YAAJ (Yet Another Accutane Journal)

I know there are tons of these, but I feel as though if I have somewhere that I can go daily to express my feelings about this, it will help me through the horrific breakouts that are sure to come during the first few months of using Accutane. I will spare you the history, its the same as everyone else as far as antibiotics and topicals. I’m a 20 year old Black male. I will have pictures soon. I started on August 4th. I will start with my forth day. Alright here goes:

Day 4.
Today my skin has been really itchy. I don’t know if it’s the medicine or if it’s just because I am thinking about it so much. Since I have started Accutane I have been infatuated with other people’s journals and other Accutane questions. Well like I said my skin is itchy, no peeling, and my lips aren’t dry. My skin doesn’t look any better or worse so I guess right now it’s too early to tell anything. Actually, the left side of my chin is clear, without Accutane, there would MOST DEFINATELY be a boil there by now. But in the past 3 days, nothing has happened there. But its only my 4th day, surely Accutane hasnt kicked in yet. Ahh maybe this is a coincidence. Hell I dont know what to think. What I do know is that I can’t WAIT for a nosebleed. Or some kind of side effect. Seriously. It will assure me that the medicine is working. I’m only on 40mg a day and sometimes I feel like that’s not enough for me.

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  1. Hi, your case sounds very similar to mine. Took bout a week to notice side effects (dryness). Anyhow, hope it goes smoothly for you.

  2. Day 8

    I decided to skip the first couple of days because nothing new had happened. Alas, last night I noticed how quickly my skin dried up after washing. I use Aveeno Balance Bar Soap with Oatmeal. Its a really good feeling actually, when my skin is dry, I feel as though all of my zits are drying up and fading away. My skin also started peeling now, like fish scales almost, its not too bad right now. I wouldnt go out of the house without moisterizer though. BTW, for moisterizer I use this Galderma lotion the derm prescribed along with the Accutane. It’s a great formula. My skin looks better than it did a week ago, my cheeks have calmed down, but I have new breakouts on my jawline and in my brow area. They are all like lumps under my skin. Not huge, but still annoying. I can’t raise my eyebrows without feeling pain. Also, these whiteheads are new, every morning I have about 3 new whiteheads, mostly around my nose area. They are really sore to the touch and I can’t smile a lot. And I spoke too soon about the progress of my chin, the very next day I had two sore spots under my skin, you know what thats means, and by today, they are fully grown but I eased the pressure out of them last night so hopefully they’ll fade soon. As for side effects, I have no major ones, although I can swear when I close my eyes to go to sleep, I see flashes of light. But no headaches, nosebleeds, aches.

  3. Day 10
    I mean damn. Is this my initial breakout or what? Can it occur this early. Day 10? The space between my eyebrows has like 4, I want to say 5 sore, red, zits that are under my skin. These whiteheads around my nose area are getting annoying and disgusting. Every morning there are like 3 new ones. Since they are ready to be drained, I do that, but they always just come right back, sometimes just a few hours later. The sides of my forehead broke out, I never broke out there, what is going on! I feel like I’m doing something wrong. I really hope this is my initial breakout and that it doesnt stay this bad for long. I only have two zits on my chin now, and they both are dry and should be fading away within the next few days. Like I said my skin looks better than it did a week ago, but that doesnt mean it looks good. I spent most of day 9 at work rubbing dry skin off of my face with the back of my hand. Not roughly, just running it along my cheeks, watching the flakes fall onto the desk. Spent quite a bit of time peeling soft skin off of my bottom lip too. My lips arent dry at all, just peeling. Skin isnt harsly dry either. Does anyone have any ideas for exfoliation? I would assume I need to because of the peeling, dryness and dead skin that will accumulate on my face. I know those apricot scrubs are bad, what about glycolic peels? I heard thats a good exfoliant. I actually have some, it cost me 26 bucks. I used it a while ago when my skin wasnt this bad. Anywho, Im rambling, ttyl.

    Oh yeah, no nosebleeds, headaches or anything yet.

