Bread and acne?

Hey, is it true that bread causes breakouts??
a friend told me today that bread (carbs etc) are real bad acne causers.

cos i have quite a bit of bread 🙁

i always either have toast or cereal (carbs!!) at breakfast. Nearly always sandwitches at lunch (easy at school!) and quite often toast when im hungry at night!!!………….that must b bad!! im conna try and cut it ALL out

anyone got other suggestions for breakfast?? :roll

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3 thoughts on “Bread and acne?

  1. Hey Andy

    Yeah, i’ve tried to cut bread out as much as i can but its pretty hard, like you say, at school its just easy to get a sandwich. Just try cutting it out as much as you can at first and see if it makes any difference, if it does then you could try and cut it out further then?

    lilnat :angel

  2. there is also something to be said about people who have sensitivities to gluten and wheat. I don’t have the links to give you more info though.
    I try to use gluten free flour for my baked goods.

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