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It’s 51 days since i started my treatment. I get pimples on and off..adn the worst was when i ran out of cetaphil and simply grab Pond’s cleanser on the drug store..it was a gentle cleanser too but gave me an instant bumps and cyst over nite…miraculously, most of the pimples heals within3 days…except my big cyst on my right cheek.

My skin feels smooth after every wash though..but i still have post acne marks that makes me not clear at all…. I am more relaxed with my diet as well lately..but the thought that masturbation and sex causes acne and the fact that I experienced it also made me phobia of it…hmmm…to me I would play celibate if it gives me clear skin….

How I wish I could wear foundation everyday to achieve flawless skin. I have tried Revlon Natural Beige which looked soooo natural on me…people cant even tell i am wearing one…but the thoguht that make up causes acne stopped me there….Maybe if I just sacrifice going on bare for a while will reward me a clear translucent skin….

Btw, Lo’real unveiled their latest whitening baby….which is rich in vit c. anyone thinks it will help me?

How are the rest of you who tried demodex solutions?

I am impressed with the way i used mine because I havent even finished my first jar of XFML and i only recently opened my second jar of Zhong Zhou….

I do notice that my skin is fairer though…but I need to get rid of these red marks….

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4 thoughts on “51 days

  1. Hi Gerald

    I have same experience as you with the used amount of the two creams. I am still on my first jars and I have been on the treatment for 45 days.

    I am still seeing improvements but now I can see that one application of each cream is too little. The best is to use the X-cream in the morning and then apply the Z-cream when I get home from work about 4 pm and then again at night.

    I eat whatever I want. I drink alcohol and all the “bad” stuff we have talked about on this board. My skin doesnt bother at all. In the same period I have gone off antibiotics totally and dropped my dosis of accutane to 20 mg every third day or less. When I did this before and ate just a little bad food my skin would break out like cracy and my pores would become visible. Now I cant see anything. Not a pimple and no redness due to rosacea.

    I really look forward to the four months treatment to see how it goes. I really hope I just can use a little maintenance cream and then lead a normal life.

    I urge everyone who hasn’t tried the products yet to give it a go. Even though you dont see initial results as I did there is a good chance that it can be the solution for you.

    Best regards
    DD 8)

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