best scar treatment???

well i recently got in a car accident about 4 weeks ago, and i got cut pretty bad on my face, and has a big scar…. anyone know of a real good scar treatment that has worked for theM??? i have tried mederma and have seen no results.

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  1. NiKKa, welcome to the board.

    Sorry about your accident and the scarring. Everyone’s skin obviously heals differently. Some people are more prone to scarring and even keloid (raised scar) formation. Also, the state that your skin was in at the time of the accident and how it’s been since affects its healing. By this I mean, say for example you had been using Accutane or Retin-A, or photosensitizing antibiotics (such as tetracycline or monocycline) at this time or recently; your skin may be more likely to scar and the scars may be more pigmented if you get some sun exposure (there is some thinning of the skin w/ these meds & increased sun sensitivity). I don’t know if you have acne, but these are commonly used for acne treatment, which is the general focus of this board; that’s why I mention them.

    There is a friend of my parents who was in a car accident about a month ago. The glass from the windshield shattered (from a faulty rigid airbag which deployed into it) and cut up her face (quite badly I’m told). She said she used zinc oxide and the scars are now barely noticeable. I should say that I haven’t seen her, but I spoke to her on the phone to wish her well.

    I think your approach should be twofold, (1)to provide anti-inflammatory and healing soothing ingredients, as well as to (2)use a high-quality, broad-spectrum sublock to prevent the scars from hyper-pigmenting (getting darker and therefore more noticeable, taking longer to disappear, if at all). I will make some recommendations of various ingredients that will help you achieve these goals. You may choose any combination, as long as you’re getting to both goals. Also, if you use at least a couple of different anti-inflammatories, you will get the benefits of the healing properties of each, as they have different actions.

    Here’s a summary ahead of time, since the posts will be very long and I get technical in some explanations:

    Zinc Oxideanti-inflammatory, sunblock
    (Titanium Dioxide is also an equally good sunblock, but I’ve never read any claims to it having anti-inflamm. properties)
    Aloe Veraanti-inflammatory
    Vitamin Eanti-inflammatory
    Jojoba Oilanti-inflammatory
    Emu Oilanti-inflammatory

    I’ll make product recommendations, because (b/c) sometimes it’s hard to find the best ones out there. I’ve looked around quite a lot (both for you, and in general for myself, in search of good healing products for my skins), so there are hours of search and research behind the recommendations, which might save you a lot of time. But don’t substitute my judgment for yours. Do some reading and see what you think.

    None of the products I will recommend have any ingredients that are considered comedogenic/acnegenic (acne-causing), in case this is an issue for you. Since I will make some product recommendations that include the above ingredients, I’ll assume you’re in the U.S. (I live in Canada). I’m a regular here on this board, and I’m not affiliated w/ any products. I’ve used a lot here for you b/c it has pictures and ingredients listings (I’ve never ordered from them, by the way). Many of the recommendations I make are available at your local pharmacies and health food stores, and in some cases the websites provide you retail locations.

    More to follow …


  2. NiKKa, continuing on … now to explanations of the ingredients as well as some products that contain them.

    Zinc oxide (ZO) ointment has very good anti-inflammatory properties and it is a sunblock (a 2 for 1!). It is sooooo difficult to find a very good sunscreen that has this as its primary ingredient and has other beneficial properties, w/out a lot of potentially harmful chemicals (I posted a thread on this a few months back … ). Also, if there are other chemical sunscreens present, the % of ZO is considerably lower. You want ZO to prob. be in 10% or higher range for your purposes.

    One way to get ZO is to look in the baby section of the pharmacy, as it is the primary active ingredient in diaper rash creams. This might be your best bet as far as finding a good high % ZO ointment. It might sound funny to apply diaper rash cream to your face, but I think it might help a lot. It’s also sold (w/ essentially the same ingredients) as a burn/scrapes/cuts ointment in some formulations (I have a no-name ointment tube from the local pharmacy). I just checked for ZO at (an online store; the nice thing is that it lists all the ingredients, when available) and the following page popped up w/ 8 results. The 1st one is a powder, the other 7 are creams/ointments. There is nothing unique about you can buy the same products at your local drugstore (I’m using it for your reference, so you can see the products).

