Has anyone used Cetaphil cleanser for oily skin?

Hi, I really love the normal cetaphil cleanser…I however came accross the brand’s version for oily skin. I wonder if anyone ever use it and like it… Is it foamy or creamy texture? And whatabout the moisturiser?. Really appreciate feedback…

I am currently doing okay with the Demodex solutions creams. Clear with few black heads. I can also eat things i please, but still I avoid oily stuffs to be on the safe side. I just have few pigmentations from the pimples and i can spot on some liquid foundation and voila, they’re gone.
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4 thoughts on “Has anyone used Cetaphil cleanser for oily skin?

  1. yeah i bough tit on accidne tone time, i dislike it, it made my skin very dry as well…

  2. And one more thing, since cetaphil is a very gentle cleanser, does the word itself tell the cleansing is as gentle?

    Does it means I must use scrub too? Is it enough by using only mask? My regimen has been very simple lately, not even moisturising. If my T zone feels dehydrated, I will apply Danielle Ryman’s lip balm.
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