  4. Well Im 22 and I started Accutane a few months ago. It will be exactly two months next week when I go see my dermatologist. I wouldn’t say that I had extremely bad acne but I am just real concerned about my appearance. I have modeled some and my breakouts sometimes make me miss out on auditions and going out. I mean it sounds superficial, but damn why do I have to worry about my skin when I have school and other shit on my plate. I am doing an extra year partly because of my skin at times. Yea it is fucked up but it is hard going to class when you have broken out especially when people are always complementing you on your looks. I had to try dumb shit for about two years just so my doctor would write me a prescription because she didn’t think my acne warranted it. It was a waste of money and to think I could have been over treatment and feeling a lot better about myself sooner than now. But anyway man the breakouts from Accutane are common. Mine weren’t horrible, but I’m a popper and that makes them look worse. I noticed
    results after the fourth week but would still have minimal breakouts at least until now. Ive read it takes about two months to notice results so I’m on track. Man you are gonna look good as shit. Not trying to sound gay but I’m for real. I don’t even get the dark spots like I use to after a pimple is gone. I get like a light spot for a minute then it fades. That is due to the darkening of benzoyl peroxide on my skin for those years. So now Im getting back to my natural complexion since I don’t use that stuff anymore. I don’t think those products are good for people of color. They can cause darkening and discoloration. I just hope the shit works, Accutane, and keeps working long after my treatment is done. Good Luck and keep your head up because Im going through and have went through the same thing.

  5. Thanks for your words I really appreciate them! I know I’m not the only one in this battle but to hear, rather read someone sympathize with you is a good feeling. My day started off bad as soon as I was getting into the passenger side of the car and saw my reflection int he morning sun. Smh.

    Day 11

    Same as Day 10, new acne on my chin, although smaller in size than they used to be. I had been poppig my whiteheads every morning and night, I just cant help it, they look disgusting especially against my dark skin. The contrast! Ugh. But yeah, I’m starting to worry because I’m reading other journals and people get real dry and really dry lips by now and my lips arent dry just BARELY peeling and my skin isnt as dry as I think it should be. Maybe its this paranoia that everyone gets during beginnign stges of the drug. I’m on 40mg a day if I havent said so already. I weigh 175 pounds. Well there is nothing new today, one.

  6. Still Day 11

    I looked in the mirror again…………forget it, Im back where I started. I mean they arent healinG! And new ones com everyday, they are just piling up. I look like shit everyone. They are along the crese between my nose and cheek, white heads down my ‘smile line’ and pustules all up my jawline to my ear. On both sides. If this isnt the initial breakout I dont know how much worse it could be. I feel entirely ugly right now. Just wanted to share that.

  7. This is crazy, me and you are the same weight too. I don’t know the condition of your acne, but my dermatologist put me on 80mg per day. Maybe this is why you have not had the side effects as soon as others and including myself would. It is crazy though because when my nose starting bleeding I was happy as hell. So I feel you on that, you just want to know the medicine is working, but remember a side effect is only a possibility and it does not happen to everyone. Im telling you man do not pop. It only makes the situation worse, because if you accidently pop a bump that is not ready to be popped you can increase your chances of a bacteria infection in your skin not to mention your skin is going to become very fragile so you might accidently tear off a piece of skin unintentionally. Ive done it so I know what Im talking about. If I was you I would not take anything just use the moisturizer your doctor prescribes. Let the medicine work on its own. I know how hard it is though when you look in the mirror and you’re like okay when is this stuff going to work, but it takes time. I mean this is kind of pointless but people with acne including myself don’t understand that having acne does make life “harder” but we have to realize that their is a possiblity that your acne might not go away and even if it does it could come back. I think Accutane will give you results but man as cliche as it sounds don’t let this stuff take over your life. To an extent I have let it and I regret letting something so superficial have so much power over me, but Im working on my mental still even with clear skin. And like I almost wanted to change my major to dermatology or psychology because going through this has really humbled my spirit tremendously. God bless you man, and things will get better just keep your head up.

