This will remove any and all scars completely!!

Sounds amazing doesn’t it. Sounds like an answered prayer. This is the claim that a company is making. Is these fair claims to make of a skin system? Read on and find out.

Hello everyone…Please read this. Hang in there, it is long but informative.

The site says that their program REMOVES facial scarring. They say that their program differs from everything else that is out there because it heals and removes scar tissue from the dermal layer allowing it to grow back smooth and new. The site says that this program differs because it heals this secondary layer ("real skin") and thus will "remove your scars completely."

All of those offering scar products and services- creams, oils, subscission, laser, dermabrasion, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, punch graft excisions, chemical peels, IPL, iontophoresis, ultrasound, linear polarised light, herbal face packs, saline injections, dermal fillers, cortisone injections, endermology, deep tissue-release massage, etc- freely and readily admit that these will NEVER remove scarring.

In fact, I have had heard Doctors compare the possibility of removing scars to the possibility of amputated limbs spotaneously regenerating…and we all know that that can’t happen. Now, we all know that doctors are fallible and often make mistakes, but I can’t help but wonder why they don’t know about method that purportedly will remove all scars in their entirety. The site says that the program removes "ALL scars." In fact, everyone that I have ever spoken to- skin care professionals, aesthiticians, dermatologists, scientists, surgeons, homeopathic healers, nutrionlists, herbal healers have all said that it is, indeed, IMPOSSIBLE to remove scars. It is well understood that scars can be reduced, improved, faded, lightened, but the concensus from everyone (other than is that scars can never be removed.

I really hope that the Body Beautiful Institue has not misunderstood what "scar removal" really means. Even other products that are advertisted as "scar removers" always state that they will only reduce or improve the scarring…but never remove it. If a scar is removed, it is gone from the skin without even a hint or trace that its presence was once there. If a scar fades dramatically but visual evidence still remains, that evidence is the scar. It means that it has not been removed, only reduced.

The site,, never makes any mention of the products reducing or improving scars. It does not say that it may only reduce the scars. It says unequivocally, invariably that the program will "REMOVE SCARS". And it repeats this over and over again. They state that the system "permanently removes unattractive scars." The program "eliminates the scars" and will "remove your scars completely" producing "beautiful scar-free skin." The only hinderance to healing involves the rate of healing. The site describes certain boldily states and habits that will slow the healing and prolong the outcome – "Healing may be slowed," "those that have the SLOWEST results…" Some individuals may have slower progess, but there are no obstacles in healing (nothing that will keep the scars from being removed). The site says, "The supplements eliminate all obstacles to healing." The extent of healing (ie, incomplete scar removal) is never mentioned at all. It is never even implied that scarring will not be totally removed. Sure, some people will heal slower for various reasons, but it never states that scars may only be reduced in the long run. Remember, scar removal is the total elimination of scars from the skin without a trace.

Wow, these are bold statements, and I can’t help but be skeptical. Maybe it is because I have heard a million times that scars are permanent, regardless of the number of treatments or therapies that are employed. Is this really a program that allows for complete scar dissolution, producing normal, scaress skin as they claim? If so, how has this method eluded all of those that have toiled endlessly, some dedicating their entire lives in search of the "mechanism" that will allow for scar removal. I was reading an article the other day about how scarring and the need for scar removal is still one of the greatest unmet needs in the medical community. Why has this information not been "leaked" out into mainstream society? Also, how has this method not been dispersed by the most powerful means of disseminating information, word-of-mouth? It seems to me, that something that will restore normal skin to all of those that suffer with scars (especially facial scarring) would have spread like wild fire among those that gather up every last shred of withered hope to continue searching for the "cure." Those that suffer with scarring are generally very compassionate and loyal and will tell everyone that suffers with them about something that has helped them. I have sifted through countless internet forum pages dealing with scars, facial scarring, acne scarring, ect. I have never read anything about this website or the program that they have for sale. It seems like this kind of hopeful news would spread exponentially among all the scar sufferers of the world.

The website exhibits "before-and-after" photographs of those offering their success stories about the scar removal regimen. Well, would you believe that the scars are still visible in the "after" pictures. I could hardly make out any difference between one set of photos. I would have to describe it as very mild improvement…but a WORLD away from scar removal. Usually a company will only decide to show the best of photos to illustrate what their products are capable of. So, it is possible that this photo illuminating the mediocre improvement was one of the best to demonstrate the effectiveness of the system.

