!!!!First day of Concha Nacar!!!!

OK i am finaly using Concha Nacar for my face and i decided sense there isnt really any info on this product i will post the affects of it on me so yea today is the first day i bought it at Ride Aid pretty cheap but any way yea i just got home and put it on my face and it feels hot haha yea but any ways ur supposed to leave it on for like 30-60 min so yea im doing that right now i hope this cream will improve my skin, my mom says my grand mother and her sisters used it for there acne because they say back in the day people with acne were sinners haha yea i laughed at that to but yea so to get rid of there acne they used this and they say it works wonders so yea my mom says my grandmas sis was full of them and she was cleared up with this cream so yea i kinda hope it will for me too yea so first day wahooooo ill post later

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