  8. My earth angel^^^ lol thanx man. Ur great!

    Day 14

    Well for the past 3 or 4 days I havent had many whiteheads along my smile line like I was complaining about. My cheeks are getting smoother, not saying they are clear, but the acne I had there is has gone down so much that you can feel it but not see it. I only have 1 active bump on my chin. And its right below my lip in the middle where the little cleft is, so it doesnt look too bad. No new breakouts along my jawline, but those are taking so long to heal. I have a bout 5 total on my jawline, up to my ear. They are taking forever to fade. The breakouts on the sides of my forehead tell the same story as my cheeks. And theres now one zit directly between my eyebrows. I was out and about yesterday, I made sure to rack up on everything I needed because I’m not sure if that was my initial breakout or not. I have my derm appointment on Sept 4, and I know he’s going to up my dosage, cauign another breakout I’m sure.

    I’ve been picking! Same story, as everyone else, and I know you all feel me on this, its so hard to defeat the urge. But whats worse is that Accutane has made it so much easier to pop them. Even the huge ones, its like the goo is just anticipating being pushed out, I dont even have to squeeze hard. My skin isnt peeling much yet so I’m not worried about pulling away new skin or any of that ………………..yet.

    No major side effects yet, no aches, pains, nosebleeds. Skin is not dry although oil production is down. Morning moisterizing seems to be enough. Lips are fine. The only skin that flakes like fish scales now are the areas by the cracks of my lips. In a circular fashion. ttyl

  9. Day 15

    Same as 14, no new spots! That’s a first, every day I would have at least one new zit, no matter how small. The third week has just started and I hope I don’t have that initial in the future. I hope the beginning of the second week marked the start of the initial breakout. Is it uncommon for it to start so early, but see Day 8 thru Day11 fo details. I didnt wake up to 10 whiteheads today, and usually after I wash my face I stand there examining every lesion, today I washed my face and was out of there. You know things are going well when you walk past a mirror and dont even care to look in it. I’m not saying I’ve gotten AMAZING results, but for what its worth, I’ve seen much improvement in such little time. I’m really excited about this. Everything on my jawline is drying up, cheeks are healing. Problem areas now are between my eyebrows, and the top of my jawline, under my ear. I also have 2 sore spots INSIDE of my right ear. I’ve seen that occur in many other journals so I’m guessing that’s common with accutane.

    My regimen for any who cares, is really simple.

    In the morning wash with cetaphil and moisterize with Nutraderm by Galderma.

    After work, wash with Aveeno Balance Bar Soap (I dont moisterize unless I’m going out of the house)

    At night, Cetaphil and no moisterizer.

    And that’s it. I drink about 3 liters of water a day so that may also be helping my complexion.

  10. Day 16

    My skin is flaking like dandruff. Last night I went to wash my face for the last time that day, I hadnt put on moisterizer that afternoon, so I could see the skin peeling, white, kinda lifted off of my face. The peeling seemed to trace my existing scars, which I think is a good sign that my skin is renewing itself. Today my eyes are sensitive and burn a little. I’m sure I’ve gotten enough sleep. And staring at a computer screen at work doesnt help I suppose. The derm gave me eyedrops and I havent used them yet I guess today will be my first day. I had one new zit today, relatively small, it had just formed last night and by this morning had already come to a head so I relieved it before I washed this morning. Still having problems with the ear area, inside my ear, and neck. I have this kinda big one on the side of my neck.

  11. Day 17

    My skin is peeling like mad. I had my first nosebleed I think, I woke up in the middle of the night and blew my nose only to find some bloody friends. My eyes were really dry this morning and throughout the day. Nothing else new, no new zits, the ones by my ear are taking forever to go away. And I’m having to apply chapstick more often than usual. My lips just eat the moisture up.

  12. Hey, Imagine.

    I’ve been reading your journal. Thanks for letting us in on your journey.

    You may have read my posts before, but, at the risk of being repetitive, I’ve never been on accutane. I hope you get the results you’re looking for. And look out for the side effects.

    Speaking of which, my younger cousin, who took accutane last year, swore by a recommendation I made to him for dry lips. I know a lot of people here swear by their own preferred brand of lip balm, but I’ve found this one to be particularly moisturizing.