    I glanced at all the cream ingredients and, as I suspected, they all carry some petrolatum (vaseline) +/- mineral oil. Both are refined petroleum-derived ingredients. I don’t know if you have acne (the main focus of this board), but these 2 ingredients are always listed as non-acnegenic in various lists. However, I think some people might break out w/ them. I also wouldn’t recommend using them on your face (or elsewhere, for that matter) for a prolonged period, as I don’t think these chemicals can be good for you (but they are ubiquitous in many creams and cosmetics formulations). Ideally, if you can find one that is based in aloe vera and/or beeswax or other natural ingredient, that’s best. Of the 7 listed, the only one that has both of these as its primary base ingredients, though it also has mineral oil, is Balmex (it has 11% ZO, see: ). The nice thing is that, besides the aloe vera juice, it also has vitamin E.

    Which brings me to the next couple of items. Aloe vera in its gel or leaf juice form has very good anti-inflammatory healing properties and is moderately penetrable (moderate transdermal penetration properties). You can buy 100% pure aloe vera gel at the pharmacy/drug store. Vitamin E is also reported to be very valuable for healing when applied topically. Again, it can also be bought separately. The nice thing about the Balmex cream above is that it has all these 3 (ZO, aloe vera, & vit.E). Be ware though that diaper rash creams are all very white because of the ZO itself, so you’ll only be able to wear this out!

    There is another form fo ZO (other than how it appears in diaper rash and scrapes/burn ointments), namely micronized (aka microfine) ZO has been pulverized to a point that it doesn’t reflect light as much and is therefore essentially clear (white-residue free). It is one of the active ingredients used in sunblocks.

    O.K., the story evolves! As I’m typing this, and as this has been a big gripe of mine, since I’ve been trying to find a ZO-only sunblock (or at least a combo of ZO and titanium dioxide, TD, which are both minerals, and w/ no added chemical sunscreens), I finally just found one, as I was doing a search for you here (and for myself). I have actually found one for me here in Canada, by a company called NewCo (based in Alberta, ), that is all natural and has 10% ZO and otherwise all-natural ingredients (available at Whole Foods in Canada).

    But I just found an amazing one for my friends south of the border. Maybe people know the Badger balm products (Badger Products (W.S. Badger Co., see: ). Well, they just came up w/ 2 new products, SPF 15 sunblock for lips and SPF 15 sunblock for face and body. The formulations of the 2 are very similar. They have 12.5% ZO and the rest of the ingredients are all natural ( ).

    Active Ingredient: Micronized Zinc Oxide 12.5% (Zinc Oxide is a non-Whitening, naturally occurring mineral.)
    Other Ingredients: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Olea Europaea), Natural Beeswax (Cera Flava), Organic Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis), Organic Cocoa Butter (Theobroma Cacao Seed), Wild African Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii), Organic CO2 Extract of Seabuckthorn Berry (Hippophae Thamnoides), and Essential Oils of Lavender (Lavendula Angustifolia), Moroccan Blue Tansy (Tanacetum Annuum), Ylang Ylang (Cananga Odorata), Lime (Citrus Aurantifolia), and Orange (Citrus Aurantium Dulcis).

    O.K. Another great thing: one of its top ingredients (therefore, higher % of it in the product that those lower on the list) is Jojoba Oil. This is another one of the anti-inflammatory products and is quite penetrable into the skin (moderate transdermal penetration). It is itself naturally rich in Vitamin E (and not the synthetic type which is only one version of the vitamin, which leads me to believe it has vit.E in its various forms, as it comes in 8 different forms in nature).

    There is a link in the Badger home page that takes you to retailers where the product is available in the U.S. and internationally (I found some here in Canada … I might get some of their products! Actually, I’m sure I will!).

    Emu oil is the last thing I was going to recommend to you. It is derived from the emu bird (native to Australia). I was turned onto this b/c of a thread by a very knowledgable member here, Maya. There are several brands out there, but it’s hard to find. Your best bet is a health food store. It is very rich in essential fatty acids (omega 6 in the linoleic acid form and omega 3 in alpha linolenic acid form) as well as oleic acid. It is highly penetrable and absorbable (high transdermal penetration properties), and is even used in soothing of joint inflammations through skin absorption. The one I use for my skin is a product of Canada (Kayala Creations, from Ontario, ). I’m not sure, but I’m guessing the animal is killed to obtain the oil (:( … I’m not a vegetarian, but it’s still sad… though I can’t be a hypocrit … so … ). Anyway, if you’re a vegetarian/vegan and you would object to using animal products, this one’s not for you.

