lemon water vs. vinegar water

Hello, hello….I’m new here – well actually don’t feel new as I’ve been lurking/absorbing info here for awhile, but this is my first post….
I am currently trying the apple cider vinegar/ water cleanse – I drink a total of 2L water : 2Tbsp. vinegar throughout the day. Only my 5th day – I am curious if there is any difference in benefits of the apple cider vinegar vs. lemon juice? I would certainly prefer the taste of the lemon juice better – although I am getting somewhat used to the vinegar.
Also, does drinking this solution affect the absorption of any supplements I am taking??

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3 thoughts on “lemon water vs. vinegar water

  1. They both work in a similar way – you can mix both to good effect. I don’t think they’ll affect your supplements.

  2. I’m really glad that you decided to post Southernbelle, thats a cute username by the way. I do the Lemon water. I tried the vineger one but thought that it was too gross. Instead about eight times a day I pour about 2-3 tablespoons of lemon juice into about a 12 ounce glass of water I also add 1-2 packets of equal and it tastes like lemonaide. It’s really good and I actually enjoy drinking it. I don’t know if it has any affect on my skin for sure. But I have noticed that I seem clearer than before I did this, plus I like the taste wich helps me to drink more water which is always good for you.

    good luck on the quest to clear skin! :wink Jamie

  3. Thanks Maya and Jamie! After reading the label on the ACV, I decided to up the vinegar to water ratio and added several drops of stevia to it – it helped the taste. I don’t like the taste of a lot of stevia, but just a bit is ok. I would be afraid of using the Equal as I am not a big fan of artificial sweeteners. I try to stay away from anything artificial if I can. I may try alternating with the lemon water for variety.
    Hopefully this will do something for me……….

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