    It’s Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment. Here in Canada, it’s around $3 a tube, so prob. same to less in the U.S. (assuming that’s your location). I’ll describe it, since there are so many blistex products. It’s usually in a cardboard box (you know, the ones that have a flap w/ a hole in it that hangs on the display). The product itself is a white squeeze-tube w/ navy blue writing “Blistex”, smaller red writing above that “Medicated Lip Ointment”, and a red stripe on its bottom end. Here’s a pic at drugstore.com: http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=15784&catid=49461&trx=PLST-0-SRCH&trxp1=49461&trxp2=15784&trxp3=1&trxp4=0&btrx=BUY-PLST-0-SRCH … oh, and it says it’s around U.S.$2. Maybe it goes w/out saying, but you don’t need to order it online; it’s available at just about all pharmacies.

    You squeeze out the white medicated stuff onto your finger and rub it on your lips. It gives a slight tingly feeling (b/c of camphor and phenol ingredients). It feels like it just sucks the moisture right out of the air and injects it into your lips! I’ve never found its equal for relieving dry lips.

    I should add that it doesn’t have any sun protection, so you still need to apply a lip balm w/ SPF when you’re heading out.

    Cheers, and good luck again w/ accutane. Roxy.

  13. I agree with the person who above. Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment works very well. I have tried a lot of stuff but it is the only one that keeps my lips from drying out. However, I think you should try the one in the blue jar. It has a consistency like petroleum jelly. Chapstick does not work at all. I happy you got that nose bleed, so something is definately working. My skin never pealed really bad though. You’re lucky that is happening because that does mean your skin is renewing. You sound pretty happy and that is good. In some of your earlier messages I was like damn brother sounds discouraged a bit. Keep writing I enjoy reading your journal.

  14. Well I will definately check out the Blistex, it sounds promising. Thanks for keeping up with my journal you guys and Hotrod thanks for your continued interest in my progress.

  15. Day 21

    My cheeks are clear! It’s incredible! Now I can really get a look at what scarring I have. Its mostly discoloration, no icepicks or any of that, just light or dark spots. Doesnt look too bad. I love it when my skin peels at night, all that new skin being formed. Its a beautiful thing. My chin has come a long way also, I had two active ones on Sunday, they didnt get too big like usual, and by now, Wednesday, they are already skin level and healing very well. The sides of my forehead are the main problem now, a place where I never broke out before. The fluidy cysts that were under my ear are basically gone, they arent noticeable. I do have this really large bump beside my nose, on the front of my cheek, if that makes since, but its so big that it’s not really noticeable. Lol. I’m sure we’ve all had those. The space between my brows is clear now also. Any new pimples I get come and go so quickly. I know this all will change when my dosage is upped on September 4th. So I better enjoy this little break! No more nosebleeds have happened. During the day I feel so so so tired at work, and I get little headaches, but nothing to take medicine for, they are very light headaches. I need to stop touching my face though, Im just amazed at how this stuff is working.

  16. Day 25

    Well I’m in the middle of week 4 (wait did I just say that?! I cant believe its been a month already!) Well there’s really nothing new going on you guys. My lower cheeks and jawline haven’t had any new pimples in 3 days. I excluded my upper cheeks because two days ago I had a zit show up on one of my cheekbones, but it isnt bad at all. Chin is clear. The breakout on the left side of my forehead has cleared but the right side is persistent. And everything that was near my ear is steadily fading. In all I have about 5 active zits. And they arent big or red or painful. *thumbs up* I’ve been out everyday this week. Im not clear yet, but its a really good feeling for me to be even this clear. As for side effects, nose gets really dry at night, which is a relief actually because it makes for a better night’s sleep. Because usually nighttime brings sinus trouble, no pain, just a stuffy nose, and I’m there trying to fall asleep while breathing through my mouth. Not easy for me. The peeling has stopped, no joint pains or anything yet. I’ve been taking real good care of my lips, I stay putting on chapstick. My friends dont know Im on accutane and that Im worried about the condition of my lips, so they think I’m trying to be ‘pretty’, refering to as P. Diddy and LL Cool J. Ha, whatever. Well ttyl

