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I was at the Conscious Life Expo at the LAX Hilton a couple of weeks ago and saw a lady and her sister selling a line of skin care products called HannesDottir (it means “Hannes’ daughter” in Icelandic). You can read about the products at www.perfectfacial.com . They both had lovely glowing skin and impressed me as being sincere. They have a lot of testimonials in their literature of people having acne clear up from using their products. They have an “any time any way” 100% money back guarantee. I bought 5 products:

  • Sea Masque
    Purely Poreless Masque
    Mineral Mist
    Elixir of Minerals
    Sea Soak (for the bath)

The only reservation I have about the products is that they do contain kelp. Dr. James E. Fulton, Jr. warned that ingesting iodine can worsen acne, and kelp is high in iodine. He also said that putting iodine directly on the skin can induce acne. Facialists often use seaweed topically, though, to treat acne. Kay at Dermaculture uses seaweed masks and she put my acne totally into remission. I will discuss the seaweed question further in a separate posting.

Anyway, to continue, I’ll give you my review of them so far and then keep you updated as to how my skin responds to them over time.

I really, really like the products so far. I got them on Friday and today’s Sunday. I’ve used the Sea Masque as a leave-on masque every day and I’ve used the Purely Poreless Masque twice so far. (That’s a lot more frequently than she recommends, but I’m desperate to get clear.) The Sea Masque is kind of gooey and sticky (I think it contains honey) so you really need to keep your hair totally back, or your hair will get stuck in the masque. All of her products have a really nice natural aroma. You leave the Sea Masque on for 20-40 minutes and then wet your fingers and scrub your face for 1 minute (it has particles in it). The Purely Poreless Mask contains albumin and dries really tight like egg white does. It can leave a greenish tint on your washcloth, but it does wash out. You use the Mineral Mist after cleansing or after the masques, and then use the Elixir of Minerals. The Elixir is a liquid and you only need to use 2-3 drops for your face and neck. It feels like nothing on the skin. I feel like I need to use a heavier moisturizer, though, because I use a loose mineral powder foundation and it needs a base to adhere too (and also my face starts to feel dry). You can use the Mineral Mist in your hair also to control frizzies (haven’t tried it yet).

I’ve also been using Linda Chae’s Organic Essentials Clarifying Facial Cleanser and Sheer Moisture Lotion (I already owned these products). HannesDottir also has a Mineral Wash Daily Cleanser, but it contains sodium lauryl sulfate, which I am sensitive to. Janis (the owner) suggested that I could use some of the Sea Soak (the bath salts) with some water to wash my face with. With the exception of the face wash, the products seem to be very natural. The Elixir of Minerals does contain “ethanol” and “monolaurin” though at the bottom of the ingredients list which sound like chemicals, don’t know. My skin is looking better already: the pimples have shrunk down and the redness has subsided. My skin has a healthy glow to it and feels softer and more supple. It also feels very clean and refreshed and comfortable: no itching, irritation or redness. I’m very pleased with the products so far. Time will tell if they keep the acne under control.

This is hardly a scientific test because I have also been seeing a Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.) and I have started taking a whole bunch of supplements and making some dietary changes. I’m supposed to eat a lot of raw foods and fresh juices. I have also started a new relationship, which hopefully will be less stressful than my last one, which was extremely stressful and draining. My former boyfriend moved out of the city 7 hours drive away a year ago. I just couldn’t do the long-distance thing anymore plus all the other issues there. All these changes could impact on my acne, hopefully for the better.

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  1. I realized today that with the exception of the Elixir of Minerals, the HannesDottir product containers don’t actually have full ingredients lists on them. She told me that the products were all natural (with the exception of the Mineral Wash Daily Cleanser, which she said she mixes with a commercially pre-made base), but I don’t really know for sure. It does concern me somewhat because the Elixir of Minerals did have a couple of chemicals in them (ethanol and monolaurin) and I don’t know how safe those are. Also she mentioned that she uses Neutrogena sunscreen (the one with the non-chemical sunscreen active ingredient, though) and some commercial make-up like Loreal, which would indicate to me that she’s not totally a naturalist when it comes to what she puts on her skin.

    I realize that I’ve gotten very carried away in trying new skin care products recently, but these products do have a moneyback guarantee on them. Also, I would rather spend the money initially trying to find a line of topical products that keeps my skin under control than spend money every month constantly on facials or dermatologists. It will be cheaper in the end if I can find home care products that work for me. I’m seeing a naturopathic doctor to take care of the internal aspect of it (diet, supplements, etc.) although I haven’t done very well yet on implementing all of his recommendations. I’ve had a lot of stuff to deal with lately: first the plumbing went out in my place and I had to move out for 5 days, then the electricity went out twice due to the rain storms and then the phone line. It’s been a real pain.

