Natural Face Masks?? work?

hey guys…… im sure uve all tried them some time in ur acne days (or years)

r they any good????? do they work? :mrgreen

Ive tried this oats, egg white, honey mask which is supposed to be for blackheads….. made my skin smoother but didnt exactly do much for the blackheads!!

if uve tried one an it works….. tell us.

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6 thoughts on “Natural Face Masks?? work?

  1. You didn’t mention blackheads in your PMs – then you need to rub olive oil (pure, extra virgin) into your blackheads – leave for 10 minutes b4 washing off or leave on all night. They will dissolve your blackheads. 😀

  2. i wanted to try using the olive oil but i have sorta oily skin and im worried that if i use it, it will just make me oilier. does it? :help

  3. hurleygirl – no it won’t. Olive and johoba oil will actually lessen oiliness!! Strange but true

  4. Hi, I use a lot of fragranced oil in for my aromatherapy oil burners and I know how to make fragranced oil in bulk for little cost- about 50 dollars to start up. Recently, I tried putting some things together to make a herbal face oil. This batch just got done and it smells great. Here’s how:

    Buy a inexpensive crock pot or slow cooker- look at rummage sales or thrift stores.

    Next, buy some high quality extra virgin olive oil- look at health food stores to buy in bulk.

    Put oil in slow cooker with any herbs you might want to use- I put in lavender, rose petals, green tea, and chamomile. You will want to use a lot of herbs, about 1/3 herbs to 2/3 oil.

    Cook mixture in slow cooker on med temp for approx 8 hours. Check and stir every two hours.

    Let mixture cool overnight in slow cooker. Then line a fine mesh strainer with a few pieces of paper towel and strain the herbs out of the oil. Put your face oil in bottles and use as a moisturizer or blackhead cleanser.

    You can also get a cheaper grade of oil and use this method to make oils for home fragrance burners or homemade oil perfumes. To make fragrance oils and perfumes, double the amount of herbs and cook for 8 hours two days in a row. Strain and use. You can put in whatever (non-toxic) ingredients you want, aloe, fruit (cucumber-melon, mmmm), flower petals, vanilla beans. Just make sure to save the slow-cooker for oil making only and not food cooking as the scents will stay with it and seep into your food.

    Store oils in fridge to prevent spoiling and only use extra virgin olive oil for the face- inexpensive oils will break you out.

    Put infused olive oil mixture on face and let it sit overnight.

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