acne and diet sodas

Does anyone know of a relationship between drinking diet soda & acne flare-ups?

thnx in advance…

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4 thoughts on “acne and diet sodas

  1. My personal experience is that even diet soda makes my skin break out. I’ve read that even sugar supplements can cause a blood sugar spike. Which may or may not be the reason I have break outs when I drink diet soda. I’ve also read that sodas with phosphoric acid can be bad for acne. Try and stick with sodas that use citric acid instead of phosphoric.

  2. Sugar substitutes are known to be pretty bad for your body, and if it isn’t healthy for you, it’s probably not healthy for your skin.

    However, everyone’s skin reacts differently to different stuff. The only way to know for sure if it will affect you personally is to just try it out for yourself (ie, drink lots for a week, then stop for a week, and note skin changes).

  3. Yes, I read the same thing somewhere about phosphoric acid, 2OldForAcne (that should be my screenname — I’m 53 years old!). I’ve also heard from many sources that diet soda can actually make people fatter in the long run, although I don’t know the medical reasons as to why. Basically, it’s colored chemical water with absolutely no nutritional value and I believe it to be harmful. Stick with natural foods — you’ll be much better off for it in the end, believe me. If you really want to have something soda-like, you can get some naturally sparkling waters that have natural fruit flavors added to them and them use some liquid stevia in them for sweetness (stevia is an herbal sweetener that has no calories — a natural sugar substitute). I like the brand “Amai” stevia in the liquid form myself.

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