accutane and acne scars

i have a good amount of active acne and sum scars, my derm said he wants to put me on accutane. i have scars their not like deep pitted or really bad its just like minor discoloration ands surface scarring which isnt bad, will accutane help sum of the scarring and discoloration? i didnt realize how much accutane has done for people and u only hear the bad things buts its completely turned ppls lives around. its just amazing how sumthin so benefical is being looked down upon. peayce n god bless -din

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2 thoughts on “accutane and acne scars

  1. 1.) Accutane doesn’t help with scarring. It works to get rid of active acne and stops new ones from forming, but it makes red marks even redder, can make your entire face red, and things won’t heal faster — in fact, your skin will heal slower and regenerate slower. This means your red marks will take even longer to heal. It does, however, peel you quite a bit, which means pitts can be made more shallow.

    2.) How is it “amazing how sumthin (sic) so benefical is being looked down upon”? What exactly amazes you? The fact that people have been burned by the drug (i.e. gotten serious, permanent, life-destroying side effects) and are upset about it? So they can’t “look down” on a drug that has destroyed their lives?

    The reality is that MOST people are helped by the drug, but a small percentage (still substantial) have been ruined by it. Think permanently destroyed lips, liver damage, vision and hearing impairment, digestive problems, bone and muscle problems, the list goes on.

    Don’t trivialize what has happened to these people. They are a minority but it means nothing if you draw the short stick.

    You hear from the victims more because those with success don’t waste their time posting about it. They’re out enjoying their lives. This is true of any drug, anything, not just accutane.

    If you choose to go on it, and see nothing but good things, good for you. But nasty, nasty sides CAN happen with no warning, CAN last your life, and noone knows who will be unlucky. You take your chances and hope for the best.

    Point is, it CAN happen to you. The chances are small, but it won’t make any difference if it does.

  2. i understand that certain people go through these things and i apologize if i offended you or neone u kno in anyway. all i meant is the drug itself from the research ive done has really only two sides of the spectrum. ur either on the really good end, or on the other end bad. i just pray for the people who didnt make it to the broader end of things. god bless those souls. and im sorry. -din

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