every day? Two in one day? I’ll go look on curezone right now – maybe they answer is on there.

    You rock Lulu! I love people who just get up and do it! You’re my type of person!

    Well, unless you have a serious illness, I wouldn’t advise coffee enemas on a daily basis. They have to be balanced with loads of vege juices to ensure that minerals depleted from a coffee enema are replaced. (Coffee enemas deplete bile salts)

    I had exactly the same reaction as you when i did my first coffee enema .. yoweeeeeeeeee! Now, I limit myself to twice a week and look forward to Mondays and Friday for the hit! Make sure you do a cleansing enema afterwards as you’re not meant to have coffee residues left inside you. Once I finish doing the enemas, I always make sure I have some kefir of probiotics for the next couple of days plus drink vege juices and add himalayan sea salt for extra minerals.

    Hope that helps 🙂

  11. It’s really amazing, Maya, that these people achieved total recovery. I mean, I know, I’ve read about these cases, but it’s impressive that you’re personally familiar w/ a few. I would love to hear more details, whatever you may want to provide (types of cancer, any spread, diagnostic studies used to show their presence originally and studies done to show their resolution following the treatment). Well, if you have details and want to share. Otherwise, don’t worry about it.

    BTW, apologies for adding the film link AFTER you had already done so on Heather’s thread .. somehow I missed that! Impressive video though huh?

    Please, Maya. Don’t be silly, girl! I know how long my posts can get. It’s not hard to lose info in the rhetoric. LOL! I’m glad you provided it again. I was just pointing it out in my post, saying that I had come across it and seen it and was totally impressed. I’m also glad Heather and her family are aware of the therapy and might implement some of the ideas for her father.

    Thanks also on the info about the coffee enema. It’s got me thinking about coffee as a more therapeutic substance, even when ingested. Some of the data I came across some time back, supporting the use of coffee enemas in the Gerson Therapy, was based on coffee being fed to rats. Other data related to its use in an enema. (I can look for these links if you’d like … I don’t recall if I’d saved them previously, but whatever I had is gone w/ my dead hard-drive! So I’d have to search again… but I’m sure you have a ton of info on this yourself). I still won’t ingest more than my one cup a morning, though, as I know it is acidifying and can rob the body of calcium reserves in the bones.

    Cheers, Roxy.

  12. That is just awesome, LuLu! Good work. You’ve got me even more intrigued.

    I’ve been doing occasional enemas since I bought the bag over a month ago, though just salt-water so far. I haven’t tried coffee yet. This is basically b/c I’ve been doing the enemas in the evening, and I didn’t want to get a caffeine jolt! :lol

    I guess I’ll have to jump on the bandwagon soon! I also only have an espresso maker (not a drip brewer). I’ll have to plan for this shortly and read up on how it’s to be done (I’ll be diluting my espresso shots!).

    I do love Maya’s method of just making sure to stay on top of everything, not allowing toxins to build up by doing the regular juicing and coffee enemas, as well as additional cleanses. I think we could all learn something from the Gerson Therapy. It seems like at minimum, it is so preventative.

    There are only a couple of things that concern me about the therapy. Not that I plan on implementing it atm or anything, but just thinking about the potential down-sides. One thing is that it is essentially devoid of fat. One can get good fats from plant sources, obviously as it goes w/out saying, but as far as I know, these are not included in the therapy (which may be very beneficial, in the short-term; I don’t know). In the short-term, this is prob. not an issue, as we all have reserves that can be mobilized. I don’t know if the therapy is meant to be taken on as a lifestyle or not (based on my readings, some people do this), but I would think this would cause problems in the long run, if no fats are added. Fats are the building block of all cells.

    The other thing I remember reading about is in regards to the details of the therapy. I tried to figure out where I’d read this previously, but I wasn’t able to find this on the website in the recent visits, as this discussion has revived my interest. But I do remember reading this somewhere, so correct me if I’m wrong, Maya. I understand that besides the juices and the enemas, one of the integral aspects of the therapy involves the injection of a derivative of raw calf liver. This sounds like major risky business to me.

    Do you have any comments on this, Maya?

  13. Hi Roxy

    I think the liver part was cancelled back in the 80s because there was contamination, so it’s not an essential part of the program any more .. not 100% sure though. I don’t like the sound of it though! I do occasioanlly eat organic chicken liver but the thought of drinking the raw juice of veal liver is blerghhhhhhhhhhh!

    The only oil they do use is flax oil on the Gerson program. Dr Johanna Budwig is the guru on flax oil and cancer, but that’s a completely different program .. I wonder if they used the flax oil because of her work? My naturopathic tutor says that flax and castor oil carry the greatest light photons (don’t question me more on this as I don’t understand the science!!) and that they aid hydration and healing.