    Soooooo …. after all of this babble … another summary for you:

    I guess the bottom line is if you can get the Badger sunblock for face and body, that will give you sun protection and anti-inflammatory properties during the day (12.5% ZO, Jojoba Oil), as well as other soothing ingredients. Check for retailers near you, but if you need to wait to order this, maybe get a diaper rash cream like Balmex to still get the anti-inflamm. properties of ZO. But you’ll only be able to put this on when you’re not out, as it will go on white.

    So you’ll still have to use some sunblock (use whatever you have for now; go for SPF 30 or more). My own bias is non-chemical ones, but that only leaves ZO and TD as the active ingredients, but I can tell you that I’ve looked at 170+ sunblocks at, and there are very few … and they still have other ingredients I’m not fond of, namely chemicals and preservatives which may not be the best for the skin in the long-run. Possibly the best one still that you might find in your local health food store, if Badger is not easily available to you, is Jason, which has 2 chemical-free sunblocks, each w/ TD at 8% and ZO at 2.5% (not very high for the benefit of anti-inflamm. properties, but better than none), see: and .

    Then you might want to apply 2 or 3 times/day one or any combination of Vitamin E, Aloe Vera gel, Jojoba Oil (Jason also has decent versions of aloe vera gel, 98% aloe vera gel, a couple of preservatives at low %, see: … you might be able to find 100% aloe vera gel without the preservatives; one of our members, Lenore, recommends one in a thread somewhere; and Jason jojoba oil, it’s 100% , see: ). And if you’d like, you can also use emu oil.

    That’s a lot of info! :crazyeyes

    I hope you find it useful. I think I will also go post about the Badger products in general acne chat, as I’m very impressed w/ their ingredients.

    Good luck w/ your scars. Let me know if you need any more help/info. I promise to keep it shorter next time! :wink

    Cheers, Roxy.

  3. Emu oil is the last thing I was going to recommend to you. It is derived from the emu bird (native to Australia). I was turned onto this b/c of a thread by a very knowledgable member here, Maya. There are several brands out there, but it’s hard to find. Your best bet is a health food store. It is very rich in essential fatty acids (omega 6 in the linoleic acid form and omega 3 in alpha linolenic acid form) as well as oleic acid. It is highly penetrable and absorbable (high transdermal penetration properties), and is even used in soothing of joint inflammations through skin absorption. The one I use for my skin is a product of Canada (Kayala Creations, from Ontario, ). I’m not sure, but I’m guessing the animal is killed to obtain the oil ( … I’m not a vegetarian, but it’s still sad… though I can’t be a hypocrit … so … ). Anyway, if you’re a vegetarian/vegan and you would object to using animal products, this one’s not for you.

    I did check this Roxy, and the good news was that Emu oil is a by product. Emu is widely farmed for it’s meat – it’s meant to be a good low fat red meat, which has proven better for people who can’t tolerate high fat red meats.


  4. Thanks, Maya. I appreciate the update on that. Well, I guess it’s still not an option for those who would object to using animal products.

    NiKKa, one more product I thought of that is supposed to be very good for scarring is Frankincense Essential Oil. Here is an example from a Canadian retailer, Escents Aromatherapy (they don’t have stores in the U.S., only in Canada and Taiwan, but they ship to the U.S. The info is at:)

    It reads:

    Credited for promoting the renewal of aging & dry skin, acne & scars. May also help to ease anxiety & stress related conditions, Frankincense slows & deepens breathing, making it good for meditation. Caution: Avoid using during pregnancy.

    I believe it’s good for helping heal any type of scarring, not just that caused by acne.

    I’m sure you can find it at any reputable store that carries essential oils (Whole Foods prob. carries it).

    Cheers, Roxy.

  5. roxy thanks for your reply…
    i dont know how good i heal, but i remember when i was small like 7-8 years old i gave myself a scar by using a pencil eraser and erasing my skin on my arm…. i dont know what i was thinking but it went pretty deep and really hurt the next day… i still see the scar only if i look real close… it is really not noticable… maybe i heal better than i thought?? and yes i have acne but is pretty much gone now after using retin-a-micro…. and the scar looks like a color problem is it kinda like bright red 😀 but no raised scar(keloid)

    so by what i posted could you recommed somthing/s for me?? plz
    i have no idea on what to do.

