ZENMED Derma Cleanse System – Comments/Advice needed


I was browsing some websites and found this one by accident:

Is this product truly helpful? Worth $100? I was wondering if there were cheaper alternatives that provide similar ingredients/results.

Thanks. Any comments/proper direction will be appreciated.

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8 thoughts on “ZENMED Derma Cleanse System – Comments/Advice needed

  1. acne gel
    0.5% Salicylic Acid
    Purified Water
    Aloe Vera Gel (Certified Organic)
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin E
    Vegetable Squalene
    Vegetable Glycerine
    Pro-Vitamin B5
    Green Tea Extract
    Cucumber Extract
    Papaya Extract
    Soy Lecithin
    Rose Hip Essential Oil (Certified Organic)
    Evening Primrose Essential Oil (Certified Organic)
    Rose Essence Essential Oil (Certified Organic)
    Lavender Essential Oil (Certified Organic)
    Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (Certified Organic)
    Lemon Essential Oil (Certified Organic)
    Lime Essential Oil (Certified Organic)
    Tea Tree Essential Oil (Certified Organic)

    it’s basically a salicylic acid product. It won’t be drying, and should be slightly moisturizing (judging by the ingredients). The base recipe looks similar to Paula’s choice BHA lotions (from what i remember) except for the essential oils. This formula, however, also adds in tea tree and lavender oils, which are antibacterial. rose hip oil may help heal acne scars a little faster, but is often said to be a potential aggravator of acne. There may or may not be enough T.T.O in this to make a difference. it’s pretty pricey for what looks like a 1 ounce bottle, especially since you don’t know how much of the essential oils are in it (they’re the only item that should up the price to anywhere near where it is). Paula’s choice BHA lotion and a drop of tea tree oil will probably be as effective or moreso, and will be less likely to cause possible skin irritation from all the citrus oils.


    Extracts of Sage, Coltsfoot, Yarrow, Balm Mint, Chamomile, Rosemary, Althea, Wild Thyme, Horestail, Cucumber Disodium C-14 Olefin Sulfonate (naturally derived from Coconut)
    Aloe Vera Gel (Certified Organic)
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin B5
    Vitamin E
    Vitamin A
    Vitamin D3
    Rose Essential Oil (Certified Organic)
    Geranium Essential Oil (Certified Organic)
    Lavender Essential Oil (Certified Organic)
    Tangerine Essential Oil (Certified Organic

    the cleanser doesn’t look like anything special – just the standard facial cleanser you’d find in any whole foods skincare brand for about $8. it’s cheaper than department store brands though, so if the consistency is really, really nice and it makes your skin feel nice, it may be worth the $15.


    Neem (leaf)
    Chaste Tree (fruit)
    Forsythia (fruit)
    Gardenia (fruit)
    Honeysuckle (flower)
    Red Dhalia (root)
    Yellow Dock (root)
    Burdock (seed)
    Dandelion (root)
    Chamomile (flower)
    Sarsaparilla (root)
    Milk Thistle (seed)
    Schizonepeta (leaf)
    Red Peony (root)

    I don’t know how many pills are in a bottle. For the price of the system compared to the separate components, i’m guessing the system contains 2 bottles, so it probably doesn’ teven last a month. I’ve seen some of these ingredients, but not all (and different ones) in other homeopathic acne remedies. I can’t really judge if this will be more or less effective. it’s quite expensive at $30/bottle. it would be worth this if it worked depending on how long a bottle lasts.

  2. I am considering trying the pills myself if I can find more info on how long they last. The other parts of the regimen don’t look worht the money though.

  3. Each bottle of Derma Cleanse contains 90 pills. We suggest that you take 6 pills per day, therefore, one bottle will last you 16 days and two bottles will last you 32 days. The derma Cleanse system will last you one month if taken properly. Thank you for your question.

  4. hmm..The ingredients in the pills are very, very similar in the ingredients in herbal teas for women.

    Mountain Rose herbs:

    Wise Woman Blend (certified organic)
    A wonderful menopause infusion blend to celebrate our emerging wise woman within. Gently calms, cools & balances. Contains: Motherwort°, sage°, nettle°, lemon balm° and mugwort° leaves, chaste tree berries° and, horsetail°.

    Traditionally used for- Menopausal support
    Qty: 3 oz. – $4.751 lb. – $20.50

    Women’s Balancing Blend (certified organic)
    Rich, healthy, delicious and full of flavor, this is a balancing and toning infusion blend ideal for every day. Contains: Raspberry°, peppermint° and nettle° leaves, oatstraw°, ginger° root, dandelion leaves°, rose petals°, chamomile° flowers, horsetail° and a pinch of stevia°.

    Traditionally used for- Womens health
    Qty: 3 oz. – $4.951 lb. – $21.50

    Woman’s Freedom Blend
    Harmony and energy. A liberating, enjoyable and flavourful decoction blend. Contains: Dandelion° licorice° and ginger° roots, sarsaparilla root, fennel°, star anise pods°, burdock°, dong quai° and wild yam roots, cinnamon° bark, pau d’arco and orange° peel.

    Traditionally used for- Hormonal balancing
    Qty: 3 oz. – $4.751 lb. – $20.50

    Buying an herbal tea or PMS supplement (sorry males) may be a lower cost option for acne.

  5. yep. I’ve been using the 2% stuff though. It’s surprisingly moisturizing (unlike the drugstore brands, they didn’t throw in extra crap that serves no other purpose than to be drying).

  6. Hey there! I’ve been using ZenMed products for about 6months now..spent alot of money on the system..alot..heh. but anyways, when i first started using the system i did take the pills, 6 a day with meals. but one time i was out of pills and needed more so i ordered some, i guess they were on back order because it took well over two weeks to receive them, but i realized that while off the pills my acne was actually doing much better then when i used them. So i finally got the pills from ZenMed and started taking them again, and I started to get consistant acne again. I ultimately decided to discontinue use of the pills but i still do use the cleanser and acne gel, they are all natural and for me are working very well, my face doesn’t have any active acne on it at all. I use MUCH less cleanser and gel then before as well, i think that helped alot too. But I still do have a sealed bottle of the pills if you really want to try them for free ill be more than happy to ship them to you. if your interested then reply and ill email for your infomation.


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