Diet Experts…help!


I am 14 years old. Since about March of 2004 I have been following Leo Kiesen’s program and his food guidelines. I didn’t start eating strictly until September. I started food combining and losing a lot of weight. I went through series of bowel cleanses and liver cleanses, because my way of eating was destroying my social and emotional life. Right now, it seems like I am eating the same thing everyday, which could cause a food intolerance (to vegetables…would you ever believe?). I follow a sort of Body Ecology Diet. Well, my acne is not clear and I feel my bowels are the reason, but I can’t afford to have a such a strict diet anymore. I basically eat 80% vegetables, and the other 20% is dehydrated soaked nuts and seeds and their crackers, fish, 3 alkaline grains, red potatoes, tempeh and that’s pretty much all. I food combine it properly.
How should I start incorporating some foods back into my diet? And also what are your opinion on the alkaline grains (millet, quinoa, amaranth)? Some say they are good, but Dr. Mercola say they raise insulin….

Please respond with steps I can take to diversify my diet and how I should reintroduce foods.

Maybe I’ll start up cleansing in spring again…

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