  6. i also posted this topic on a few other forums to see other opinions to….

    and a few people have recommeded somtin like “hydroxy acids or retinol in combination with copper peptide serums”

    take a look here

    i have also read a few reviews on the site and looks like it helped them, just wanna see what you guys think.

  7. Mmmmm…. NiKKa, I thought I was making product recommendations .. Did I miss something :oops ?.

    Well, I won’t repeat all of the above, but now that I know you have a red scar which is not raised … I think the outlook is very good for healing.

    To be honest, if I were you, I’d prepare myself for it to take anywhere from 4 to 6 months to be nearly if not completely faded. Obviously, it depends a lot on the state of your skin (the Retin-A micro may make the healing take longer, at least originally in the very fresh state; later, it may actually itself help the scar fade).

    So one question becomes whether or not you’re still using Retin-A. I would still hold off in that area for another month or so. Later, you might try it, but w/ caution … and again applying sunblock regularly to your face, w/ special attention to the area, as the Retin-A will make it more sun-sensitive, and the scar may get darker again instead of lighter. You have to be particularly careful w/ Retin-A in the summer months b/c of this.

    I followed your link and read the recommendations. There are some reasonable suggestions. Here is the post on copper peptide:

    Sorry about your accident…hope the rest of you has recovered.
    Have you read Dr. Pickarts page on skin remodeling using either hydroxy acids or retinol in combination with copper peptide serums? I haven’t tried this treatment but some of the people on say this works on their pitted acne scars.
    A chemical peel or laser treatment would also help dimish the appearance of the scar.

    I would seriously hold off on anything harsh such as laser or chemical peels until the scar is much older and nothing else is working. These trtmnts are harsh and can make relatively “raw” healing skin worse, IMHO (in my humble opinion).

    I followed the link provided by the person who made the above recommendation : , which, when wanting to order the Skin Biology products takes you to . Here is some info from that website

    Copper peptides work beneath the surface of the skin by aiding in a process called ‘skin remodeling’. The two-step system we recommend involves use of an exfoliant followed by application of copper-peptide creams or serums The exfoliants (mild hydroxy acids) accelerate the sloughing-off of older, damaged skin cells, while the creams and serums encourage their replacement with new, healthy cells. Copper peptides have the additional effect of increasing the concentration of BOTH COLLAGEN AND MOISTURE-RETAINING MOLECULES under the surface of the skin, which give skin a healthy, youthful glow.

    The science behind copper peptides is apparently there from what I’ve read in the past, but I have absolutely no experience w/ this (I’ve never used it, nor anyone I know). If you’re interested in using this product, I did notice that it’s really rather expensive, but I guess the price might be worth it if it does what it says.

    Note that the person who recommended it mentions it for pitted scarring of acne, but the remodelling process may not be too different for other scars. I just don’t think that you need to necessarily particularly remodel the area of your scar (as it is only hyperpigmented, and not structurally changed, based on what you’re describing). Anyway, if you think it’s worth the money, based on what you read, I can tell you what I found by looking at the products this website sells.

    Here are the ingredients, from . I looked at a few of the copper polypeptide scar trtmnts. The one this person in the other board recommends is Super Cop. It’s the regular copper peptide plus a beta (and not alpha) hydroxy acid, namely salicylic acid. The properties of betas and alphas are somewhat different, w/ some overlap. I’m sure you’ve heard of salicylic acid in acne trtmnts. It also has some cell renewal properties.

    Super Cop
    Purified water, aloe vera gel, squalane, octyl palmitate, glycerol stearate, PEG-100 stearate, copper peptides (hydrolyzed soy protein and copper chloride), safflower oil, cetyl alcohol, myristyl ether proprionate, propylene glycol, stearic acid, olive oil, allantoin, salicylic acid, glycine, polysorbate 20, diazolinydinyl urea, methylparaben, propylparaben, oil of lavender, retinyl palmitate, camphor, menthol, ergocalciferol, mixed (alpha, beta, gamma, delta) tocopherols, mixed (alpha, beta, gamma, delta) tocotrienols, ubiquinone, bronopol.

