cheap alternative to oil absorbing sheets

I read a post here about someone who was having excessive oily skin lately and commented that she (?) had gone thru 3 of those sheets in day – now I can’t find the post, so…. a cheap alternative is to cut up squares of white tissue paper- the kind you use for gift wrapping and use that instead. I had heard of this a long time ago, but at that time I was using Proactiv very successfully and never needed to try it. However, the Proactiv suddenly stopped working last fall 🙁 , and I recently remember this and gave it a try. It works like a charm……and is a lot less costly. Soaks up the oil without removing all your make-up.

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2 thoughts on “cheap alternative to oil absorbing sheets

  1. southernbelle,

    BTW (by the way), welcome to the forum. Thanks for the nice tip. I’ll definitely use this one. I have oily skin. Sometimes I use regular tissues and dab, but the gift-wrapping type will likely work much better, just like the expensive types sold.

    Thanks, sb.


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