CB or Paragone for parasites???

I was wondering which one is better for parasites???I know Chinese Bitters detox the liver but does it also kill parasites??? If it does, is it as effective as Paragone??? I’m just asking because I have a bottle of CB and if it does kill parasites, I don’t want to spend money in other product that does the same thing. Thank you very much 🙂 !!!!

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3 thoughts on “CB or Paragone for parasites???

  1. I’ve heard that Chinese Bitters aids in killing parasites, but I didn’t save the link so I will have to search for it. If it does, then I don’t see why you can’t use it! The Paragone is easier on the taste buds, but why waste additional money? 😀

  2. Bitter flavor herbs have the mechanism of action to purge, detoxify, or dry. Bitters can be used to cure inflammation, infection, and toxic diseases as well as parasites. An herb that falls into this category is Niu Bang Zi (burdock seeds), which is often used in herbal prescriptions to treat a sore throat and cough, pharyngitis and acute tonsillitis, or abscesses.


    Gentiana lutea (Gentian)
    The active ingredients of Gentiana lutea include gentiopicrin, gentiopicroside and gentisic acid.13
    Gentiana species have been employed for chronic indigestion and both hypo- and hyper-chlorhydria.13,14 Gentian is reported to have a choleretic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial action.14,15

    That is from an article http://www.positivehealth.com/permit/Articles/Colon%20Health/kimbr42.htm that talks about getting rid of parasites. It lists gentian as one of the natural remedies. Chinese gentian and bupleurum are the ingredients in Chinese bitters from http://www.sensiblehealth.com

    CHINESE BITTERS 250 ml or 8.5 oz – US$20.95
    Ingredients: Chinese Gentian, Bupleurum


    I found another parasite cleasner that has both gentian and bupleurum in it. Bupleurum also goes by the name of chai hu.

    Parasite Blaster – Rids the body of parasites.
    Ingredients: Artichoke, barberry, black walnut hulls, burdock, chai hu, clove, dandelion root, fennel seed, fringe tree, garlic powder, gentian root, ginger rhizome, milk thistle seed, mojave chaparral herb, oregon grape root, quasia and wormwood.
    Extracted in alcohol.


    Here is some extra info on Chinese Gentian and Bupleurum!

    bupleurum: http://www.globalherbalsupplies.com/herb_information/bupleurum.htm

    chinese gentian:

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