    Super CP Serum
    Purified water, copper-peptides (hydrolyzed soy protein plus copper chloride), hydroxyethylcellulose, salicylic acid, allantoin, polysorbate-20, glycine, diazolinydinyl urea, methylparaben, propylparaben, vitamin E TPGS, bronopol.

    CP Serum
    Purified water, hydroxyethylcellulose, copper-peptides (hydrolyzed soy protein plus copper chloride), allantoin, polysorbate-20, diazolinydinyl urea, methylparaben, propylparaben, vitamin E TPGS, bronopol.

    The point of listing these 3 was to let you know that Super Cop (as well as the regular copper peptide lotion, which I didn’t list here) has octyl palmitate, a highly acnegenic ingredient. If you’re prone to acne, you don’t want to use this.

    The serums (should I say, sera!), on the other hand, don’t have this, though they do have some chemical preservatives (eg: methylparaben; a very common ingredient in cosmetics; some studies show long-term use can causes cumulative damages of inflammation, aging, and even cancer; prob. O.K. for short-term use).

    If you decide to use this product, go for one of the serums (one is regular copper peptide, the other one, like super cop, has salicylic acid).

    IMHO, I think you’ll be fine w/ the supportive trtmnts I’ve suggested (don’t forget the sunblock), and you’ll prob. see the scar fade away in a few months.

    Incidentally, since I found out about frankincense oil while posting for you and I was making a pit stop at a local essential oil place here (the one I listed above, Escence), I picked some up for my own hyperpigmented (red and brown) remaining acne marks. I just mixed some up w/ jojoba and emu oil (along w/ some other essential oils I use) and put it on my face. It has a pleasant fragrance (mildly earthy, mildly citrusy).b It was a bit pricy relative to other essential oils (Cdn$24 for 5 oz), but it will last me months if not years. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on the progress, as I intend to use it daily, but I don’t think I’ll see any change for some weeks.

    Good luck. Consider my suggestions above. Keep us posted on your progress. I really felt for you, as none of us want to have scars on our faces. As I alluded to above, I’ve been working on hyperpigmented acne marks on my face, w/ great success (I had dozens upon dozens from a bout of bad acne in the past year; and I’d say, they’re 95% faded now, over a period of about 5 months). I used Retin-A micro for a while, and now I’m using the oils, some of which I’ve described, w/ others more oriented towards acne; and I’m not forgetting sunblock. Again, in your case, w/ an injury-type scar, I would stay away from Retin-A for a total of a couple of months though, at least in the area.

    Cheers, Roxy.

  8. well accually i stoped using retin-a-micro about a week before the accident since i ran out lol…..
    and i didnt really like it, i got alot of skin peeling and alot of pain from it…

    also i have switched my acne solution to proactiv… it has been working pretty well for me and i want to continue it… but will it have an effect of my scar..?? i dont put it on my scar i just apply it around the scar.

    also badger sunblock is well avalible in my area 😀 but did you ever get the price for this sunblock???

    also by reading everything i think the best conbination would be balmex+badger sunblock

    balmex for home use and badge for outdoor use 😀 this sounds real great roxy and hope it works 😀 i think these things will be cheaper than my mederma i bought for $25 for 50g :O

    so does badger and balmex sound good to you?? or is there anything else i should know?

  9. nvm i found badger on drugstore 😀

    i think i might just order online…. since im kind of lazy to go out and buy them, it might be a little more expensive online, but hey its free shipping and will be way more worth the money if it works,

    i just wanna thank you roxy, i know you took time to research and help me.

  10. Hi, NiKKa. I hope you haven’t ordered yet as I wasn’t pleased w/ recommending Balmex b/c of the petrolatum & mineral oil in it (I found something else; read lower).

    First, a couple of comments. Even if you’d stopped using Retin-A a week before the accident, the effects would still be there in your skin. It does thin out the top “horny” layer (stratum corneum) of the epidermis, which may have made scarring more likely or to a larger degree than if you hadn’t been using it. Anyway, it’s a moot point.

    As for Proactiv, I would be very careful, particularly if you’re sensitive to the benzoyl peroxide (BPO). If you notice it’s redenning your normal skin, it can’t be good for the scar. And it would not be unusual for the stuff to sort of migrate around your face (even from minor perspiration, this is possible). Also (I’ve used Proactiv in the past and know the line; incidentally, in case you wonder, it had moderate effects on improving my acne), the face wash has the beads, though fairly small and gentle, be very careful not to apply it to the scar. I think the gentler you are to the area, the better it will heal.

