Starting accutane at age 34 and ?’s about laser resurfacin

Hi, I’m new here. I have adult acne…it’s not bad but bothers me enough to want to do something about it. I am scheduled to start accutane at the end of the month and was just curious if anyone else has taken it who’s around my age and what the results were.

Also, I have scars…I was looking into laser resurfacing. Has anyone had this procedure done and if so, how do you like your results? I was also curious if the laser resurfacing could take care of “active” acne or do I need to take the accutane first to clear my skin up (I was considering foregoing the accutane and just getting the laser treatment done). I would also be curious to know if there are any alternatives to the laser procedure (it seems so invasive) that would improve scarring and skin tone or is this the best one.

Thanks, in advance, for any feedback!

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One thought on “Starting accutane at age 34 and ?’s about laser resurfacin

  1. pammy, welcome to the board.

    I have never been on accutane, but I thought I would comment about your question. My concern would be that you would combine the two treatments, the accutane and laser resurfacing, at the same time.

    As you might already know, your skin will become extremely sensitive during the accutane trtmnt. I believe you’re supposed to space out accutane and major procedures such as laser by about 6 to 12 months, depending on the condition of your skin. Otherwise you’re running the risk of doing more harm than good and causing possibly permanent scarring.

    Assuming you were planning on spacing the 2 trtmnts, I still don’t have an answer for you, as I’ve had neither done! Anyway, words to the wise.

    Cheers. Good luck w/ your trtmts.


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