…and now two questions! (t-zone and scars)

Before B5, my face was very dry and flakey. Now, a few months into treatment, it is fairly balanced. However, I still get oily in my T-zone (this was where I was oily when I used to have semi clear skin). When I do breakout, this is where it happens. I was thinking of applying the B5 direcly to the t-zone. Maybe breaking open one of the pills and mixing it w/ water or my moisturizer and applying it? Has anyone on here ever done this?

Another question… SCARS! I don’t have indented scars, however, I have red and brown marks that almost look like freckles left over from those terrible cysts and breakouts. I am terrified to use anything else on my face. I am afraid it may make me breakout all over again. I do want these scars to fade though. They are hidden under make up and concealer but they are just annoying, u know? Any suggestions? I keep hearing about aloe vera gel and jojoba oil… anyone use these? Where can I find them and do they even work?

Thanks!! 😛


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One thought on “…and now two questions! (t-zone and scars)

  1. Okay misty in regards for the t-zone oil. Keep check with Nomad’s log of the acne miracle’s new regulating oil gel. Looks like that it would help and it doesnt have dangerous chemicals like propylene glycol and such.

    Regards with the scars, you will get more answers for this one. There is choices yet so dont dispair. While there is stuff you can try like MSM gel you may want to do experiment chemical peelings as well, as this takes layers of skin off, that if the acne is under control. Then keep the skin toned with the MSM gel and so on.

    Mari :angel

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