  2. Monolaurin is taken as a supplement. I read this on the Internet about monolaurin:


    Lauric acid was first discovered as the main antiviral and antibacterial substance in human breast milk. It is a medium chain, saturated fatty acid that is also found in coconut products. Monolaurin is the glycerol ester of lauric acid and is more biologically active than lauric acid. Monolaurin has been shown to be active against influenza virus, pneumovirus, paramyxovirus (Newcastle), morbillivirus (rubeola), coronavirus (avian infectious, bronchitis virus), herpes simplex I & II, CMV, EBV, and HIV. Monolaurin disrupts the lipid bilayer of the virus preventing attachment to susceptible host cells. It binds to the lipid-protein envelope of the virus and inactivates the virus. Monolaurin inhibits the replication of viruses by interrupting the binding of virus to host cells and prevents uncoating of viruses necessary for replication and infection. Monolaurin can remove all measurable infectivity by directly disintegrating the viral envelope. Monolaurin binding to the viral envelope makes a virus more susceptible to host defenses.

    Monolaurin is effective against yeast and fungi, staphylococcus aureus and streptococcus agalactiae, chlamydia trachomatis, candida albicans, giardia lamblia, ringworm, H. pylori and gonorrhea. Monolaurin is non-toxic and listed in GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) as a food emulsifier. A therapeutic dose of monolaurin is generally 1800 mg to 2400 mg per day.

    I’m relieved because it seems like a safe, natural substance. Ethanol, though, is rubbing alcohol, which is not so safe, but there’s probably only a very minute quantity in it. Still, it makes me wonder what might be in the other products that don’t have full disclosure of ingredients listings on them. She told me they were all natural, though, and she was honest about the Mineral Wash containing some chemicals because she mixed it with a pre-made commercial base. She seems like an honest person.

  3. UPDATE: I had actually sent back the Hannesdottir products, even though my skin was clear when I was using them along with the Chae products and Naturally Clear products. I can’t even remember for sure why I stopped using them now: I think my skin was feeling dry and I was concerned that I might eventually break out from using kelp topically (the iodine content). I regretted having sent the products back and called them and asked if I could cancel the refund and pay S/H to get the old products back and then also ordered a new SeaMasque. They said they still had the old products and would send them back, but so far they have only sent me the new SeaMasque (I discussed this further below). In the interim I tried the MyChelle Dermaceuticals line, and my skin was clear for like a month and then started breaking out pretty badly. It might have been the MiEssence liquid make-up I was trying at the same time also though. My skin started to feel really dry and kind of irritated too from all of the products. Anyway, I decided to stop the MyChelle and go back to what I was using before: some Linda Chae’s Organic Essentials products along with the Naturally Clear products and the Hannesdottir products. It sounds like a lot, but actually it all works together well and doesn’t take that much time to do. Anway, I copied one of my posts under the “MyChelle Dermaceuticals” thread here below.

    I received the new Hannesdottir SeaMasque yesterday, but the products I had sent back and then changed my mind about were not in the box (it was a big box, too). She said that they didn’t discard the old products, so I’m wondering if she just forgot to put them in the box, or if they intended to send back the old products separately. I sure hope they didn’t discard the old products — I don’t even know what would be fair to expect of them if they did discard the old products. It’s over $100 worth of products and I paid postage to send it back, so I can’t afford to just toss that. I sure wish I’d just hung onto them in the first place.

    This new SeaMasque has the ingredients written on it:

    Certified Organic Icelandic Sea Kelp, vegetable glycerine, honey, alum, tincture of iodine, oil of spearmint.

    I noticed that the texture of the scrub is much finer and so it is a much gentler scrub now. I’m happy with that. The “tincture of iodine” concerns me because Dr. James Fulton, Jr. (author/dermatologist/Ph.D. chemist) warned that iodine topically could induce acne, but she claims that they have had great success with clearing up acne with their products, so much so that doctors come to them asking about the products and carry them in their offices. I noticed when I was using the masques before that my skin would break out slightly a day after using the masque but then it would clear up within a few days. I have heard that tincture of iodine can be antiseptic and anti-bacterial. I’m still using the Naturally Clear and the Chae products also. My skin has cleared a lot already — no more infection, inflammation or pus.

