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I went to Lassen’s Health Food Store today and saw a large new display of Larenim Mineral Makeup ( ). They have a good selection of foundations. They have a loose powder concealor called Harmony especially for acne and a greenish color called Hocus Pocus to conceal redness. They have an overnight powder treatment called Dusk til Dawn. It’s an extensive line. Their powders don’t contain any bismuth oxychloride, which she claims can cause rashes, enlarged pores and itching. The use 100% micronized minerals with a microscopic coating of dimethicone on the zinc and the titanium dioxide to give it better slip and stability. They’re not overly sparkly, like I found Bare Escentuals (aka Bare Minerals) to be when I tried them some years ago. You can see the ingredients listings at the website. The colors appeared a lot darker on my screen, though, than they did in person.

I bought the foundation (2W), blush (enchanted earth), Harmony concealor and kabuki brush. I just tried them tonight, and so far I love them! This make-up is so silky and soft and I really, really like the way it looks and feels. My skin doesn’t feel “masky” at all. At the Larenim website they sell MyChelle’s Fruit Enzyme Mist, which I already own, which they say is a must to use to set the make-up. The powder feels so gentle and soft on my skin, almost soothing. Maybe the bismuth in the La Bella Donna powder was irritating my skin. I know that Mari had a real problem with bismuth.

I would say that the foundation powder has medium coverage and the Harmony concealor has heavy coverage. The Harmony is perfect for my skin tone, but I don’t know how it would work for people of color (it’s a real neutral kind of color). It actually might work for all skin tones because the foundation goes on over it. I also love, love, love that little kabuki brush. I own a big powder brush which I stopped using because my skin would always itch and get red when I used it. This kabuki brush feels so soft. I would really like to try their undereye concealor, the Hocus Pocus and the Dusk ’til Dawn. I’d like to try their eye make-up also. I tend to get pimples in and under my eyebrows, and I’ve got some little milia-like bumps on my eyelids and under my eyes also. I think I’ll be much better off using the loose Larenim powders than the eye makeup and undereye concealor I’m currently using. Time will tell how my skin reacts in the long run, but I do love what I bought so far.

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  1. When I tried the make-up again during the day and saw it in the daylight, I noticed that the spots where I’d put the Harmony concealor looked darker than the rest of my face. The concealor is darker and more opaque than the foundation, and it gives a streaky look. I guess I’m going to return the Harmony (unless maybe I can use it under my eyes, I don’t know). It also makes a difference as to what kind of cream or lotion you use underneath the make-up. When I use the MyChelle Sunscreen, the make-up looks darker than if I just put it on over the Deep Repair Cream. I think the foundation adheres better to the sunscreen and gives more coverage that way. I need to try it again. Maybe the “Hocus Pocus” (the green powder) will work better for my red spots. I’m really wishing that I hadn’t been so impulsive in buying the full sizes and had tried samples of everything first. The foundation and blush are fine, although the foundation doesn’t cover nearly as well as the La Bella Donna powder. I think it gives a softer look though, and I did find a good color for me. I’m going to write the company and ask their opinion. My skin is comfortable with the make-up.

  2. Oh, heck, I think I got excited too quickly about the Larenim. I saw my face in the rear view mirror today in the sunlight and I thought it looked kind of yellowy. My skin also feels awfully dry. I wonder if the silicone in the powder foundation could cause it to be more drying. You know, when I was in the store a voice in my head kept telling me to wait and go online and order samples rather than buying full sizes. Lassens does have a money back guarantee, but that’s an awful lot of product to be returning (like $75 worth I think). They might balk at that and I also feel very guilty about wasting so much product. I got into one of these impulsive moods where I was feeling down on myself and down about my face, and I just wanted to buy something to make me feel better. Not a good idea.

    I tried wearing the MiEssence liquid make-ups and concealor again and I started breaking out again. Darn — they’re so nice and moisturizing. It’s such a bummer to have both dry aging skin and acne. I really want to wear a moisturizing creamy make-up but they all seem to break me out. It’s frustrating. Oh, well, at least I’m pretty much clear again. That’s the most important thing. I wonder how the MiEssence mineral powder make-ups are? I don’t think they sell sample sizes though.

  3. I returned the Larenim and got my money back. I’m trying the MiEssence liquid foundation again. My skin has been so dry. I ordered the MiEssence Shimmer Cream in berry. Okay, I’m a cosmetics junky, I admit it. I’m also an Internet addict. I’ve been overdoing it a lot lately, I guess because I’m lonely and depressed.

  4. Hi, I tried this line too. I have very sensitive skin. I really liked it when I first tried it, but I think now that my skin looks streaky. I read your posts about the MyChelle line. I am trying it myself. So far, it seems to be working well, although it has only been a week. I really feel that my face has cleared up so well.

    MyChelle actually recommended Larenim on the phone, so that is why I purchased some samples. I feel that it does look like my pores get more clogged when I use it though (maybe just the foundation or something) so I just don’t know what to do. I may try it some more to be sure, but it seemed like my face was more clear when I wore nothing (except the MyChelle). Have you had a similar experience by chance?

    Also, have you ever used the line called ZuZu Luxe by Gabriel Cosmetics? If so, please give me your opinion on the line.

    Thank you.


  5. Lenore, nevermind about my question regarding ZuZu Luxe. I see you have another post about it so I will go there and read it.


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