So what do we make of all of this? Is the Body Beautiful Institute just another company that has grossly misconstrued the definition of the phrase "scar removal." I really hope that is not the truth. I would love to know that they have really discovered the method that allows for complete skin restoration for those that suffer with scarring. I can’t tell you about all of the suicides I have read about in scar forums. There are hundreds of suicides every year from people that cannot live with the torturous feelings of profound self-consciousness and bottomless depression that facial scarring brings. If this method is what Body Beautiful Institute claims it to be, why is it not better known? Why are people still avoiding the best days of their lives, why are people suffering though every second of the day, and why are kids still killing themselves when thay can have normal skin again, exactly as it was before it was scarred?

That is, of course, contingent upon the whether this really does what is claimed. I am not trying to split hairs over any of this. I just expect a product to do exactly what I am told it will do. Is that unreasonable? They say "The product works for ALL stretch marks or old scars," and what does it work to do? – REMOVE scars!
Remove scars, not reduce them or improve them, but eliminate them completely. So, shouldn’t I assume that this program will remove all scars and give me "beautiful scar-free skin" as they promise? I think so. So, why didn’t it work for the women in the photos? Maybe they stopped before the scars were removed entirely? And why does the before and after photo of the woman with acne show her deeply indented rolling acne scars on her cheeks? Did the program not remove her scars either?

They state that you need to continue to take the supplements "until all of the damaged and scarred skin is removed". That is right, ALL of the scarred skin! Once this scarred skin is removed the system produces "skin free of scars."

So, has anyone used this system for scarring? If so, I assume all your scars are removed, and thus have disappeared completely?
I hope, with every fiber of my being, that this is true!
Please let me know about your experiences.

IF this is not true, and IF the system does not remove scars, then it is just yet another set of dashed hopes and empty promises. If so, that is a terrible thing to take advantage of the desparation of those that suffer with scars by telling them that their scars will be REMOVED with this particular method of skin restoration, when in truth they may likely only be marginally improved.

Start emailing this company and ask for the hard truth behind all of these grandiose promises. Remind them of what is written on their site. Companies just can’t write whatever they want to entice prospective customers with what all evidence points to be false information. People are buying these products under the belief that the system will remove their scars completely, and everyone that I have talked to has had very POOR results…minimal scar reduction. Why are they allowed to make these claims?? They need to change their site. They need to say that this will likely only REDUCE scars, not remove them.
Email them to persuade them to alter their site and prevent others that are desparate from having their hopes shredded. God knows that is the worst thing in the world!!

Please share your experiences!

Thanks for reading all of this!

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4 thoughts on “This will remove any and all scars completely!!

  1. You have no idea on how much money I spent buying one of their products. I live on a foreign contry and the shipping even cost me more that the actual product but I spent it because I was really desperate to get rid of the strethmarks I’ve been carring with me for so long. just writing this to you brings tears to my eyes. After I got the product I paid with so much sacrifice I used it only to find out it didnt do ANYTHING it claimed to do. You know what I still keep the botlle cause I prefered at the time to just hide it away so I would forget about what they did to me. I wrote lots and lots of e-mails just to find out they were not going to give me any solution or anything like give my money back. You can not imagine how hard I’ve cried over this. Please help me send the word out. So this people wont keep doing this to anyone else in need of help. Please lets really do it. Its there any lawyer that can take this to the authorities in charge?

  2. Yeah, everyone’s got their "miracle" cures, treatments, etc. It’s a real jungle out there in advertisement land. You’ve got to be very skeptical and do a lot of research on your own. I won’t buy anything these days without a moneyback guarantee. The pictures there looked really bogus — I couldn’t even make them out and there were no acne scar pictures. On the other hand, you don’t want to be so skeptical that you give up and don’t try — you want to keep your hopes up. There are a lot of legitimate treatments out there that do help a whole lot to the point of where the scars are virtually not visible, especially with make-up on top.

    I had a Jessner peel and I’m not happy about it. They don’t really tell you how much it can alter and damage the skin. After all, you’re burning your skin off, so there’s got to be some risk there of damage to the skin. I am hoping and praying that something will make my skin look and feel more normal again. I’m going to try Evan’s Garden’s As Young As I Feel Serum with emu oil and other stuff in it. I feel bad that it has emu oil in it from an animal, but the bird meat is at least used as food. She says that emu oil has wonderful healing qualities, so I’m praying it will help regenerate the damaged skin. Hope springs eternal…

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