Skin is pretty clear again — Kiss My Face + Naturally Clear

My monitor broke a month ago which is why I’ve been gone.

I went back to using the Naturally Clear products ( and have been consistent in taking my supplements (I’m seeing a naturopathic doctor — an “N.D.”) and my skin has stayed pretty much clear. I was using the N.C. products in conjunction with a trial kit I got of Kiss My Face Obsessively Organic products for a couple of weeks and my face got really clear. (You can get the trial kit online for $10 at .) I used KMF products several years ago and they did work well for me. KMF has changed their line though, changing the names (and possibly some of the ingredients) of old products and adding in new products.

I recently broke out in hives (itchy red bumps) in various locations on my body (not on my face though) so I’ve temporarily stopped using the KMF products and have gone back to using my Linda Chae’s Organic Essentials products (available at ) along with the N.C. products. Although I used the KMF products on my face only (not my body), it is still possible that they could have absorbed through my skin into my bloodstream and caused an allergic reaction in my body. I am going to wait until the hives go away, and then re-introduce products back slowly. I also cut out all of the supplements that the N.D. sold me, and went back to the basic few I was using previously (probiotic, N.C. vitamins, flax seed oil and calcium powder) I also cut out a laundry booster powder that I started to use a few months ago in case that was the problem. It’s so hard to know though: they could be bug bites, or an allergy to pollen in the air, something I ate, or just from nerves also. I’ve been under a lot of emotional stress recently. I officially broke up with my old boyfriend, who moved up to San Francisco over a year ago, and have been seeing a man I met in late December.

I was using these KMF Obsessively Organic products:


I also purchased the BALANCING ACT FACIAL TONER because it wasn’t included in the trial kit, but only used that for a couple of days before the hives popped up. I was a little hesitant about the toner because it contains “algae extract”, (a “5” on the comedogenicity list) but it is a ways down on the ingredients list. KMF states in their literature that all of their Obsessively Organic line of products are non-comedogenic, but I would be hesitant to use their CLEAN FOR A DAY CREAMY FACE CLEANSER for dry skin because it contains coconut oil for one thing. My skin has been feeling a little dry though. I was using the N.C. spray after the toner and was using the KMF acne gel as a spot treatment only. They recommend using it all over the face, but I find it too strong to use it like that. It makes my face red. I was using the KMF scrub once a day and the mask 2-3 times a week. I was also using the mask on in-between days on just the pimples, as a spot treatment. I’ve gone back to using my La Bella Donna loose mineral powder make-up ( ). It’s the only make-up I’ve ever used that doesn’t seem to cause me a probem, including other mineral powder make-ups I’ve tried (like Jane Iredale’s pressed powder, which I think broke me out). I also still use Aubrey Organics rose silk powder as a blush and use their other powders for contouring and highlighting. They don’t cause me any problems either. ( )

I feel confident about recommending using the Naturally Clear products in conjunction with either the Linda Chae’s Organic Essentials products (don’t use her Rich Moisture Cream or Lifting Cream on acne-prone areas though — they are too rich), or with the Kiss My Face Organically Obsessive line of products. I like Chae’s Clarifying Cleanser, Sheer Moisture Lotion and Perfecting Serum in particular. The Perfecting Serum is supposed to help even out pigmentation problems. As to the various scrubs (N.C., Chae or KMF), I find the N.C. scrub to be a bit harsh and the Chae scrub to be a bit scratchy (they both contain ground walnut shell particles). I like the KMF scrub because it only contains jojoba beads for scrubbiness, so it is gentler. I didn’t get a chance to test out the KMF + the NC products for very long though, but my skin sure did clear up beautifully after using them both together for a week or so. You could use just the NC products (the spray & vitamins are most important — they also have a spot treatment stick and a scrub) along with a sunscreen (or just be careful not to get over-exposed to sun), but I feel I need more than that that. I’m 52 and am dealing with aging skin also.

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2 thoughts on “Skin is pretty clear again — Kiss My Face + Naturally Clear

  1. Hi Lenore,
    Just wondering where do you purchase your makeup, online, or in a
    department store? I am in CA, so I looked and saw this online, but
    I’d like to try it first. Thanks, I am thinking of this for my daughter who
    is 18. She has different coloring than me, so I’d really like to find it if
    it’s out there somewhere. 🙂

  2. I purchase my La Bella Donna make-up from a salon in West Hollywood on Melrose Place. It used to be called Giovanna-Jutta but it was bought over and I believe it is now called Melrose Place Aesthetics. Their phone number is (323) 658-7855. I don’t know for sure if they still carry the LBD make-up or not. I actually order it from them by phone to mail to me, because it’s an hour or so drive from me. There is also a salon in Beverly Hills called Verabella’s that carries the whole line of LBD products. Their info is (310) 278-4733, 301 N. Canon. I’ve never been there yet myself. Or you can purchase it from the company directly at . I think they sell some inexpensive trial sizes so you can try different colors.

    I order the Aubrey Organics make-ups from their website, . They have some nice deals when you get a kit of colors — it’s a big savings to get some of their kits. They don’t make any foundations that have any real coverage to them, though. They say that one can mix their silk powders to use as a make-up base, but they’re very sheer. The LBD mineral powder has very good coverage. I apply it all over my face using a foam wedge sponge and then I use an eyeshadow applicator (the kind with the foam tips) to apply on spots directly.

    By the way, have you visited the make-up board here? There is a separate board for discussing acne-safe make-up. You might find that helpful.

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