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I have very serious questions about using cleansers. Every one I’ve used has dried me out, but for some reason, I got the new Biore Pore Perfect shine control foaming cleanser and decided to try it out. I’ve used it a few times, so far, my skin hasn’t dried out too bad. Anyone else use and of the Biore Pore Perfect products?

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2 thoughts on “Biore Pore Perfect Product Line

  1. If everything seems to dry you up, try not washing your face for a couple of days and then from there only wash with water. Theres a post on here somewhere by AlexAlmighty I think who did this and had great sucess. Im pretty much trying the same thing but using supplements. Maybe something you would want to try out if you have really oily skin.

  2. I have pretty oily skin. It has gotten better, but its still oilier than 99% of peoples skin. I’ve tried the water thing, and even that caused my skin to flake. What I mean is that when I dont really wash my face/touch my hands while I’m in teh shower, my face doesnt really care. But when I try and make an effort to wash my face with my hands with water, it drieds out. Maybe its the friction?

    The Biore is still working okay.

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