Lavera blush and other make-up

I had been using Aubrey’s rose silk powder as a blush previously, but it looks too rosy over the MiEssence liquid foundation that I’m using now. I already owned Lavera’s powder rouge in the color “bronze” which I really like. It does contain talc, silica and mica, the three ingredients that Kay at DermaCare warned me not to use, but I don’t recall having a particular problem with it. I don’t know if talc is that good for the skin in general though or not (not sure whom to believe at this point). I really like Lavera’s make-up: I’ve used their eye shadow, mascara and lipstick also (the lipstick is a little dry though — I use it over lip balm). I have used their compact finishing powder and fluid foundation also but I thought they might be breaking me out, but I’m not sure. It could be that I wasn’t using the right skin care products at the time to keep the acne under control. I get my Lavera products from . You have to have a $50 minimum order to order directly from the Lavera Company.

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