    As far as I am aware, depending on someone’s disease, the program is varied … but the core seems to comprise taking 4-6 coffee enemas a day to release bile and clean the blood (bear in mind that it’s normally with the ingestion of oil that bile is released, so maybe that’s why most oils are ommitted as they aren’t necessary with coffee enemas?) plus 13 glasses of pressed juice a day (how exhausting!) plus some stewed fruits and veges. I think oats are also recommended for breakfast to line the stomach read for the juices.

    Further there are some recipes which are about stewing tomatoes, potatoes and celery.

    Further, there are some supplements like enzymes, Niacin (B3), B12 and lots of Iodine to raise metabolic rates. Some other stuff too but I don’t have the full details.

    Plus I believe you are not meant to drink any water, but use the juices for hydration .. so as not to dilute stomach acids. I think they’re suggesting that low stomach acids is one of the main reasons for disease.

    One of the keys to it is that through their research, they believe that cancer and other diseased cells have too much sodium and not enough potassium, so they stop all types of sodium ingestion and push hard for the potassium through the fruits and veges.

    That confuses me a little, as I alsways think sea salt, especially himalayan sea salt is great for health … who’s right and wrong???

    There are some aspects of the Gerson therapy that I don’t resonate with, which is the lack of food intolerance testing for the individual. I’m not sure how I’d fare eating so many tomatoes and potatoes (the nightshade family seems to affect me)

    Also, there are some foods that are banned .. like berries! Because they say it can be irritating. How???

    I guess the part I’ve connected with is more to do with the coffee enemas and the juicing as I can totally feel the goodness of that!

    For me, I feel that if I were to come down with a life threatening or serious illness, i would self administer coffee enemas, do lots of juicing, take loads of Vit C, maybe some fasting .. and that would be it.

    Prevention is definately better (and easier) than cure!

  14. Thanks, Maya. That’s very helpful. I believe (but am not sure) that the raw calf liver was also injected and not just ingested. That’s what sounded like risky business to me. Perhaps it’s been eliminated from the therapy; I don’t know either.

    It’s interesting that you’ve found some objections as well. I agree that there do seem to be some generalizations, such as assumptions that all people tolerate night shade plants well, and all people do not tolerate berries, whereas the truth is prob. that some do and some don’t. So, again, you’re prob. right. It would prob. be important to determine these sensitivites ahead of time prior to undertaking the therapy.

    It’s good to know that some oils are used, though I don’t know that flax seed oil alone would be sufficient. I had heard of Dr. Budwig’s therapy, but haven’t read up on it as much as the Gerson therapy or Gonzalez/Kelly therapy.

    Anyway, thanks again for the informative post.


  15. Awesome thread.

    Thanks for the advice, Maya. I did another coffee enema today, but after this I’ll mellow out to twice a week. I read on curezone how you can become addicted to enemas, and I totally believe it.

    One more Q. – the cleansing enema afterwards – just filtered water or with something added to it? (Ok, two more Q.) Should you try to move this one up further with massage, or just let it be in the lowest part, like the coffee enema?

  16. Hi Lulu

    I was just reading my Gerson book and they don’t mention doing a cleansing enema afterwards … maybe they’re assuming that all the coffee leaves with expulsion, not sure.

    BUT, bear in mind that the Gerson protocol hasn’t changed much in 60 years, and many now advise a cleansing enema afterwards.

    For an enema to wash out the coffee residues, the following is great:

    Either a 2 litre (around 2 quarts) of saline enema solution (add 2 teaspoons of sea salt to 1 litre of water) .. this stops water being absorbed into the body

    A soap enema .. not any old soap, but pure castille soap. I use this one alternating with the saline. I add around a tablespoon of Dr Bronners liquid castille soap to the enema water. The soap becomes an irritant to the bowel (making absorbtion of water difficult) .. thus triggering peristalsis. This one’s pretty good!

    If you want to go for it more .. you can finish with a retention enema. These are worth doing to build strong gut walls and to add nutrients to the body. You can retain a cup (or half) worth of aloe vera, slippery elm tea (or add slippery elm tincture to some water) or any other nutrient you can think of. You can also get some acidophilus powder and add a half teaspoon to room temperature water and use this as a retention. You can use any of those or a combination of them … and this makes a VERY thorough program of detox and rebuild at the same time. Your skin will love you for it!

    For the retention, you are aiming for you gut walls to absorb it all, no need to expell .. so 1 cup worth, no more will be plenty… and to this, do NOT add sea salt or soap.

    When I do the coffee enema, I don’t massage. The coffee will naturally be absorbed and blood serum and liver will be cleansed of bile and toxic waste.

    When I do the cleansing enema, then I do massage. I start off on my left side, then do a headstand (or handstand if I’m inclined) then lie on my right. On my back I will do belly dancer like contractions (you’ll hear the blob bob of the water!) .. or just massage both ways with my nuckles.

