since i start accutane monday i need to know how to prevent my liver from getting messed up. cause if it gets to high i would have to come off the drug so what exactly do i do? i no not to drink, what else is there. i know about the cholestoral:

avoid processed meats
whole milk
junk food
ice cream
cakes and pies

ne advice? man, i wont be eating much huh?

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One thought on “LIVER!

  1. hehehe yeah well it would be a good idea to limit all the candy stuff you mentioned but the meat i dont think its a problem. Anyways to be honest most probably while on accutane you can keep eat all the junk food and you wont break out. But for your own health is a good idea to keep down those refined sugars and dairy. You can always do but not so frequent.

    As regard with accutane well maybe you just want to supplement with Vit E and have a good diet. Cutting the candy will help you as while on the accutane your cholesterol and triglycerides will go high so you should eat as healthy as possible. Eat lot of vegetables and drink lot of water the most.

    Good luck! We look forward to hear your progress

    Mari 😀

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