  4. I discussed the Hannesdottir products in another thread at this link also http://www.clearskin.net/viewtopic.php?p=52573

    I’ve copied the posting below also in case the link gets changed. I’m currently using a different brand of progesterone cream and I also used up the coral calcium and my naturopathic doctor said I don’t need to use it and that the calcium citrate powder he got for me is enough.

    My skin has been staying really clear for like a month now. Here’s what I’ve been using and doing.

    I’ve been using all of the Naturally Clear line (scrub, spray, spot stick, and vitamins) in conjunction with Linda Chae’s Organic Essentials products (Clarifying Cleanser, Sheer Moisture Lotion, Perfecting Serum). I also use Chae’s Lifting Cream under my eyes and on my neck (non-acne-prone areas) and use her Cleansing Pads to remove my eye make-up.

    I am taking a probiotic that my Naturopathic Doctor sold me: Pure Encapsulations Lactobacillus Sporogenes. (It may only be available through physicians.) He recommends alternating this with another probiotic after I use up this bottle (I’ll get the name of it). I take two of the N.C. vitamins a day, one in the morning one at night. I’ve been taking Eco Pure Coral Calcium powder plus Calcium Citrate powder from my N.D. I take 1-2 TBLS. of Barlean’s high lignan flax seed oil a day also. (I put the calcium and the flax seed oil in a fruit smoothie.) I’ve been taking some pills that contain stinging nettle leaves +quercetin, which is supposed to help hives I’ve had on my body, but I don’t know if that helps with acne or not. I’ve been using Springboard ProBalance Progesterone Cream.

    I’ve also been using the Hannesdottir masks: I use the SeaMasque twice a week and the Purely Poreless Masque once a week, after the Seamasque. Sometimes the mask seems to draw some stuff up to the surface, but then it clears within a day or two. I do believe that the masks are helping keep my skin clear, although I’ve only been using them for a couple of weeks consistently now. It’s too early to say for sure.

    I use La Bella Donna loose mineral powder foundation and Aubrey’s Organics powders as blush and for highlight and contour. The LBD foundation has a 20 SPF factor. Sometimes, if I dont’ feel like putting make-up on all over, I will use Kiss My Face’s Cell Mate 15 sunblock for the face. It’s supposed to be non-comedogenic. It does have some fragrance to it though. It doesn’t seem to cause a problem, although I haven’t used it that many times.

    Here’s my skin care routine:


    N.C. scrub (also on chest and back in the shower)
    N.C. spray & N.C. spot stick
    (let dry 5 minutes)
    Chae’s Sheer Moisture on whole face
    Chae’s Perfecting Serum on whole face
    Chae’s Lifting Cream under eyes and on neck only (don’t use on acne-prone areas)
    La Bella Donna loose mineral powder foundation
    Aubrey’s rose silk powder for blush
    Aubrey’s other powders for contour and highlighting (optional)

    Chae’s Clarifying Cleanser (removes make-up well)
    N.C. spray & N.C. spot stick
    (let dry 5 minutes)
    Chae’s Sheer Moisture on whole face
    Chae’s Perfecting Serum on whole face & under eyes
    Chae’s Lifting Cream under eyes and on neck (optional)

    I use the Hannesdottir SeaMasque on Monday in the morning, in place of using the N.C. scrub. I use the SeaMasque followed by the Purely Poreless Masque on Thursday morning in place of using the N.C. scrub. The SeaMasque is like a scrub — it has kelp grains in it.

    You can get these products at these websites:


    http://www.freelife.com (for the Linda Chae Organic Essentials products — you have to select a button on the left to enter the Freelife website)

    http://www.perfectfacial.com (for the Hannesdottir products)

    http://www.springboard4health.com (Pro Balance Natural Progesterone Cream)


    I have the Hannesdottir Elixir of Minerals and Mineral Mist also, but I’ve only used them a couple of times right after the masks, not every day. They’re good and very light on the skin.

    It’s not necessary to use all of these products. I’m 52 so I want to address aging issues also. The Chae’s Perfecting Serum is supposed to help even out pigmentation. I don’t find the N.C. spray to be moisturizing enough on its own so I like to use the Sheer Moisture. It also makes a good base for the LBD powder to adhere to.

    I would say that the most essential products to use are the Naturally Clear products (including the vitamins) plus a non-comedogenic sunscreen. The rest of the products are optional, but very helpful, especially for older adults who want to prevent wrinkles. I think that the flax seed oil and probiotics are very important also. It’s possible that the Coral Calcium could be helping my skin also, as it is supposed to alkalinize the system, which is supposed to help acne, according to some.

    I can talk about my diet in another posting, perhaps below this one.

    Good luck to everyone.

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