    As for the recommendations, like I’d said, I wasn’t too happy about the ZO diaper creams all containing mineral oil and petrolatum (vaseline), so I did some more digging around and finally found one that didn’t. There is a product from Germany that is 12% ZO and is called Weleda Diaper Care. It’s made up of the following nice natural ingredients (all very good or at least not harmful to the skin; none known to be acnegenic either):

    Active Ingredients: Contains: Zinc Oxide (12%, Diaper Rash Ointment)

    Inactive Ingredients: Almond Oil, Calendula Extract, Chamomile Extract, Hydrolyzed Beeswax, Lanolin, Lavender Oil, Litsea Cubeb Oil, Orange Oil, Petitgrain Oil, Rosemary Oil, Sage Oil, Water, Ylang Ylang Oil

    (Lanolin is a sheep-derived oil, also not vegetarian-friendly. In this form it rates low on the acne-rating–aka comedogenicity–list, 2 out of 5. Personally, not being a vegetarian, I don’t have a problem w/ it.)

    This product is available at, so I don’t know why it didn’t pop up in my original search (see ). It’s $6.89 for 1 oz. (Balmex is $12.79 for 16 oz.), so unfortunately it is more expensive (on the order of 8-fold!), but in my book, it’s worth the expense not to put petroleum products on your face. Plus, a little goes a long way, and you honestly prob. won’t even go through the whole tube treating your scar, so in the end you’re saving by not spending double for a tub of Balmex that will be, in the end, mostly left over!

    So, yes, I think this approach of using these 2 for treatment may be a very good one.

    I would still suggest that you consider also buying one of the others as well (aloe vera, vitamin E, jojoba oil or emu oil). The order of this list is is also the order of cheapest to most expensive. I did some searches in since that’s where you may order from:

    Aloe vera gel is soothing and healing. Here is the Jason one at at $5.94 for 8 oz, which will last you a long time: .

    Jason also sells pure vitamin E (a 4 oz bottle, w/ 5000 I.U. of vit.E for $5.95) at .

    Jojoba itself is rich in vitamin E which is supposed to be very good for scar healing. There is some in the sunblock, but it would be nice if you apply it on its own at night as well; but if you buy one of the others you can skip this, I guess. I couldn’t find it at, but you can try the link I gave above, or whatever else you find. I bought mine at Whole Foods.

    The emu oil is available at health food stores (I’ve seen it at Whole Foods, but I bought it from another local store).

    If I were you and had to pick one of the above, I’d prob. either go for the Vitamin E or the aloe vera gel. (My own personal preference is emu oil now, but it is more expensive and harder to find.)

    Cheers. Roxy.

  11. hmm… well my is not a problem to me at this point, its all about reducing the scar.

    you said emu oil would be real effective am i correct??? what kinda of emu oil are you talking about?? 100% pure emu oil?? or others?? such as ones sold here

    so you dont recommend balmex, and would recommend Weleda instead.

    so would Weleda + (some emu product) + badger sunblock be a good combo?? or not including the sunblock??? because i think you can apply sunblock after you apply emu oil after it drys.

  12. Great plan, NiKKa.

    Yes, I would definitely use the sunblock … you’re protecting the scar from getting darker, and it has ingredients which are anti-inflammatory and healing. You prob. don’t have to wait long after the emu oil, as this gets absorbed pretty quickly (maybe a minute will do). Plus, zinc oxide sunblocks tend to go on thick and are unlikely to be too diluted by something you’re wearing as a base (such as emu oil).

    As for the emu oil, I’d just go for the pure 100% stuff (I didn’t see any products in the link you gave for any products which combine emu oil w/ any other particular scar-reducing ingredients). It will be a great moisturizer for you in general. It has a ton of benefits (just check out the website you mentioned for more info, for example; I just saw there that it’s also rich in vit. E and vit. A, which I didn’t know, though it makes sense … awesome!). Actually, that company is right here in British Columbia (the province that I live in, here in Canada, though they’re far from me; great find for me, by the way, so thanks!). I noticed they also have an emu oil-based sunblock w/ ZO! They don’t list their ingredients though (I’m guessing it’s all-natural, based on what they say, but it would still be nice to know; I know “all-natural” products which add chemical ingredients). I just tried calling them to find out more about their sunblock, but I got their voicemail (I suspect they are a small operation). You could get a 2-1 there, w/ emu oil and ZO combined (but I didn’t find out the ingred’s, so I won’t comment on or recommend this yet). I still think Badger is a great choice for sunblock, plus the other beneficial ingred’s.

