Baby powder on blocked pores

I have some blocked pores/small slightly red blemishes on my chest and baby powder works great on them! Patting a bit of baby powder tones down redness and gets rid of the blemishes very quickly as well. I don’t know if this would have any effect on larger spots, but it works great on these small ones 🙂

Also a tip for girls: Baby powder is great for an irritated bikini line before/after hair removal.

I bought a great Johnson&Johnson medicated baby powder with Aloe Vera and something else in it when I was in America, it was lovely, but haven’t been able to find it here in Britain. I just get a cheap basic baby powder here and it works great as well.

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14 thoughts on “Baby powder on blocked pores

  1. No probs :wink

    I learned it from my ex-BF. His skin used to get really irritated after shaving so he always used baby powder afterwards and it helped calm his skin down.

  2. It’s kinda weird too, I never would have thought of baby powder, but who knows anymore ? :roll :mrgreen

  3. ahh, it’s cornstarch as well as zinc oxide

    zinc oxide is a powerful antibacterial, and because it’s a metal bacteria doesn’t adapt

    as well it’s a broad spectrum physical sunscreen

    and the rest of the powder in the baby powder absorbs excell oil

  4. I’ve used it a few times (Johnson’s baby powder with Aloe and Vitamin E) and it has fragrance in it. I haven’t noticed a lot of problems yet.

  5. Baby powder is also good for greasy hair:D it soaks up all the oil… thats what i use on my bangs and when i am too lazy to take a shower… works grand:D Ps. thanks for the tip Eve

  6. i am a holistic therapist and have been told by my lecturer that baby/talc powder is carcenagenic (can cause cancer)

  7. Really? I haven’t heard that one before.
    It seems like everything causes cancer these days…

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