Antibiotics after accutane more effective?

well i have been acne free since december, i finished my accutane course in december. thing is my face has a few tiny little zits, and my neck is breakin out a lot lately, i never had a problem with my neck, but thing is i dunt want to do accutane again, considering my face is still pretty clear. its just this damn neck! but i can beat it, but i was just wondering if any of u have done antibiotics after accutane and had success. because i was on a bunch of antibiotics before i went on tane that didnt work . just wondering if they are more effective after accutane. thanks for the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Antibiotics after accutane more effective?

  1. Is it really that many in the neck? For me at least as long as the zits are not in the face I don’t have a problem with it. Are you using a new cologne or something like that? I don’t think getting on antibiotics again will really help. I would just make sure to use non irritating cleansers in the neck area and see what happens.

  2. neutregena oil free acne wash too irritating you think? it does make my face a lil dry. its got some stalycic acid or sumthing. maybe i shud try sumthing without the word “acid” in it, it kind of seems like a rough word.
    anything to recomend,? it seems to work well for my face, but i know the neck is more sensitive and maybe its the neutregena.

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