Retin A and redness

Is anyone out there on Retin A finding that no matter how little you use this product your face is still red. It is so annoying and embarassing, i have cut down usage to once every other night and my face is still red.

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10 thoughts on “Retin A and redness

  1. Retin-A in any form topically is harsh for my skin so dont feel bad if its not working for you. Discontinue it if its not working. YOu cannt risk to get scars.

  2. 😀 foggyhorse,
    I have been using Retin A close to 2 weeks now and was red only one day. What happened to me was I did not use a strong sun block one day and that night I turned bright red. The day was not that sunny either! The doctor had cautioned me to wear a strong sun block every day because this is the interaction of the sun with the skin when you treat it with this medicine. I use the Retin A only every other night right now to try to get my skin used to it. Later I may go to every night I don’t know yet.
    Hope this helps.

  3. i have moderate/severe acne on the noncystic side and ive been using retin a micro 0.1% for a bit over six weeks. for me, i CANNOT USE IT every day or it totally dries my skin out. so sometimes i’ll use it every other day or something, and then when my skin seems to have gone back to normal i get sucked into the retin a vortex!! and go back to using it every day. the first few days it’s ok, but then about four days into it it gets totaly totally red and dry!! so now i am definitely sticking to it every other day and i just bought a new facial cleanser (apparently you can’t use regular soap with it). and also i took some vitamins (c and e) yesterday for that internal thing denise1 was saying to do.

    stick with it, especially if you aren’t on it as long as i have been. good luck! :angel

  4. I’ve been on it for 10 weeks now. I know what you mean about the retin a vortex, its always the same, four days in again and the redness and dryness is back again. I’m going to try and stick to once every other day, dunno abou the sun block though, i live in England and its winter, it hasn’t been sunny for months.

  5. Try mixing the retin a with a little moisturizer before putting it on. Also, don’t put it on during the day- only at night, and use a moisturizer with sunscreen during the day!

  6. Hey guys…..same with me. I use Retin A micro too and it does dry out my skin horribly but you know what I found will take care of all those nasty flakes and scales in a few minutes. I found this out by accident just tonight!

    I just started using jojoba oil a few weeks ago at night. It doesn’t break you out and it’s really great for keeping blackheads at bay. Well, I sat down and figured I’d put some jojoba oil on my skin. I started massaging it in really good and the flakes just started falling off. Kind of like doing a facial and the thing you’re using grabs hold of the dead skin cells and it looks like dandruff flakes coming off. It was the same thing. So I added more jojoba oil and kept massaging it in and pretty soon, all the dead skin was gone and I had no more flakes at all….and believe me, I looked like a lizard who was shedding his skin. Even worse is when you try to wear makeup on top of it. YUK.

    I thought I’d pass this on to everyone because I was literally SHOCKED at how good this worked. But you do have to massage it really well, but the flakes and dead skin come off instantly instead of you having to wait around for a week to have your skin normal again.

    Vixy….now now….I told you you need to get FISH OIL AND DIGESTIVE ENZYMES. The vitamins you’re taking aren’t bad or anything, but you see, acne is caused by inflamation; you need to take fish oil for the inflamation and histamine being released in your body. The digestive enzymes help break the food down better and helps with the process of the assimilation of nutrients. If you really want your acne to clear, those 2 things are really, really, key. 🙂

    If you guys had skin HALF as flaky and scaly as mine was, I hope you’ll try this. I discovered it quite by accident and I’m so glad I did. I actually went over my face I think 3 times and got all of it. :tu :yup

  7. 😀 Hi foggyhorse,
    Yes, even when the sun is not out if it is daytime then there are ultraviolet rays coming from the sun that reach your skin when you are outside.

    So even when it is overcast during the day you should wear a sun block.

    I am using Retin-A now, every second night, and I learned the hard way to use my sunblock. I did not use it one day because it was not very sunny outside. I turned red that evening.

    Accutane and Retin-A makes our skin become PHOTO SENSITIVE.

    Some antibiotics will also make your skin PHOTO SENSITIVE, and the reaction that you can see is the redness on the surface of your skin.

    At least try using a sun block and see if this works the same for you as it did for me. Do you play any sports or ride a motor bike etc…? If so then that could be when you are getting a lot of exposure to the Ultraviolet light.

    Something else, I used to live in snow country and the whiteness of the snow reflects back the Ultraviolet Light right back to any exposed areas of your skin. I remember getting sunburn when I was a child just from playing out in the snow during the winter. Even as an adult I had this happen often when I used to ski in the mountains. I remember some terrible sunburns that were caused from Ultraviolet Light that had reflected back at me from the white snow.

    With antibiotics that could cause Photo Sensitivity the pharmacy will most likely tell you if it will make your skin behave with this reaction. It is a pain in the butt isn’t it! :roll

  8. 😀 Denise,
    It is really amazing how the simple solutions are often the best solutions. I love jojoba because it does not break me out either. :tu

  9. u really do not nead to use much of this medicine at all for it to work. I just put a little, very tiny dot on each of my fingers and spread it that way, if i use any more i get red, and a lttle of this medicine is just as good as a bunch. This medicine is also good with sacars. My derm told me that it would help alot with small scars, but cant do much for big ones. Also did u know that retin a can also be used as an anti wrinkle medicine?

  10. I agree, Leper and Solomio. You only need a little tiny bit of the strongest Retin A micro. And, the simplest things really work.

    I’ve noticed a huge lessening of blackheads since I started massaging jojoba oil into my skin every night. But I think the big thing to note here is that I’ve noticed that it works better when I REALLY massage it in.

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