Hey i read posts that talk about cysts.
I suffer from acne all over my cheeks and i wonder if i have these
cysts that you guys are referring to.
What is the difference.. please explain…thanx.

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2 thoughts on “cysts

  1. 😀 Hi Hate The Mirror,

    Cysts hurt like hell! :cry

    That is one of the big differences between cysts and regular acne.

    Cysts are mostly under the skin and usually DO NOT have any pus head on the top of the skin.

    You can put ice on a cyst to help bring the swelling down. Put a piece of towel around the ice to protect your skin from freezing.

    If you have cysts they usually do not heal up very fast, and the longer they stay on your face the greater the chance that when they do go away there will be a deep scar where the cyst used to be.

    Read the whole board and especially the threads that mention scars. There’s more information in these threads.


  2. Also, try a dab of cortizone gel on your cysts. And if you have access to Retin A, apply this alone w/ the cortizone directly to the bump. Some say cortizone will make the skin thin if you use it over long periods of time so I wouldn’t recommend using it every night.

    I rarely get cysts anymore but at the first sighting of one, I dab on some cortizone and a small amount of Retin A and it usually goes down in 24 hours. Just don’t pick or squeeze it as this will most likely cause swelling.

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