The Great Recipes for Acne Sufferers Thread

Hiya guys, just thought it would be a cool idea to have people put up and meals or recipes they have that they cook for themselves, knowing that they are safe from outbreaks eating them!

Also, links would be a cool thing if you have any other examples of good recipes for acne sufferers.

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  1. Not being the Gourmet, and with the warning that I usually wind up burning the garlic so I’m certain you can come up with a better way, I like this one anytime I need a fast flaverfull meal full of protein and lacking everything else thats bad for us-oh don’t eat too much tuna though, mercury can build up-

    1 Can of Tuna (albacore)
    6-7 Green or black olives
    3 bulbs Diced Garlic
    handfull Diced Onion
    Olive Oil

    coat frying pan in olive oil then throw in onion, garlic, let cook then throw in tuna with more olive oil, shouldn’t take more then 3-4 minutes if that. flavor with some cracked pepper if desires and there you go. :wink

  2. In a steamer, put a salmon fillet with ginger and lots of spinach and sprinkle with some sesame oil. YUM!! Serve with a sweet baked potato or rice.

  3. Simple stuff…

    I like to stir-fry some veggies. Just coat the frying pan with some olive oil, throw in some frozen veggie mix (any kind, whatever you like) and a little seasoning. Only takes about 10 minutes and the veggies are nice and crisp. Add some grilled meat (I use my George Foreman grill) and you have a good meal.

    I also like rice and beans. Cook any rice you like and before the rice is almost done (last 5 minutes) throw in a can of beans. Kidney beans work good but you could use black beans, pinto beans, etc. Add a little hot sauce like tabasco or some green chiles for added flavor. It makes a lot and is a good leftover for lunch.

    If you wanna eat potatoes, I found a cool way to eat them. Put a baking potato in the micro and then cook until it is almost done, still kinda firm so it dont fall apart…and slice it in wedges. Then put the wedges in the oven on broil for maybe 5 minutes or so until they get crisp and you have fries without frying.

    Here is a slew of recipes that are part of the paleolithic diet


  4. 😀 Hi InsideTheNight,
    I love to cook and have not posted in this thread before. This recipe may look complicated at first glance but it is really quite simple.

    Here’s my recipe for a meat sauce with spiral pasta. The variation in this particular recipe is that the spiral pasta is made from 100% rice with rice bran in it, and the meat is ground turkey.

    If you leave the meat out of this sauce you will have an excellent meatless marinara sauce. Marinara sauce can be used on just about anything just like a gravey.

    Sometimes I will make this marinara sauce without the meat and serve it over my favorite pasta and have grilled chicken breasts on the side. The marinara sauce is also very good on fresh/frozen cheese spinach ravioli that you can pick up in the freezer section at your grocer. A green salad on the side with an olive oil/wine vinegar dressing is nice. If you are not sensitive to wheat you can have crispy hot cheese/sun dried tomato topped pizza bread or hot crispy butter topped garlic bread with this meal.

    Even if you have just the rice/turkey pasta for dinner you have a very good meal that at least for me does not cause any skin problems. I don’t use bottled or canned sauce because I get really bad indigestion from these prepared products. I always use filtered water for drinking and for cooking.


    ½ medium large yellow onion chopped
    6 to 8 cloves fresh garlic crushed (these are the small pieces of garlic, remove the skins) I have a metal garlic clove crusher tool, some people use the side of a large kitchen knife to crush garlic cloves.
    1 or 2 stalks celery chopped small (opt)
    8 to 12 fresh large white mushrooms washed and sliced (opt)
    Red bell pepper sliced and chopped into small pieces (red peppers contain a lot of sulfur)
    Olive oil either light or the heavier tasting first press called virgin olive oil
    ½ tsp or so of dry sweet basil, place in palm of hand, and grind fine with the side of the palm of your other hand.
    ½ cup of dry Parmesan cheese either canned or fresh, and you grate
    2 15oz cans of Del Monte diced tomatoes (this is NOT stewed tomatoes)
    1 15oz can of your favorite tomato sauce (if you prefer you can use fresh made tomato sauce)


    1 lb. Ground turkey I use Foster Farms because there are NO hormones
    ½ bag of Tinkyada 100% Rice Pasta spirals w/rice bran This is 8 oz because one bag is 1 lb.

    Place amount of olive oil to your taste in a deep heavy pot and LIGHTLY brown the meat if you are using meat in your sauce. Then add the chopped onion, red pepper, celery (I like the celery when I use the ground turkey for this recipe), crushed fresh garlic, and sliced mushrooms along with the ground sweet basil, and the water off of the diced canned tomatoes.

    Do NOT add any salt to this recipe because the canned tomatoes and the cheese have a lot of salt already. You can add pepper if you want.

    Cook all of the veggies with or without the meat on a MEDIUM high heat and watch to make sure that everything does not dry out and burn. You have to stick close to this sauce at this time because it dries out very fast. Add some filtered water if you need to in order to keep the veggies from drying out. This is to get the veggies to a soft stage. Add the canned diced tomatoes and the tomato sauce.

