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You said before that acne sufferers have in common a copper deficiency. Can you elaborate? How does this tie in with zinc?

Also, what ratio of zinc to copper would be good? I’m currently taking 60 mg zinc to 2 mg copper, is this too imbalanced?

Finally, can zinc or other supplements block others, especially b5? I don’t want to be inducing a copper deficiency AND stopping b5 from working.


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5 thoughts on “Q’s for Nomad

  1. I shall speak for Nomad 😀

    Zinc is supposed to limit copper absorption. I read somewhere that you are meant to take a 10:1 zinc to copper ratio, with no more than 2 mg of copper a day. That means if you take 20 mg of zinc, you should combine with 2 mg of copper. Saying that, you need to check if the foods you eat contain a lot of copper, so additional copper won’t be necessary.

    As far as I am aware, B5 and Zinc will work fine together. If you are taking a large quantity of B5, then you need to supplement with some fish oils, since B5 depletes Omega 3s/EFAs, and that could lead to feelings of depression.

  2. Yes but I have heard it is not as efficient as fish oil, something to do with absorption, but flax seed is generally good for you and full of omega 3.

  3. Ditto that Maya. I took flax for many years, along with primrose oil. I took a blend that had all 3 omegas. I kept hearing though, that fish oil was just simply way more effecient than flax with regard to being an anti-inflammatory and that it was way better assimilated by the body. I believe that I can honestly say I totally believe that to be true. I’ve seen a lot more improvement in my skin with taking fish oil.

  4. Maya sounds right on… I forget where I read that a lot of acne suffers have coper toxicity… but that could be one of the reasons taking zinc helps most people with acne so much. 60-2 sounds perfect as there is a good chance you have too much copper already and this will help correct it. There are hair tests that can be done to find your compleate mineral profile… that is if you have the money 😐

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