toxic cosmetic ingredients (preservatives, sunscreens)

The following quotes are copied from the website for MyChelle skin care products ( ) which I just recently started using. So far, I love them and my skin is doing great.

Recent scientific data reveals that parabens, preservative chemicals found in most body care products, accumulate in the tissues of the body over time, potentially causing harm. In fact, parabens can be so persistent in living tissues that offspring exposed to their deleterious influences have an increased risk of reproductive abnormalities. Recent evidence further indicates that topical parabens have been detected in human breast tumors. This is of great concern as parabens have been shown to mimic the action of the female hormone estrogen, which can encourage the growth of human breast tumors. The effects of parabens on the male reproductive system are also currently being studied. On a less serious note, some people have a paraben mix allergy, resulting in a flare-up of a rash, or the spread of an existing treated rash. Paraben allergic hypersensitivity is not uncommon. Yet, manufacturers using parabens claim that the small amounts present in their formulas do not present a danger to the consumer. We disagree, and that’s why all MyChelle products are paraben free. Look closely at the ingredients in your skin care items, creams, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, hairsprays, cosmetics, and even toothpastes and you will most likely discover at least one form of paraben listed. Watch out for methyl, propyl, butyl and ethyl parabens. To add insult to possible injury, due to the laxity of our current regulatory structure, most skin care companies choose to list only two, when in fact they may contain four parabens.

In MyChelle products you will never find parabens or sunscreens known as octyl methoxycinnamates, both of which can be estrogenic; triethanolamine, which can combine with secondary amines in products to form highly carcinogenic nitrosamines; or other diethanolamine, which has been shown to be directly carcinogenic. None of the products are ever tested on animals.

It would seem to me that the estrogenic effects of these ingredients would be of particular concern to someone with acne, since hormonal disbalances are such a crucial part of the acne picture.

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