Facial Steaming / exfolatin

has anyone tried this to stop acne?? i do it from time to time (u know…. fill a bowl with boiled water and steam my face with a towel over my head) its supposed to open ur pores so u can clear them.

ive recently heard that its a good time to exfoliate ur skin after steamin it cos the pores are open. I dont exfoliate and am not sure which ones will suit my skin (mild acne… ocassionaly oily)

does anyone else steam?

any recomandations/tips for exfoliators????

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2 thoughts on “Facial Steaming / exfolatin

  1. I dont know but that steaming the face has never sounded a good idea to me. It open the pores thus can make it prone to infection thats what I have heard. Its actually not recomended to shower with hot water with acne because of the opening pores effect. I still have to find more info on this one but so far steaming I dont think its a good idea :roll

  2. Yeah

    I personally find i break out when i steam, and i have to avoid hot baths or showers!

    lilnat :angel

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