Need Makeup Recommendations PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Hiya. I started Accuatne (well actually a generic brand) last Monday. My face is already dry beyond belief (and yet still super oily, what the heck?!?!?!) and peeling like crazy. What makeup will stay on my face?? I still want to wear makeup to cover my acne, but with my face peeling, nothing is staying on. Also, I am using mositerizer. Thanks!!!

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3 thoughts on “Need Makeup Recommendations PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  1. Let me see when my face started peeling off from the accutane I remember I could not use the normal makeup. There is really not much you can do when the peeling gets bad. Try a concealor and some powder (I will always recommend the doubleface compact powder from MAC studio fix) The peeling will go away you will see.

  2. maybe it would be good for you to do a light exfolliation on ur face then mousturize. u need to get rid of the dead skin cells-which is what is peeling!!!!! maybe a microdermabration would be good for you???? 😀

  3. I think that a microdermabrasion would be too rough for skin that is dry and sensitized from using Accutane. There are some papaya enzyme masks around that exfoliate gently. I think Zia makes one. (Zia is usually sold at health food stores, like Whole Foods). I’ve been using MyChelle Dermaceuticals Pumpkin Peel mask, but it might be too strong while you’re using Accutane. I have fairly sensitive skin though, and I tolerate it fine. They recommend leaving it on for 5 minutes for acne/oily skin but you might be able to just leave it on for a minute or two and get results.

    As far as make-up, I really like La Bella Donna loose mineral foundation powder, but powders do tend to accentuate peeling. I don’t really know of a liquid or cream make-up that doesn’t make me break out, although I would think there must be some safe ones. Maybe if you use a lot of cream underneath, you could still use a mineral make-up. I gave up on trying to use any kind of liquid or cream make-ups myself. They either don’t cover enough, or are full of chemicals, and/or break me out. I do so much better with the LBD powder. My skin tends to get dry also (particularly when using acne treatments) so I use a lot of cream under the make-up. My skin has been feeling very soft and comfortable. (I’ve been using MyChelle Dermaceuticals.)

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