A new book is circulating around on It was written by J. EDWARD GRIFFIN and it is called “SOMETIMES A WALL CAN REALLY TALK.” This book explores the irritating effects of acne upon a boy named Donovan Maxey. A friend recommended me this book which is paperback. Im tellin everyone in all the ACNE SUPPORT GROUPS all over the UNITED STATES AND THE WORLD. READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!! If you have had relationship problems with your spouse caused because of acne, read this book. If you have had problems with your family caused because they wouldnt support you when you had acne, read this book. If you feel like you have to submit to substance abuse to rid yourself the pain of acne, read this book. THIS BOOK IS FOR EVERYONE WHO HAS HAD AN INVISIBLE WALL PUT UP BECUSE OF ACNE in their Lives. I had the pleasure to read this book, and I must say it had me in fury, but also had me motivated to do something about my acne, because this boy in the book does something so amazing at the end of the book to rise above his acne. If EVERYONE with acne, read this book, you would be totally impressed and motivated to continue your everyday without letting acne get in the way. J. Edward Griffin really outdid himself with this one. After you read this book, please post on to this support group. The author, I think he has an email and hes on hotmail at [email protected] If you want this book, email him and Im sure he will let you know where it is located. The book needs to be in every book store and school in the United States, United Kingdom, and the rest of the world. I spent 16.95 plus tax on it and its worth every cent. It has a few editing errors, but the content flows and you can follow along with Donovan as he makes his attempt to rid himself of the skin disorder that befalls him.

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One thought on “SOMETIMES A WALL CAN REALLY TALK, Book Shows Acne Effects

  1. Thank you for bringing this book to our attention. I found the author’s website, , and in the photo there he doesn’t appear himself to have any acne or scarring. I wonder what influenced him to write on that subject? I notice that there were some used versions of this book for sale on Amazon for lower cost also, for those who can’t afford to buy a new book. I always check with the library first also to see if they have the book for borrowing.

    I do feel that people in general do not take seriously enough the psychological effects that acne and other skin diseases can have on a person. Although acne may not be life threatening or debilitating physically, it can be very painful emotionally and psychologically. I’ve also spent so much time, energy and money on trying to get it under control (which it finally seems to be) and also taken drugs that harmed my health (antibiotics, Accutane, etc.). I felt very self-conscious about it for years also and would never go to pool parties and such where my make-up might wash off. People tend to discount it as just being a temporary condition during adolescence, but I’m 53 years old and didn’t get my worst scarring until I was in my mid-forties when my acne became horribly cystic. Acne needs to be taken seriously and needs to be dealt with pro-actively to prevent scarring.

    I have an appointment this week for a consultation about treating the scarring with photo facials (non-ablative laser). I had a chemical peel done almost 2 years ago and am still suffering the psychological/emotional bad effects from that, as I feel that it altered my skin in a strange way. It lost a lot of its elasticity and just doesn’t look or feel normal or natural to me anymore. I’ve just been through so much with acne emotionally and psychologically, and spent so much money, gone through a lot of pain and discomfort also (extractions, peels, etc.).

    It looks like I have it for life also, even though it’s currently under control. I still have to be very vigilant about my routine to keep it under control. It’s just something that I have to keep on top of for the rest of my life, just like any other chronic health condition that one might have. I know that I could have much worse conditions to have to deal with, and I am extremely grateful that I have found ways to keep it under control, but it does take up a lot more of my consciousness, energy and money than I wish it did. I am also really grateful that I have found a way to keep it under control that is wholistic and natural for the most part (there are some acids, like salicylic and azeleic acids in my skin care products, but the products are still pretty gentle). I’ve just been through so much and part of the reason I spend so much time on the board here is because I want to help others, particularly young people, to manage their acne in a natural and safe way and get them on the right track towards eating healthfully, meditating, using safe natural skin care products, supplements, etc. It does work — I’m a living testament to that. Any book that would provide emotional support and encouragement to keep on working towards one’s dreams and ultimate purpose in life sounds like a very worthwhile book to read to me.

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