Acquarella — non-toxic nail polish

Okay, this isn’t strictly acne related but it’s health related and could affect acne indirectly, who knows. I haven’t worn nail polish for years (decades) because I’m allergic to either the polish or the remover — I would get painful lumps under my arms. It seems obvious that something was getting absorbed into my blood stream and inflaming my lymph nodes. I saw an ad for these products in one of Dr. Andrew Weil’s e-mail newsletters, so I figured they must be truly non-toxic.

Anyway, I bought the line of Acquarella nail care products: remover, moisturzer, nail conditioner (which is like a clear polish), and a couple of nail polish colors. So far I’ve only used the remover, moisturizer and nail conditioner, and I love them! I’m going to try one of the colors I got soon. I have had no allergic, weird reaction to the products at all. Yay! Also, I’m hoping this will keep my nails from breaking so much. I want to learn how to play the wire-strung harp, which is played by plucking with the nails, so I need to keep my nails long. I need to buy a harp first, though (sigh). They’re quite expensive. The website is . The polishes are very expensive, $18, but to me it’s worth it since I can’t even use anything else. I feel like I’m like the little bird that coal miners used to take down into the mines with them: if the bird started to keel over, then they knew the air was getting bad. If something can give me a bad reaction like inflamed lymph nodes, then I would think that standard nail products would best be avoided by most people.

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