Hey ladies! I just ordered Sheer Cover and now im worried!

Im worried because i think maybe i should have ordered Bare Minerals. Bare minerals is just so expensive i went for the cheap first! I have tried samples of bare minerals and it was kinda sparkly for me but they claim now they dont use that must mica like they use to, I also hear B.M. is better for acne sufferers. What do you think guys? I also have eczema that is very reactive and sensitive to things. Do you think the Sheer Cover will break me out or triger my eczema? Im so worried now!!

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4 thoughts on “Hey ladies! I just ordered Sheer Cover and now im worried!

  1. I like the texture of Bare Minerals. But, Sheer Cover is great too. It isn’t as fine textured as Bare Minerals. It’s thicker..and can get pastey if you don’t keep your brush clean.

  2. Hi Coco,

    Thanks for replying hun! Questions for you if you dont mind. How is the coverage for Sheer Cover? I have old hyperpigmentation (brown marks) and im wondering will it cover them. I taped the informercial and one of the ladies had a port stain (birthmark) and it was red and purple and the makeup really covered her mark and it covered most of her face. How long does the makeup last? I have long days and hate reappling foundation. I must do it two to three times a day. I have oily skin also and i blot my face before i repowder it and that takes away from the foundation. It drives me nuts! I also havent been able to find the right color for me so im hopping the color is good too! How was the color match for you?

    Thanks hun!

  3. No problem girl!

    Sheer cover has good coverage. It is thicker than Bare Minerals. Like I mentioned, it’s important to keep your brush clean because Sheer Cover can get pastey if you don’t. If you have marks you’d like to cover, no problem. Juts get like a little concealer brush and press the sheer cover into the mark. It WILL be GONE. The color match for me was fine. I have a fair complexion..so I used the lightest shade.

    Hope that helped:)!

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