hi there just a couple of questions on wheat

I am a litle confused about bread. most info on the net states that its bread using processed wheat that causes sugar spike and zits, and suggests eating whole grain bread as an alternative??? anyone tried this ?

also whole wheat pasta? is this okay

and finally lots of sites include beer/larger ad a drink that has wheat in it, but apart from wheat beers thats not the case is it? its only barley hops and sugar (which dissapears after the beer has been brewed)

can anyone clear this up. i am trying to minimise wheat in my diet


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4 thoughts on “Wheat???

  1. Hi

    Wheat isn’t a problem for everyone. It’s more to do with the gluten in wheat that *some* people have problems with. Do a search on gluten intollerance on google and it will bring up a list of foods with gluten in it.

    If someone is intollerant to gluten, then they will feel worse after eating wholemeal bread than white bread .. because most of the gluten has been stripped out of white bread and white pasta.

    Processed food will cause spikes in blood sugar .. that’s not just processed wheat, but anything that’s junky and has sugar in it.

    Sugar doesn’t dissapear when beer has been brewed. If you read the labels, you’ll see that alcohol is made from the sugar .. but it’s still sugar.

  2. thanks for the reply. just out of interest, do you think wheat (and breads) are a major cause of acne as reported a while ago? i dont get an severe reactions to it but at 28 i really want to find out why i still get spots.

  3. No. Millions of people eat wheat and don’t have acne.

    Go and see a health kinesiologist and get some food intolerance testing done, then you will know what you need to avoid.

  4. I find that I do better eating sprouted wheat than either white flour or whole wheat flour. In general, I seem to do better with sprouted grain products or whole grain cooked cereals than with processed flours. Processed white flour may have less gluten than whole wheat flour as Maya stated (which I wasn’t aware of) but it can cause a greater spike in blood sugar because the fiber is removed and it is converted to sugar more quickly in the body. I’ve also read that sourdough bread is a better choice for anyone with blood sugar issues because it has a lower glycemic index (the sourdough culture lowers the sugar content I think). Right now I’m trying Alvarado’s sprouted sourdough bread. It does have gluten added to it though. Food for Life’s Ezekiel bread doesn’t have added gluten, but it tastes like cardboard to me — it’s rough, dry bread and hard to get down.

    People who are not acne-prone can eat all kinds of foods and not break out in acne, although they might eventually get other health problems. I think the question is more whether a certain food might worsen acne in those who are acne-prone already rather than “cause” acne to begin with. (The analogy I’ve read is the difference between throwing gasoline on the ground and throwing gasoline on live embers — nothing happens in the first case, but in the second case you can get an explosion of flames.) A lot of people with acne have reported doing better on an anti-inflammatory type of diet and on a low-glycemic type of diet. As Maya said, different people may be sensitive to different foods, and there may not be one “acne diet” that would work for everyone with acne.

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