11-20 g of b5?

Has someone taken + of 10 g of b5?
The original study that to take between 10 and 20 g. Also is the well-read one some opinion that since as 10 g were insufficient habian raised his dose to 15-20 g and they habia worked.

That opinais?

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3 thoughts on “11-20 g of b5?

  1. I know Rosso_Corsa is doing 10 grams. There are kinda two opinions about megadosing. Some people think you should build to 15-20 grams. However like you mentioned, Dr. Leung suggests starting off high immediately. I think its up to you and what you feel comfortable with.

  2. I’ve been keeping in contact with Dr. Leung and he says that 10 Grams is a good amount to be on. Yes, there are some who have used 15 but you should stick with 10 and see what happens.

    I worked up to 10 grams by day 4 and stayed there since. No sideeffects.

  3. Thank you for the opinions.
    Rosso_Corsa, your these in touch with the Dr. Leung? It was not eliminated xdd

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