hi everyone

HI….im new to this group. i read some posts about a week and a half ago and was very interested by many acne cures that many of you suggested. i am 21 and have had acne only since 18 but it tears down my self esteem. ive tried everything from antibiotics to “as seen on tv” miracle cures to accutane. nothing has worked. i even got an invite, expenses paid, to go to dallas to go to work and maybe model for abercrombie. the scout, however, saw me on a good day and am to petrified to call back to work out details. anyways, my self esteem has been severely damaged by cystic acne. i recently, however, bought some b5, b-100 complex, vit a, vit c,grape seed extract, flax oil, acidolphus, vit e and tape 😀 ….and i swear my skin is feeling and getting better. i will try and post a before pic, and if this works, i will post more detail to everything ive done. thanks for giving me hope with your posts.


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  1. Welcome nick! :wave

    Glad to hear about your progress! :tu Feel free to ask us anything and we look forward you keep us posted 😀

    Mari :girl

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