Hi everyone!!! Starting Master Cleanse…

Hi everyone. This is my first post on here, but i have browsing around awhile now. I have moderate acne and i hate it!!! I have tried the diet, no dairy or wheat. No luck 🙁 . Then i tried the diet with supplements, vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin e, b5, zinc, and fish oil. Still no luck 🙁
I still get breakouts!

I so want to stop breaking out. I think and hope this cleansing thing works. I really think this is the heart of my problem.

I will be starting the cleansing process today. Ill keep you guys updated as the process goes on. I plan on using the lemonade fast and will probably go for 10 days.

Then, in about a week, i want to start the gallbladder flush. There are still alot of things that i am not understanding.

Do i need a parasite cleanse before the gallbladder flush?

Is the cayenne pepper in powder form or the whole pepper for the master cleanse?

How many cups of lemonade do i drink a day?

While on this diet, do i dont drink any water or green tea?

Wish me luck 😀

I’d also like to thank edenfield for the great write ups!

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12 thoughts on “Hi everyone!!! Starting Master Cleanse…

  1. PS- Should i be expecting an initial breakout? That would suck 🙁

    Also, is it ok for me to keep on using BP and moisturizer?

  2. Whoo Hoo! Good stuff man.

    Hopefully it works for me too. I am almost positive that is the deal with me because of my history.

    I had a gallbladder infection when i was like 7 where it swelled up my whole stomach. Then the doctors gave me so many antibiotics to rid of it. I was so close to them removing my gallbladder.

    Reading the the info from curezone stunned me and gave chills throughout my spine. I think i found the source of my sickness. I just ordered the Gold Coin Grass and as soon as it gets here i will start with the liver/gallbladder flush. Taking should be fine while on the lemonade diet?

    Without your great info and willingness to share your journey, i think i would have been in the dark forever.

    I really like to thank you for sharing and contributing to this community. 😀

  3. np sorry had a headache. (the short answer)

    i’m 100% sure it will help you, if not with your acne then a miriad of other health problems…even ones you didn’t even realize you had because your ‘ill’ state just became your ‘regular’ state

    i do believe liver flushing is a powerful cure all.

    the less toxins in your blood and system, the less in your colon

    the less toxins in your colon, the less bad bacteria, the cleaner your lymph system, and the less candida etc that you will have

    your liver is like a huge filter, if that filter gets clogged everything gets dirty.

    clean out the filter, clean out the system.

    you can clearn you colon etc, but if your filter isn’t working it’ll just get dirty again.

    so liver flushing is the way to go

    you might want to look up some info on coffee enemas. though produce very good results for me (gross yes..but hell…)

    after you lemonade cleanse


    RAW pumpkin seeds (preferbly organic, VERY Good anti-parasitic, it paralyzes them)

    virgin olive oil

    virgin coconut oil

    turmeric (makes your gall bladder produce bile and excrete it more)

    and spices like garlic, cumin, cinnamon, anything bitter or pungent. that increases your digestive power as well as bile and enzyme flow.

    eat small meals, about as much as two hands can hold. you won’t always feel full but you’ll be sated, as well your body will be able to completely digest it.

    eat fruits alone

    think about getting your own kefir grains and making your own kefir. kefir is a fermented drink, SUPER amounts of PROBIOTICS as well NO ALLERGIES because all the lactose etc is digetsed by the bacteria. just put some of the grains in a jar of organic goats or cows milk, let it sit for about 24 hours then tada some delicious kefir (like runny yogurt with a bit of sourness)

    you may decide that fasting isn’t for you. if you eat foods that you can digets properly, don’t cause a reaction it will be alot more comfortable for you.

    ofcourse i had great benefits for fasting…but it just became too much of a hassle for me. i’m already very light, and i turned into a literal stickman.

    i may do a juice fast soon though

  4. Ok, only 2 more questions….

    1.) In the mean time while im waiting for the GCG, I can prep the gallbladder flush with regular pure 100% apple juice for a couple of days? Is this ok, if i am on the lemonade diet?

    2.) Where can i buy ESPON salt? Is it at my local grocery store? I searched for it when i bought the sea salt today, but didnt see it. Im thinking its not really a salt huh? lol

    I plan on pushing myself with this fast. One day down, nine to go…

    How many people on this board have actually cleared up completely from fasting?

    PS- Should i be expecting an initial breakout?

  5. you might get an inital from the detox, depending how dirty you were

    it’s epsom salts, magnesium sulfate. it’s a plant food additive, as well as something you can put in a bath to make it more relaxing. should be in the pharmacy department

    raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar is a better choice. more concentration of the stuff that you want from the apple juice. the apple juice has too much sugar. DO NOT GET THE REGULAR APPLE CIDER VINEGAR ONLY THE RAW UNFILTERED KIND WITH THE MOTHER!! organic as as well

  6. 2 days down, now 8 days left…

    Just taking one day at a time.

    So are you the only one that has fasted edenfield? Anyone else here with sucess stories? I just want to hear some so it gives me more motivation 😛

  7. i dont know about guys on clearskin.net

    JC has done it with benefits

    Curezone.com would be a better place for this stuff as it’s more driven towards holistic’/fasting/cleansing

    this website provides a myriad (sp?) of treatments

  8. I did fastings too, but not consecutively. And they actually cleared up my skin, but it was hard to keep up with and I never finished the entire thing (which I should’ve). So in a week, I’m also going to start a detox. Do fastings 3 times a week (fruit fast and a total fast). That should be cool but I have no doubt that fasting clears up acne….’coz my face did! 🙂 Keep it up 2212….and good luck!

  9. Thanks mickeyinlul. Today is my 3rd day on this fast. I think i can go strong too. I have also quit smoking!!!

    My face is better. Its smoother and my skin tone is lighter. I had some cysts when i started and they all getting smaller. No new pimples and cysts, so im pretty happy.

    After im done with this, i will probably turn vegan. :shock

    I just want to never see acne again 🙁

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