    Best way to do it is prob. as follows:

    Emu oil and sunblock during the day.

    At night, when you’re home, put the ZO ointment (diaper-rash ointment); leave that on for a few hours.
    After you wash it off, apply the emu oil and leave that on for a while (don’t do this right before bed, as it might wipe right off; do it a while ahead of time to allow it to absorb and do its thing).
    You might get more benefit if you do these separately; but if you can’t be bothered, just like the morning routine, apply the emu oil, wait a few minutes and apply the ZO ointment (again, ideally not right before bed, so it doesn’t all wipe right off).

    What do you think? Good plan, no? I think if you give your skin this supportive treatment and time, you’ll see the scar fade away in a few months. Continue to be vigilant of the sun … it’s the worst enemy in hyperpigmented (dark) scars.

    Cheers, Roxy.

  13. NiKKa, not to confuse you, but here’s another option:

    Check out supercelebs’ post from today (Th. Aug. 25, 05 at 3:29 p.m.) and my reply at . She talks about camellia oil and I post some more info on it from a website.

    This is plant-derived, and it has a fairly similar composition and properties to emu oil. This is in case you were having issues w/ emu oil being animal-derived. Anyway, one or the other will do just fine.


  14. NiKKa, as far as the brand being good, I think so. I don’t know many brands, but it says it’s certified pure emu oil (so it should be 100% emu oil, I guess … I looked at other products too; they don’t specifically list their ingredients).

    2 oz will prob. be just fine.

    Here’s my estimate of how much I’ve been using. I’m looking at the bottle I’ve had for about a week. I’ve applied it all over my face twice a day … a little squirt goes a long way (not a precise msrmnt, I know, as “squirts” vary from bottle to bottle! I usu. use 2 squirts/use on my face, so 4 squirts/day for my face). But that’s not all, I’ve used a couple of squirts on my lower back a few times, as I’ve been having some pain there (one of its many uses is for musculoskeletal/joint pain … and it has helped by dulling the ache). I’d say I’ve used about 1/20th of the bottle so far.

    So to be conservative, let’s say it will last me about 20 weeks (or 5 months), possibly longer, b/c my current use includes extra squirts for the back (which is a temporary use for me). So let’s say, a 2 oz. bottle used on my face only, my guess is it will last 5 to 6 months w/ 2x/day use. The 1/20th of the bottle so far is a bit of a guess and eyeball (if I’d had it longer, it would be easier to guesstimate more accurately), but you get the idea.

    I think you’ll love the product and will prob. find a lot of good uses for it. I’m guessing you’ve prob. had a chance to browse some of the websites you’ve looked at for all the benefits. Do you get cold sores? I do. This past week, it felt for a couple of days like at any moment I could get one (I get this very particular tingling when it’s about to happen). I kept applying emu oil to my lips, and nothing ever happened, and it doesn’t feel like it will, as I don’t have the tingling anymore (one of the claims of use for emu oil is against the herpes virus, which causes cold sores … so it seems to have worked for me in this particular case. I’ll keep trying in the future). Oh, so I forgot to account for this extra lip use too. Anyway, that’s the long gist. :lol


  15. I just looked at the link you provided again, on their home page. It says they charge a minimum $6 shipping charge per order for U.S. and send it Priority Mail (which it says to allow 2 to 4 days for arrival). Ouch! That’s 1/2 the cost of the 2 oz. bottle which is around $12!

    You could seriously call your local health food store and they prob. carry it. You’d save yourself enough to buy a bigger bottle, or something else (one of the other products you’re getting). Just a thought.


  16. ok but we both decide the wedla + badge + emu oil is a good combination right??

    tommorow(saturday) i will be going to some local phamacys to see if they carry any of the items, if they do great 😀 if they dont i guess ill have to buy online or look elsewhere.

