Lemon juice

I mentioned this before to everyone, but I am having great results dabbing fresh lemon juice on my face with a cotton ball. It’s not as harsh as you think. I have tried a lot of acne products from the dermatologist and OTC, and they have always made me dry up really badly; lemon juice actually seems to help with the dryness.

Here is my morning and night routine:

-wash face with cetaphil gentle, sensitive skin BAR. I tried using the liquid, but it felt greasy to me, and it didn’t get off my makeup nearly as well as the bar does.

-apply fresh lemon juice to face w/ cotton ball (I cut a lemon into four parts and use 1 part per “cleaning session”)

-brush your teeth or something while you wait for the lemon juice to set on your skin, just for a few minutes.

-apply just a teensy bit of water to a cotton ball to dampen face

-apply Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer (spf 15) for sensitive skin

I put the water on before using lotion because lotion’s best asset is sealing in the water that you need to keep your face hydrated… lotion doesn’t work as well at helping dryness if you put it on a dry face.

Also, the cetaphil lotion I’m using is a new addition to their line; it’s especially for the face. I have tried the regular sensitive skin lotion and it was too greasy to put on the face but this works really well. I just have to wait a couple of minutes before putting on make-up and it doesn’t cause the makeup to slide off my face 10 minutes after I apply it.

Anyway, I thought a couple of people might be interested in this. The lemon juice works really well to clear up pimples that have been on your face for a long time. When I started using it about a month ago (I used it before summer started but got off the routine, and then I came back to it), I had these old, red, and inflamed pimples on my face that I never thought would go away but the lemon made them disappear in a few days. The bleaching effects of the juice have also evened out my skin tone.

The best thing about this routine is that lemons only cost 2.50 per huge bag of them at our grocery store… I get a lemon for about 12 cents that way!

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2 thoughts on “Lemon juice

  1. Thats awesome Stevi! Your routine is very interesting and customized! I have to be very careful with lemon juice because it seems to dry me out, but I also use the stuff in the bottle, I’ve never used actual lemons. Do you use organic lemons?

  2. I actually do use organic lemons Wally… the Walmart in my town has an organic produce area… I tried using the lemon juice from the bottle and it broke me out; I’m guessing because of the additives in it. I agree with you that it can dry you out… if I didn’t wear the cetaphil lotion I wouldn’t be able to use it… in fact, that’s why I quit using it over the summer. I hadn’t been able to use moisturizer with it because anything I used broke me out, but this new cetaphil stuff is working quite nicely so I can use the lotion and juice in sync now… now that I have been using it religiously for the past month I can use it w/o the lotion just because my skin has gotten used to it…

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