I’m thinking about doing a parasite cleanse but I’m not sure what parasite cleanser to use. I’ve heard about Pragone and some other brands from cure zone but i’m not sure which one to buy. I know wally and jc have used paragone but they never mentioned if it worked. Which parasite cleanser would you guys recommend me????

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  1. it’s called Parasite Cleanse by Omega something-ceuticals it’s a canadian company

  2. I used Paragon, but I only did it for the first 15 days. I didn’t experience anything, nothing, so I didn’t go and get the 2nd dose required for the full 35 day parasite cleanse. It was also really hard because if you follow it, you have to not eat a couple hours before or after, which really threw off my eating habits and I ended up eating a ton at one or two sittings because I couldn’t eat any other time of the day.

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