🙂 I have suffered with acne since i was 14. I am now 25. I wouldn’t say it is that bad, but i do always have about 15 spots on my face, usually in clusters, and of course blemishes from all the old ones!

I first took Roaccutane in October 2003. I finished the course of tablets in April 2004. I was spot free. It was amazing. I had never felt my skin so smooth before. Finally i could get on with my life.

Only it didn’t last. By January 2005 the spots had returned. So here i am all spotty again, and quite honestly sick of worrying about how my face looks! To top it all off i am a Beautician, infact i own my own salon! Imagine trying to promote your treatments with spots on your face!

Its not just the way i look with these spots on my face that gets me down, but the constant hassel of the peeling skin and pustles to deal with. And the fact that make-up never goes on smooth with a spotty skin.

I feel guilty that these spots sometimes rule my life, when there are others out there so much worse off than me. But i would say my skin rules whether i go out sometimes. I really want to just hide. I don’t want to face the world when my skin looks so bad, and so then i sometimes become a bit moody or unhappy.

Anyway i have an appointment with my dermatologist in just 2 weeks time, and i am scared because i know he will suggest going back on the Roaccutane. I don’t know what to do.

Has anyone on here ever had it a second time, and did it work?

I am currently trying out Proactiv in the hope that it may clear my spots before i go! [/b]

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