15% off on MyChelle products during May

I’m putting this as a new topic so that people will see it. I’ve been keeping a skin diary thread (it’s at http://www.clearskin.net/viewtopic.php?t=6220 ) since I started using the MyChelle Dermaceuticals line — my skin is clear and in much better condition generally also after using these products for 3 weeks. I am loving using them. Although I usually like to wait a good 3 months before recommending a line of products, I have to say that the initial results are extremely encouraging. They’re having a 15% off sale on their entire line of products during May ( wwww.mychelleusa.com ). I think they have a money back guarantee also (ask them first, though). They also have a lot of trial kits. They have a 20-product trial kit for $9.95 that is not listed at the website. Call them to order it at (800) 447-2076. It contains very small sizes of everything. Alternately, you can order the acne/oily skin trial kit for I think $21.99 (don’t know if the kits are on sale also). The kits contain larger sizes than the 20-product trial kit.

I would also recommend reading through their newsletters online — there’s a lot of good info in them. The products are expensive. Perhaps you don’t need to use the entire regimen to get results. However, I would recommend using only MyChelle products and not mixing in other products — it might affect the results. I’m sorry if I sound like I’m selling these products (I’m not), but I’m just very excited about them. The young woman at the health food store where I bought these said that these are the best products she’s ever used for her acneic skin. I could see that she had some red marks left over but her skin was clear as far as active acne.

Of course, I’m still on my healthy diet and taking supplements also, meditating, praying, following a spiritual path (classes, books, etc.),exercising (or at least getting back into exercising now), getting fresh air and some sun, etc., but the skin care products seem to be making a big difference for me also. I’ve even been going through a lot of emotional stress with a roller coaster relationship and it hasn’t popped up on my skin. I believe that the couple of pimples I got on my forehead in the first week was from some new hair care products that I was trying. As soon as I discontinued those, my forehead cleared up. They’re also coming out with a product for rosacea in July.

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