Aloe Vera used for scars??

How come i keep hearing about people using aloe vera for red marks yet when i bought a bottle it says nothing about reducing them? im so confused, did i buy the wrong thing?

Is there something else better for scars, i saw something called “Cocoa butter” but i was hesitant to try it cause i dont see anything or hear anything about people using that. But it does state its for acne scars. Thanks.

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3 thoughts on “Aloe Vera used for scars??

  1. I don’t know anything about scarring, but if you bought aloe vera, then it’s aloe vera… There’s not more than one type or anything. And aloe has more uses than anyone could put on a bottle, it’s used by people for everything from burns (one of it’s best uses), to hair gel.

    I’ve never seen a bottle of aloe vera that said anything about red marks, so that’s normal. If the bottle says Aloe Vera on it (or if you’ve bought an actual aloe vera plant), then you’ve got the right thing. 🙂

  2. aww man, haha, i feel so stupid. Can you recommend me something that helps reduce the appearance acne scars, or speeds up recovery?

  3. Peaches, don’t feel stupid! I think aloe vera can help (though it may not be totally miraculous or anything). It has healing properties and can be very supportive of the skin, giving it a chance to repair and heal itself.

    Read my post and reply to you in general acne chat.

    As for other things that could help. Well, I’ve personally been using Retin-A micro, but even though I’m getting quite a bit of improvement in the past few months, I’m beginning to wonder if this is in spite of the Retin-A, rather than because of it. I’ve started to notice my pores looking larger, especially in my inner cheeks, and somewhat on my forehead. I wonder if this from the drying effect the Retin-A has, sort of shrinking up and shrivelling up the healthy skin tissue between the pores, making the pores look larger.

    I’ve actually just tapered using the Retin-A this past week, and because of the idea triggered in my head due to your seeking aloe vera as possible treatment, I’ve started using a JASON brand aloe vera/tea tree oil combo, as I mention to you in my other post. I want to see if I help support the tissues, rather than harshly interfere w/ them (as w/ Retin-A), if not only the pigmented spots will continue to fade, but hopefully see if the pores will improve.


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