Thesis: everything is based on the theory that water-retention is a major cause of acne because it creates the swelling in the skin. If there is not a lot of water retention then there is really not swelling and therefore only really small pimples.


· Applying preparation H gel as an astringent after washing face with facedoctor soap. This gel will be an anti-water retention for skin, especially if used before going to gym. Astringents help the skin to tighten so it stops the flow of blood and other liquids. This will help to make skin less oily.
· Face doctor is used to shed off the dead cells that can clog pores. Maybe washing with this when taking a shower.
· I also have the preparation h pads for morning and night cleansing


· Taking an egg protein supplement because whey protein enters the blood stream too fast. If there is too much protein in the blood stream then there could be a water-retention. Maybe its ok to drink whey protein for after workouts to help faster absorption that body needs.
· Taking the live bacteria acidophilus so that it helps breakdown the protein and reduce the bad bacteria. So if it helps breakdown the protein then the system will not have too much water retention. It is best to take Acidophilus supplements on an empty stomach when stomach acidity is at its lowest (allowing acidophilus bacteria to make it through the stomach and reach the intestines).
· Drinking water at least 8 glasses to help reduce water retention

· B vitamins: Taking these because of hormone imbalance, it may be cause for stubborn water retention. (Vitamin B6 for hormones) This vitamin is essential for the proper metabolism of steroid hormones and can reduce the sensitivity of skin to the effects of testosterone.
o Vitamin A: don’t really need this one since getting it from the fruit and vegetables that I eat. Vitamin A may help to reduce sebum production
o Zinc: Zinc helps also with the hormones, which can have an affect on water retention. Especially in the form of zinc gluconate or zinc sulfate, can help prevent acne. Zinc helps heal blemishes, reduces inflammation, and reduces androgenic hormonal effects on the skin.
o Detox Tea: (dandelion ) herbal blend that can help with acne consists of equal parts of the herbal extracts of sarsaparilla, yellow dock, burdock, and cleavers. These herbs are believed to be potent blood and lymph cleansers. Half a teaspoon per day of this blend can be taken three times per day combined with a healthy diet. Using this can actually help you fight water retention. It cleanses the lymph system of too much protein and other toxins, which can cause water retention. (Lymph system takes the toxins to the skin when it can’t do anything with them.)
o Omega fatty oils (3): inflammation, help reduce water retention and steroid production and hormone synthesis.
o Calcium: food would not digest, blood pH would become dangerously acidic, your body would become puffy from water retention,
o Not so much important:
§ Vitamin E: may help water retention
§ Vitamin C: Excessive vitamin C may stress the kidneys, however, and increase the likelihood of water retention in the future
· Maybe just take one antioxidant.
· Don’t eat any high sodium foods, which will probably just be processed foods, I think anything higher than 50 mg is bad.
· The rest of the food is basically just: fresh fruits and vegetables that are low in sodium. Make sure to eat fruits only as snacks and not with protein. Eat protein first then eat vegetables. If you eat grains to get fiber then eat them after the protein and then vegetables. You will probably get all the fiber that you need from the fruits and vegetables.
· Make sure you get enough fiber because constipation can cause water retention.

Other things to do to help reduce water retention:
· Exercise – I weight lift
· Renounce (trampoline) – to help with the lymph system
· Saunas or face steams help reduce water retention
· Sleeping with head upward not just flat

If anyone can contribute to this study that would be greait, so far this has helped me a lot because when I did have a lot of water retention in the face i was getting really big zits, but now i’m getting really clear, I just have scars that I’m working on. I also have another theroy of how to cure acne but this has worked for me but as soon as I have time I will post the rest. Do your own research too on acne and water retention and you will see that mostly all the cures that we have been trying was to reduce water retention with out even knowing.

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