I’m 95% clear after 5 months of living hell!

Hey everyone!

To those who don’t remember me… I’m Misty from Kentucky… 23 year old female that suffered from moderate/severe acne due to a switch in birth control pills in July. I had been on Orthocyclen for over a year and my face was almost clear. Sure, I have never been completely blemish free but my skin was pretty good. I even got compliments on it when I went out w/ out make up! In May, I was asked to model. HA HA, how funny! That little adventure didn’t even begin thanks to acne… 😡

I was put on Mircette (damn that pill!) in hopes to relieve the horrific migraines I was suffering from taking Ortho. Wow.. within a month, red lumps scattered across my cheeks, tiny bumpies covered my whole forehead and oh damn, worst of all, huge cysts were popping up everywhere. You all, these would swell up SO BIG, people would ask me if I had gotten beaten up! No shit.

I was in a living hell. My relationship was suffering big time from my horribly low self esteem. My career was also plummeting down the drain b/c I was missing so many days due to those hideous cysts. I just couldn’t make myself go. I would take one look in the mirror and just cry.

Make up? Not a chance. My skin was so dry and flakey from the zillions of products I was trying, any kind of foundation looked like crap. I used to be able to wear a very light liquid foundation w/ no concealer. Now, I was using concealer all over my face and it didn’t even cover up right.

I tried everything… my MD switched my bc pill to Aviane (didn’t work right away at least), proactiv, Merle Norman skin care, Tea tree oil, Purpose, Neutrogena on the spot, Benzamycin, anti bacterial soap bar, Retin A, ZapZyt, etc. etc. etc..!!

I went to a derm in early November and he automatically wanted to put me on Doxycycline. He also prescribed Clindamycin topical gel. After reading about the side effects of oral antibiotics, I decided not to mess w/ it. That weekend, I woke up w/ the absolute worst breakout of my life! I knew I had to do something. I was THIS CLOSE to taking that Doxy when I read about B5 therapy on the ‘net. I had scoured the ‘net day and night looking for cures, skimmed over B5 but thought it sounded like BS. Well, I decided this was my last chance. If this didn’t work, I was going for the Accutane.

So, in early November I purchased my first bottle of Pantothenic acid…along w/ Vitamins A, C, E, a b50 complex and an EFA supplement. I started w/ 2 grams of b5 and am now up to 6 grams. I also began to drink lots of water and eliminated diet pop almost completely. I already am on a health conscious diet. I lost 30 lbs last year (went from 140 lbs to 113! Woo hoo!) so I knew what was healthy and what wasn’t. I purchased some Carley’s clear and smooth to be my cleanser. Almost a week later, I noticed improvement. I had no new zits! And the week before my monthly, I didn’t break out! B5 was working! Slowly but surely, my face began clearing up. Sure, I had a few cysts (maybe 3 or 4) during this time but NOTHING like before. My skin tone went from blotchy to all one color… the texture went from rough and dry to very smooth. After a couple of weeks of treatment, I was able to use my old make up and cover up what was left of the breakouts. I was thrilled!!

Now, months later, I am still doing my regimen. 6 grams of B5, all the vitamins plus zinc and fish oil, drinking water and living healthy, using Carleys at night and Cetaphil in the morning. I even started using Queen Helene’s mint julep mask twice a week to make my skin look even more healthier. I use Oil of Olay total effects as a moisturizer.

I am 95% clear and feel great. My self confidence is slowly improving, I’m a much nicer, outgoing person and overall, I just feel better. Yes, I still get blemishes every now and then but again, nothing like before. They are tiny and go away over night if I don’t pick :wink . I am even able to brave the gym and run around town on a Saturday WITHOUT make up! All that is left now is the red marks and scars from the breakouts from hell.

Honestly, I believe my face may never be as super clear as it once was. 🙁 I think my acne is triggered by hormones. If they are screwed up, my face will suffer. However, I feel like I can counteract this w/ the right tools.

I’m anxious to see how all you all are doing! If it wasn’t for this and other message boards, I would still be suffering!!

Thanks Mari for telling me about this new website… 😛

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6 thoughts on “I’m 95% clear after 5 months of living hell!

  1. Mari,

    It’s great to be back… and clear! I saw your pics. Wow. You look absolutely wonderful. You look like you have never had a single blemish your whole entire life. Congrats on the Accutane success. You have wayyy more guts than I did to try that. Glad it worked so well for you.


  2. Hey Misty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :popcorn here so glad to see you!!!!!!!! Well, if you havent heard love i am still dealing with the breakout from hell from October…….God willing something will give and my face will have mercy on me and start to heal up-lol

    Welcome girl!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey Misty, thats cool that you found a system that works for ya. Im excited to hear that cuz your system/regimen sounds a lot like mine…but my skin still going through some bad days. Oh well…but I been only doing mine about 2 months complete. Like I had other things going on before but I think the combination is much more complete now. I still get some breakouts but my skin overall tone is much better. So I am hopeful that this will work for me. And no more anti’s!

    Russell 8)

  4. I’m sorry to hear you are still dealing w/ the breakout… I thought I would be forever… and who knows, I may wake up w/ one tomorrow. I’m just taking these vitamins like candy and hoping the new BC pill will work some magic too!

    Good luck! 😀

  5. What is your current regimen? Are you doing B5 as well?

    It will all come together for you, don’t worry. You’ll find the right combination for your skin.


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