    Max Gerson recommends lying on your right side when administering the coffee enema, retaining for 12-15 minutes is the optimum, since that will clean the blood around 4-5 times (all our blood flows through the liver every 3 minutes). He doesn’t recommend retaining for more than 15 minutes, because it’s at that stage that toxins can be reabsorbed. Saying that, I’ve lied on my left and on my back and didn’t see the difference. Once in a while, if I am quiet, I’ll hear this little squish coming from my gallbladder (bottom of right rib cage on side of right body) and I know bile has been released.

    Hope that helps LuLu!

  17. Further .. I should have mentioned this. I do advise that we add something to replace electrolytes washed out from enemas. I tend to drink a packet of emergen-C straight afterwards.

  18. This bump is for Roxy!

    Coffee Enema Procedure

    In a succinct manner, Dr. Max Gerson summarized the best procedure for self-administration of a coffee enema. He had written down the simple steps in abbreviated from for easy following. Those directions were recorded in his famous text for the medical consumer, and the Gerson Institute has carried forward with refinements to his method as described in its volume of educational literature.

    Dr. Gerson suggests that the individual assume a specific body position when taking a coffee enema. He writes: “To make enemas most effective, the patient should like on his/her right side, with both legs drawn close to the abdomen, and breathe deeply, in order to suck the greatest amount of fluid into all parts of the colon. The fluid should be retained ten to fifteen minutes.”

    As was described by now-deceased Harold Manner, Ph.D., in chapter 12, within twelve minutes nearly all the caffeine from the coffee is absorbed through the bowel wall and into the hemorrhoidal veins. From these blood vessels it flows directly into the portal veins and then into the liver. Dr. Gerson advises for cancer patients and other very sick people that during the first months of treatment, enemas may be taken as frequently as every four hours, day and night, for their optimal effect. Some terminal cancer patients save their lives and restore health by taking five coffee enemas each day for months at a time!

    In his writings, the formulation that the much-respected German-American physician had offered as the best coffee enema concentration

    1) Drop 3 rounded tablespoonfuls of ground (drip) coffee (not instant) into one quart of water.
    2) Let the solution boil three minutes and then simmer fifteen minutes more.
    3) Strain the solution.
    4) Fill a quart glass container with the liquid and let cool to body temperature.
    5) Use this solution at body temperature for purposes of bowel infusion.
    The daily amount of coffee liquid can be prepared at one time, or a more concentrated coffee solution may be made and then diluted down to the required strength for repeated separate enemas during consecutive applications.

    Benefits of Coffee Enemas

    It dilutes portal blood and, subsequently, the bile

    Theophylline and theobromine, major nutraceutical constituents of coffee, dilate, blood vessels and counter inflammation of the gut.

    The palmitates of coffee enhance glutathione S-transferase, which is responsible for the removal of many toxic radicals form blood serum

    The fluid of the enema itself stimulates the visceral nervous system, promoting peristalsis and the transit of diluted toxic bile from the duodenum out the rectum.

    Because the stimulating enema is retained for up to fifteen minutes, and because all the blood in the body passes through the liver nearly every three minutes, coffee enemas represent a form of dialysis of blood across the gut wall.

    Excerpted from Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford

    So Roxy, stop drinking the stuff and stick it somewhere else! :lol :lol :lol

  19. This is an inspirational thread. I’m going to do a coffee enema tonight. I’ve only ever done salt water. I’m doing my third liver flush tomorrow.

  20. Maya, the husband of a lady I know just died from cancer last month in spite of doing the Gerson Institute program, first at the center and then at home, very assiduously. He had also been a vegetarian for many years also, perhaps most of his life, I don’t know. Dr. Weil wrote about coffee enemas:

    While there is no medical evidence showing that coffee enemas are useful, there have been reports of infections, dangerous electrolyte deficiencies and death as a result of excessive use of them, especially when combined with fasting. Coffee taken rectally can also be strongly stimulating and can produce dependence, just like coffee consumed in the usual manner.

    I’m not so convinced that this treatment is the way to go.

  21. Hi Lenore

    A vegetarian diet is not always a healthy one – depends what it means to be vegetarian. Some vegetarins eat far worse foods than meat eaters.

    And coffee enemas do NOT stimulate the adrenals, it is nothing like drinking coffee.

    You are NOT meant to fast with coffee enemas. The point of coffee enemas is to allow the liver to dump it’s toxic load into the colon for removal. It is ESSENTIAL to then consume enormous amounts of organic minerals (easiest in the form of fresh vege juices) as a replacement. This is linked with aid/alkaline balancing and is at the root of all dis-ease.

    If someone was doing the 10 plus juices a day as recommended by the Gerson Institute with their coffee enemas, it would be impossible to have electrolyte balances!

    To stop potential infections – make sure the enema kit is cleaned!

    Hard to say why he died, but I know the Gerson therapy isn’t too effective if someone has already had a lot of drug/chemotherapy. Maybe his time was up spiritually? Hard to say.

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