  17. That was funny about what you said in reference to LL and Diddy. My friends said the same thing to me. They were like I wish you would stop putting that stuff on your lips. I’m going into my third month and everything is still good. I just wish every dark spot would hurry up and fade and light spot. It is funny how you get over obsessing about one thing just to obsess about another. School has started for me that is why I having be on here a lot. But, I am glad everything is going well. I am starting to have dry eyes a lot more, but it is tolerable. Keep writing man . You should try to come to our homecoming, It would be cool to meet you. I don’t want to put my business out there but we are famous for our homecoming, ask Diddy (we wont stop, lol).

  18. Day 28

    I start my fifth week in two days. There is nothing new. The bump on my left cheekbone is going away but theres a new one on my right cheekbone. My acne has always been symmetric. Cheeks are clear, jawline clear, chin clear. Sides of forehead look fine now. Still getting bumps inside of my ear. Other than this positive progress, there is nothing new. I go to the derm on the 4th, and I only have 2 pills left! I’m going to have to miss a day.

  19. Day 37

    I have one active pimple! And its not really noticeable, its like under my eye kinda. I’ll leave it alone. I have like 2 or 3 on my forehead but they are so small and irrelevant I dont count them. My skin hasn’t looked like this in 5 years. I have nothing but good news this time. THe derm kept me at my same dosage. He said usually people don’t see the results that I have in just a month. He said by the end of Month 2 (Oct 4th) I should be completely clear. But he’s still doing a 6 month course. The only side effect I deal with is drying of my lips. But the Blistex handles that well. No other aches, nosebleeds, headaches, depression. I havent been this content in my looks in a long time.

  20. I feel you. It is almost unbeleivable how bad of an effect acne can have on you as a person. It really is a disease. It cripples you mentally and physically. I am really glad to hear that you are clearing up so well man. That is mre than great. I told you to just hang in there. Anyway, I hope to see you on this site less and less and start enjoying life again. I know I am.

  21. Its official, a woman at work, whom I dont even know, never conversated with in my life stopped me int he hallway today and was so excited for me. Like, it sent this enrgy through me and I was truly truly appreciative of these words she was saying to me. She said it was “amazing” and that “you look really good”. Im stoked!

    So Day 40

    I have three really really really really small ones on a cheekbone. SO small I shouldnt really count them. Overall I have no cysts or bumps in/around ear. Good skin day.

  22. Day 41 (DAMN!)

    No active zits on my face! And the only one that is visible has been ‘dead’ for a while just taking its time healing. I guess Ill update this on a weekly basis now? later

  23. Day 109

    Everything is the same. I don’t break out at all anymore. I eat what I want, drink what I want, but I still use noncomedogenic products of course. My accutane adventure has gone so well. I experienced NO side effects, with great results. The dry lips thing TRIED to show its face during early weeks but failed. Im very happy with this treatment. You how they say you get over one thing and start obsessing oevr another? Well, now I’m thinking about ways to get rid of these scars. I have a couple shallow ice pick scars on like my frontal cheek (beside my nose) and rolling type scars on my outer cheek. But otherwise Im one happy camper!

  24. An update, I took my last pill around December 20th 2005. So I’ve been off of Accutane for about 5 weeks now. During the days after I ran out, I was having dreams where I would have acne on my face. The dreams lasted about a week. Although when I woke up, skin was clear. Over this 5 week period, I’ve had about 3 zits. Small ones, no cysts or anything terrible. I had noticed a little oilyness in the t-zone area which proves that although accutane is a miracle worker, it can’t stop the body from doing natural things. As long as the oil doesnt create zits, I’m cool with it. Its not that bad anyway. My derm has done 2 chemical peels on me. 2 weeks apart. I have about 3 more to go. That helps with the oiliness I found out. And of course it is evening my skin tone and discolorations wich is only bad along my jawline. Overall my skin looks great!

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