I Love Denise!!

I remember a long time ago Denise1 was the first person that informed us about liver flushing here…this has been the only thing that has truly helped me start to truly feel better and myself again. after years of struggling with antibiotics, accutane, and recurring acne. I feel like im finally starting to get better, inside, and not just outside. and so much of this is directly because of the info Denise posted here. :lol

so Thank You Denise1!!

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One thought on “I Love Denise!!

  1. Well goodness gracious! I’m so happy to hear that! I am so happy that you are doing well. It’s wonderful to feel confident that we can take our health into our own hands when the medical community has failed us so miserably, ay?

    Your post made my day, and I’m so glad you are doing well. 😀 😀

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