  17. Yes, NiKKa, I agree. That sounds like a great combo. There are so many products out there. I was trying to help you find what products that might work for you, w/ a combo of various benefits, and that have good, wholesome and natural ingredients.

    I live in Vancouver, B.C., in Canada. It is a city that in Canada is notorious for “healthy living”, alternative health, and health food stores. Honestly, I find it can be hard to find the above at regular pharmacies in my city where often alternative remedies are present. You might want to “let your fingers do the walking”. Look up health stores/health food stores/vitamin shops (and the like) in your local phone book and call around 1st. Say, e.g., Whole Foods is an American store we have here, and I know they carry some of these products (the inventory varies from city to city and country to country, I’m sure), but try calling there, if you have one in your area.

    Also, Badger in particular lists retail stores which carry its products in their website, under store locator; click: ; then, on top, select U.S. or International, depending on your location, and follow links.

    You’ll save yourself a lot of time hitting the pavement. Good luck finding the products. Have your price list w/ you (of what you’ve found online), so you don’t get ripped off. I guess if something’s a tiny bit pricier in the store, if it saves you shipping costs and you can have it right away, it’s worth it. I find the internet to be a great place to do a lot of searching, info finding, and comparison shopping. But I have yet to order any health/beauty products online, as I’ve always found what I need locally (though admittedly I live in a target-rich environment).
    Cheers, Roxy.

  18. yeah was just making sure i dont get a product that will like damage my skin permanently…. this is my first time trying to get my skin looking nice… i guess i hit the age where we start caring about skin n such…. i am 16 years old 😀
    i am from Salt Lake City, Utah USA. guess thats pretty far from where you like hahaaha…

    and i never heard the store whole foods… but i guess its a comon store in canada….

    some stores with pharmacy i can think of that we have around here is, walmart, smiths, and one thats dedicated mostly to Rx drugs, Walgreens… 😀 i might just search there site to see if they selling the products im looking for… i cant right now, becuase im in a hurry, and will be back later to search.

    i just wanna give a big thanks to you Roxy and all your help, if it works out i might have to get on a plane and come meet you in person lol.

  19. NiKKa, I don’t think you’ll find these at Walgreens (I also just checked their website).

    You honestly need to try alternative health stores. I did a quick search for you in for Salt Lake City. A couple of examples I came up w/ are:

    Dave’s Health and Nutrition
    1108 East 3300 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84106
    (801) 483-9024

    Irene’s-james’ Natural Health FD
    1119 East 2100 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84106
    (801) 467-1951

    You’d have to call them to even find out if they carry the products. These 2 stores seem more supplement or food oriented, but check. Also check for health stores, health food stores, vitamin stores, etc. Regular pharmacies are unlikely to carry these (though I guess they might, but they don’t in my area).

    BTW, I saw one more great diaper ointment option, Burt’s Bees Diaper Ointment, which, similar to Weleda, has all-natural ingredients.

    Zinc oxide, sweet almond oil, beeswax, tocopheryl acetate & tocopherol (vitamin E), jojoba oil, lavandin oil, retinyl palmitate (vitamin A), extracts of rosemary, lavender, calendula, chamomile, rosebuds and comfrey root.

    You may be more likely to find Burt’s Bees than Weleda (Bees is an American product, out of N. Carolina, I think; Weleda is German, though commonly distributed in the U.S., I think).

    As for Whole Foods, the reason I mentioned it is that it is an American company. They have stores across the U.S. (as well as Canada and U.K.). I just checked their website … though they are in about 30 states, Utah is not one of them.

    And, oh, thanks for the compliment. I aim to please! Seriously though, I know how hard it is to find solutions to our skin issues, which is why I come here, both for advice … and if and when I can provide it, for giving advice. I hope that it’s helpful. As for you flying out here … come on over! Personally, I would love to go to Utah, esp. to go skiing in Alta (I’m an avid downhill skiier), though our own mountains here ain’t half-bad (Vancouver/Whistler … host of the 2010 Winter Olympics! Woo Hoo!)! Isn’t cyberspace great for dreaming? Well, maybe one day I’ll be able to visit your pristine state. I’m pretty used to sea-level though … I’ll prob. get altitude-sickness! :mrgreen

    Cheers, Roxy.

  20. I have a tiny scar, it was caused by a pimple. however it’s still red, but the skin already has healed. is it better to add scar treatment cream on it now or should i wait?

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