Quick, Natural Energizers???

I work during the night this summer (I know, not the best for my body but I need the $$$) and this was my first week. This week I drank Mountain Dew a lot but I hardly ever drink soda and the sugary taste it left on my teeth drove me nuts so I’m open to more natural, better for your body pick me ups! I thought of green tea as one possible choice…

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5 thoughts on “Quick, Natural Energizers???

  1. WALLY! 😮

    Don’t do it! You shouldn’t be drinking sugary pops … O.K., I’m sounding like a mom, but it’s so unhealthy, I can’t help it. It sounds like this is a rare thing for you, so excellent. And you’re already sounding disenchanted w/ it, so even better.

    As for green tea, I think it’s a good choice because it has caffeine and other theobromine type stimulants which will give you the desired effect. Plus it has powerful antioxidants and health benefits.

    I just wanted to point out something about green tea that I posted in another thread at http://www.clearskin.net/viewtopic.php?p=52784&highlight=#52784

    A little update on green tea. Some brands may have very high levels of fluoride, well beyond the set safe limits, based on comments from this review:

    Excess of this heavy metal can cause a number of problems, but as pointed out in the review, it may damage the thyroid and cause hypothyroidism. Which would lead me to wonder if hypothyroidism is more common in East Asian regions where a lot of green tea is consumed.

    The review is from a Canadian nutritionist (w/ B.Sc. in nutrition and additional degree in “Natural Nutrition”) who appears regularly on a national TV program in Canada called Balance Television, which is hosted by an M.D. and covers a lot of health and nutrition issues. Here’s the link to his bio:

    Do you know how much fluoride there is in your green tea? I don’t. D’oe! Anyone know more about this topic?

    This is by no means meant to freak you out about green tea. It’s just an observation from a source. I think many manufacturer’s websites may give information on their green tea fluoride content (if not already on the label … ideally look for fluoride free). Also, the fresher the leaves, the more benefits, so if you can find a good local source, you should be fine.

    Hey, how are your 3 jobs going for you? “You only have 3 jobs. You lazy maan.” (do you know what I’m quoting?! :wink )

    Green tea toast,

  2. Thanks for the heads up about the fluoride. I will definitely look out for that. Not only is is pretty good for you, but I’m definitely a tea person-coffee= :crazyeyes

    Hey, how are your 3 jobs going for you?

    It’s not that bad at all. This week was pretty light because my job cleaning up a local stadium was really light because they were away. I also work at DQ during the day a few days a week and then I work at a plastics factory during Mon-Thurs too. It may sounds like a lot but its really not too much. Plus I need the $$$ lol.

    You lazy maan.

    I have no idea. My main guess is Office Space but I’ve never seen that whole movie so I wouldn’t know :oops [/url]

  3. Tea is good, or if you’re lazy, popping caffeine pills works too. I find caffeine sources that come from guarana to be more powerful (for me, anyway). Plus it’s supposively better for you.

    I also have found that a B-50 supplement helps for a kick of energy.

    Yeah, I always try to find ways to stay awake and alert longer for that all-night LAN party/gaming session once in a while. :mrgreen

  4. O.K. Wally, now maybe I’ll be embarassed if this doesn’t wind up being right :oops but I’m pretty sure it’s from the movie Cool Runnings about the Jamaican bobsled team that made it to the winter olympics. And one of the guys asks the other one that: <Roxy puts on her Jamaican accent> “You only got 3 jobs? You lazy maan!” <thus the extra ‘a’ in man … Roxy’s Jamaican accent> It was from the early 90’s, so maybe you wouldn’t know it. Gosh, you youngens!

    That seemed funnier when I posted it … ahem.

    I do love a great cup of coffee though, I must say. Triple shot latte’ for me, thank you.

    Is it the stadium job that you have to stay up for, then? Good luck w/ that. Maybe the 3 don’t sound like a lot to you, but it sure does to me. Oh, to be young again! A’ight (the Ali G in me is comin’ out!), I’m making myself sound so old. 37 isn’t over the hill or anything. Well, maybe to you. Alright, stop talking back, Wally. JK! :lol


  5. Oh, and I like Ryan’s ideas of going herbal. Shouldn’t ginko biloba give you some alertness as well and be good for your brain and memory?

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