Clean and Clear

:roll I just went out today and bought clean & clear continous acne wash with 2% salicylic, dual action oil free mosturizing cream with 2% salicylic and their persa gel with 5% benzolyl peroxide. I went to the clinic today to get help with my acne cause my doc is a quack and he said i dont have acne that bad and shouldnt worry. I know its not all in my head even if its small its still acne we all want to be clear right? Anyway if anyone has used these products and they have worked please let me know. Thnak you guys!!!

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3 thoughts on “Clean and Clear

  1. I honestly love Clean & Clear!!! There products have worked so good seriously! I’ve used the dual moisturizer you have and it really worked for me so hopefully it works for you!


  2. I love C&C. I highly recommend three of there products to many people – the dual action moisturizer, their Daily Pore Cleanser with “microscrubbers” (I love the stuff), and, though I don’t use it much anymore, their blackhead fighting astringent.


  3. I also use Clean & Clear. I use the facial cleanser for sensitive skin. It’s the only cleanser that works for me! Have used it for about 3 years now and won’t change it.

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