    Do not add the cheese until the cooking is almost complete because the cheese will fall to the bottom of the pot and can stick if you decide to cook this sauce for a longer time. I always cook this sauce for just a short time, which is much different from the traditional method where it is cooked all day. Don’t forget to add the cheese when you are at the end of the cooking.

    Cook the pasta in a separate pot of boiling water. Adding a pinch of salt to the water will lower the temperature at which water will boil, and if you are in a hurry this will cut down on the cooking time. Cook your pasta to ‘the tooth.’ This is al dente, and is a little on the firm side when you break a piece of the pasta against the side of the pot. Drain the pasta and give it a quick cold water rinse to get rid of the sticky starch that is on the surface of the pasta.

    Add the pasta to the sauce pot.
    Enjoy! Serves 4 hungry people.
    Leftover are yummy! 😀

  5. if you can, buy a george foreman grill (I have the smallest one, which only cost me $15)- cook up anything on it.

    I cook up boneless chicken breast on it (lasts couple meals, if u eat 1 pc per meal)…put it on salad, or just eat it with hot sauce, or some broccoli (or any other veggies) on the side.

    I also grill salmon fillets on it. You can also buy can of salmon or tuna, put some old bay seasoning on it, dried parsely, onions chopped, (whatever herbs and spice you want) and mix it. Make them into patties and grill them 🙂

    I also steam my fish fillets. Just sprinkle with lemon, tiny bit of celtic sea salt, black pepper and some dried parsely. Put them in a steamer for 6-7 minutes with some broccoli on the side, or spinach and you got yourself lunch/dinner in less then 10 mins.

    for snacks, I munch on raw, sunflower seeds or raw/organic pumpkin seeds (I buy them in bulk). I also have raw/organic brazil nuts, almonds and pine nuts (only use a bit of these on my salad sometimes).

    You can also buy raw/organic nori sheets (buy the black ones – untoasted. Dont get the green ones – as they are toasted). Just slice up some avocado, carrots, cucumber, olives and put some tahini with them. roll it up and eat it 🙂 the nori sheets I have are very low in sodium (only 10mg per sheet).

    I always have a bottle of 100% raw/organic tahini in my refrigerator. I mix it up with A LOT OF lemon juice and water (otherwise its thick). Keep on adding lemon juice and water until its thinner in consistency to your desire. then add some celtic sea salt and pepper (maybe some paprika as well) and eat it with carrots or celery. You can use natural peanut butter or almond butter in the place of tahini as well.

    I’ll have more recipes in the future, as I’m constantly figuring new things out. The new organic produce grocery store I found where I live has saved my life. its got everything from simple healthy food to vegan/vegetarians and even raw food/snacks. Its awesome. so try to find or locate a store like that near you, and you’ll be amazed how many different kinds of healthy food/snacks are lurking around nowadays. But seriously, I almost cried the other day, as if God just heard my prayer and gave this to me. Its got endless of things, better yet, u can buy a lot of stuff in bulk. Anyways, Ill stop bragging about it 😉 so ya, i’ll add more :mrgreen

  6. MMM, Mickey, I want to eat over at your house! Yum! And so healthy…

    I like to make a smoothie in the morning. I’m estimating the amounts, because I just eyeball it and throw in about what looks right. Use organic ingredients as much as you can.

    1 cup Rice Milk (one without carrageenan, like Rice Dream) or can use coconut milk instead or mix the two. Fresh coconut milk is best (but is some work to get out), but can use canned also (unsweetened).

    1 fresh banana — I also sometimes cut up and freeze bananas if several get ripe at once, and then use the frozen pieces for smoothies also. It makes a nice thick, ice-cream-like smoothie.

    To freeze the banana: just peel the banana, slice it lengthwise and then cut it into like 1-1/2 to 2″ pieces. Put it in a zipper freezer bag and spread it out on the floor of the freezer so that none of the pieces are stacked on each other (or else they will freeze hard together into big globs). Once the pieces are frozen, you can then store the bag upright, as they won’t stick together anymore.

    other fresh or frozen (unsweetened) fruit like peaches, berries (blueberries, strawberries, etc.), etc.

    freshly ground organic flax seeds (about 1-2 TBLS.)

    raw cashews (oh, maybe 1/4 to 1/3 cup)

    Other optional ingredients:

    My Naturopathic Doctor (ND) recommends using young coconut “milk” (it looks like water, actually) and then also the meat inside in the smoothie. I tried it, mixing the coconut milk with rice milk, and it was good.

    flax seed oil blend (either borage or black currant seed oil). I use either Barlean’s or Health From the Sun.

    Garden of Life’s “Super Seed” meal: it’s very cinnamon-y though so I don’t like to use a lot of it.

    Sometimes I use some vanilla liquid flavoring in the smoothie rather than fruit (use the natural vanilla — you can get it without alcohol also, made by Frontier Co.).

    The powder from inside of a couple of Paradise Herbs Rainforest Ginger capsules (I take it to reduce inflammation in my joints — don’t know if it’s good or bad for acne, though, actually)

    calcium powder (my doctor recommends it for me and it’s tasteless)

    1 rounded TBLS. Raw almond butter (Trader Joe’s sells an organic one for a good price)

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